Philip Rivers On Colts, Future Plans

Philip Riversone-year deal with the Colts is, as previously reported, a $25MM pact. As Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle tweets, that is a fully-guaranteed sum, with $12MM coming in the form of a signing bonus and $13MM coming in guaranteed salary.

We heard this offseason that Rivers was contemplating retirement, and he confirmed that was indeed the case, as Stephen Holder of The Athletic writes. The 38-year-old indicated that this offseason was the first time he considered hanging up the cleats, but his love for the game and his belief in his abilities to bounce back after a difficult 2019 campaign compelled him to come back.

“Certainly, (I’m) not coming off my best year, but a year where I still know I can play at a high level,” Rivers said. “I did it in spurts, just not consistent enough. And I love (football). It was one of those deals where we said, ‘If there’s nothing out there, then that’ll be our answer.’” 

But the Colts came calling, and as Holder writes, the team has no concerns about Rivers’ arm strength (though plenty around the league are understandably less certain about what the eight-time Pro Bowler has left). Head coach Frank Reich and OC Nick Sirianni, both of whom worked with Rivers as member of the Chargers’ staff, championed the signing and believe he will represent a significant upgrade over 2019 starter Jacoby Brissett.

For his part, Rivers was hoping that the Colts would reach out to him, as Mike Chappell of CBS 4 writes. “Truthfully was hoping it was going to be the Indianapolis Colts,” Rivers said. “From the standpoint of the locker room, the team and shoot, I failed to mention that offensive line. That’s a heckuva group.”

Indeed, Rivers will be protected by one of the best O-lines in the league, and he said the offensive scheme is essentially the same one he has played in since 2013. While the Colts do not have much proven pass-catching talent behind T.Y. Hilton — and there are no true difference-makers on the FA market at this point — Indy could find an immediate contributor or two in a draft that is deep at WR.

As for his future plans, Rivers, who previously indicated he wanted to play a maximum of two more years, confirmed that he wants to continue his playing career into 2021. Beyond that, though, it’s hard to say. “I’m not going to get carried away. I don’t think you’ll see me in the Tom Brady range,” Rivers said.

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20 comments on “Philip Rivers On Colts, Future Plans

  1. JJB0811

    Rivers is hard to figure out. He carried a deadbeat franchise for a decade plus but never won much (in terms of division titles & playoffs). Stats are boring and gone w/in a 3 year period, winning matters & he couldn’t do that.

    • dcahen

      There’s a reason why Archie Manning didn’t think the Chargers were a good organization for Eli. They have a long history of poor management; Spanos has been for the most part a terrible owner.

        • Thomas Bliss

          I would say it was probably about 65-35. 65% for him not to play for the Chargers and at least 35% was wanting to play in the Big Apple.

    • downeysoft42

      Yeah add some fans some more protection and sure a weaker receiving corps but I think he can make more out of it with a lot more time on his feet and a team that loves to run the ball that isn’t completely reliant on his arm.

  2. mhdunbar99

    Rivers maintained the moral and optimistic high ground as a team leader despite the omnipresent and overwhelming stench of Spanos and his fellow disingenuous and incompetent trust fund fools. Rivers is a great sign for Colts.

  3. crazylarry

    He might be an inspirational leader and all of that, but did anyone watch ole wounded arm throw last year? It was brutal and I am a Rivers fan.

    • 4Roses

      Yeah I did, I also watched an offensive line that was one of the worst in the league act like turnstiles for defenders. It’s hard to throw a football when you’re being assaulted behind the los. Good news is Rivers can shine behind a great oline built by a real gm.

      • pileofsandwich

        And he still managed to throw for 4600 yards. Chargers had a lot of problems, but Phil did the best he could. Idk how many times I watched the games and they come up to the line and you see him have to fix everything cuz everyone is in the wrong spot.

  4. Do his plans include multiple interception games and letting teammates down when they need him the most?

    • 4Roses

      His plan is to not get mugged in the backfield and drop dimes like he did in 18 when he had just an ok OL. He’s got one of the best OLs he’s played behind now and he’s going to get back to picking defenses apart.

    • 4Roses

      You will be very pleasantly surprised. You got a leader and a quarterback who isn’t even close to being done. Frankly he’s way better than any other option on the colts and he may be what they need to get over the hump. I’ll be rooting for them this year.

      Oh and don’t forget the Chargers front office is bad and if anything betting against them is a good move.

  5. Thomas Bliss

    I actually don’t see much of a difference in terms of the division. He traded the Raiders questionable franchise for the Jaguars questionable franchise. Traded playing against a offense lead by Patrick Mahomes twice a year to one lead by Deshaun Watson. And I guess Broncos for Titans. But those 2 are kinda opposite. Denver is defense 1st and improved offense. Tennessee is offense 1st and improve defense.

  6. FlaHoosier

    I think Rivers is a good acquisition. He is 6-2 against the Colts, including 2-0 in the playoffs. Give him a little time in the pocket (which our O line will do) and I think he will have a good year. The only negative was that we paid too much for his services. $25 million for 1 year? … I think we could have signed him for $20 million. Now we need to draft some receivers to help him out.

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