Ravens Eyeing Wide Receivers In Draft

The Ravens used first- and third-round picks on wide receivers last year, bringing Marquise Brown and Miles Boykin to Baltimore. It does not look like that will deter them from adding to their depth chart.

Baltimore re-signed special-teamer Chris Moore but planned to avoid using cap space on other receivers in free agency, per Jeff Zrebiec of The Athletic, who notes the team views this draft as being deep enough it would have been a waste of resources to devote cap space to one of this year’s free agent wideouts (subscription required).

In acquiring a second-round pick from the Falcons for Hayden Hurst, the Ravens have additional ammo to add one of this draft’s many wideout prospects expected to be early-round selections. Baltimore holds picks 28, 55 and 60, and Zrebiec adds the Ravens are likely to emerge with at least one new receiver by the time Day 2 concludes.

Lamar Jackson improved significantly as a passer last season but still leaned on tight end Mark Andrews, with the Ravens’ offense minimizing its wideouts to a degree. Brown (584 receiving yards) was Baltimore’s only receiver to surpass 350 yards last season. Willie Snead, who remains under contract, finished second among this group with 339 yards. Boykin played in all 16 regular-season games but did not top 200 yards.

Considering teams’ hesitancy in pursuing this year’s crop of veterans, many likely share the Ravens’ belief about this draft class’ depth. The Ravens seemingly have one of the league’s top receiver needs, but a team with a run-heavy offense using back-to-back first-round picks on wideouts would be interesting. The second day of the draft is expected to feature numerous receivers going off the board.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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53 comments on “Ravens Eyeing Wide Receivers In Draft

  1. jacobsigel1025

    I don’t see them taking a WR in round one but they’ll definitely use a second rounder on someone. Shenault would be a good compliment to Brown.

    • duffy126

      I thought Mims could be a an option for Baltimore, but he’s been creeping up the boards lately. Might be gone before 28. Don’t think I’d trade up for a WR this year unless maybe Lamb or Jeudy somehow dropped into the teens.

    • ravenssss

      I agree, Shenault 2nd round, and Gabriel Davis 4th round would be great complimentary Slot and X receivers.

  2. photounit

    Would someone like Golden Tate be a good fit? I’m sure the giants would part for a 3rd or 4th round pick.

    • kylewait89

      Or they’d just draft a guy and save cap. It’d be nonsense for them to trade a pick they could use to draft a guy in a WR deep draft.

    • rgreen

      They considered signing a free agent a waste of resources,just by signing them for money.Im sure that pretty much means they don’t want a guy who would cost both money and a draft pick.

    • Covid18_the_disrespected_older_brother

      It’s like you didn’t even read the article. They don’t want over the hill expensive players. They want young talent in the draft. Giants are stupid enough to have overpaid Tate, now they get to eat that contract. Ravens sure don’t want it.

  3. imindless

    Cant wait for 2 years from now when ravens re draft a qb. Lamar is a horrible qb and was the product of a great running game and great defense. As his predecessors before mike vick and cam newton go on to show you what a gimmick qb does for you.

    • osfan9987

      I can’t wait for two years from now either, when the dodgers have failed to
      Buy a World Series twice more, shut up you racist loser

      • imindless

        If you think facts are racist Your even more stupid than I thought possible. Plays in worst division in the league featuring the bungles and browns yearly in play for top pick. Lamar has a completion percentage below 60% meaning he can’t hit the side of a barn from 2 feet away hence why he relys of his tight end so heavily similarly to cam with greg Olsen. Panthers moved on because cam can’t win, too many turnovers.

        Jackson’s playoff record says it all plays good teams and gets owned. Not sure how facts can be racist, never once stated race in my original post. Lol mongrel O’s fan though

        • brewcrewenthusiast

          I love when people use the wrong your while calling people stupid.

          • rgreen

            Worst division is the afc south,they’re the only division to not have a participant in the super bowl in the last decade.And the NFC East has participated in the super bowl twice,since the NFC North’s last appearance.And ya gotta go back 8 years since the afc North’s last appearance.

            • AndyMeyer

              Context of original comment was Jackson played in the worst division last year. Not talking about as a whole.
              the AFC south has had 2 teams make the playoffs the last 3 seasons

              • rgreen

                Yea,you’re right,nfc east was the worst last year.6 win difference between them and the 2nd worse division total.

        • osfan9987

          66.1% bud, not hard to look up, FACTS can’t be racist, they can make you look like a dummy though

        • PurpleReign

          It’d be a good idea for you to have another look at Lamar Jackson’s statistics. His completion percentages (66% in 2019, 63% for his career), TD/INT ratios, & total QBR (feel free to omit the rushing stats if it makes you feel better). Then consider the fact that this young man just turned 23 years old in January. To put this in proper perspective, Phillip Rivers didn’t complete 66% of his passes in a season until he was 29 Do you believe in your heart that 508 yards of total offense including 365 passing yards (despite multiple drops by receivers/tight ends) is “getting owned”?

          Lamar throws to his tight ends because that’s where the ball should go on those plays. Take some time to watch him work, his pre-snap reads are truly impressive. Summing it up, you’re reaching on this one.

        • deal1122

          Lol you lost all credibility by saying he plays in the worst division in the league…

        • jdb1004

          Don’t ever compare Lamar to cam newton. Go back to cheering on the rams while the pay their players nothing and win nothing.

        • osfan9987

          Naming a couple black quarterbacks, labeling them gimmicks, basically saying since he’s fast he can’t be a quarterback, it’s not directly racist I suppose but I feel like he looks at guys, throws them together in categories based on what they look like and I’d venture to guess it is mostly black quarterbacks

          • imindless

            @osfan9987 just stop you sound like a moron.

            Racist definition:

            showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another.

            Someone needs to go back to school

    • Covid18_the_disrespected_older_brother

      Highest QBR in 2019. 3rd in Passer Rating. Led the league in PASSING TDs. He just has such great legs he doesn’t need to pass. Doesn’t mean he can’t. Let’s not forget he did that with 2 rookies and a bunch of scrubs at WR. So sure, you go on believing the he can’t throw myth. SMH!

      • imindless

        Again when you play bad teams like bengals and browns and Steelers it helps. This is the same ravens team that won with joe flacco for all those years. Outside of a few seasons the bengals and browns are a mess and you truly can’t deny this.

        If I was racist why did I not care to mention russell Wilson? Pat mahomes? Watson? Even Dak Prescott. Why would I leave these guys out who are black if I was racist? You are a moron bottomline.

        Jackson has one good season and you believe this is repeatable? How about cam Newton’s mvp 2015 or rg3s rookie season? Those were highlights in a weak careers. This past year will be Jackson highlight, titans just provide the road map to make this guy look terrible.

        The raven lost because of Jackson lol sounds like you didn’t watch game. 2 (might be 3) Ints, fumbles caused ravens d to stay on field for titans and henry to wear them down. Give it 2/3 years before they ship this skid mark outta town.

        I also choose to mention passers with similar skillset to Jackson. He is very similar to newton and Vick in terms of raw numbers. You guys sound like your in denial.

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs

      I didn’t know Jackson played defense and gave up 195 yards rushing all on his own.

      Baltimore racked up 530 yards of offense and 508 of those yards came from Jackson. 365 throwing and 143 running.

      Jackson wasn’t the issue. Dude did his job. His defense didn’t do theirs.

        • All American Johnsonville Dogs

          Again. You act like he plays every position. He play offensive line too?

          Living up to your name that’s for sure.

          Lot of empty space between those ears clearly. Enjoy the half season of Mookie Betts….if you even get that.

        • All American Johnsonville Dogs

          link to youtu.be

          Of his 3 turnovers.

          One was a tipped ball the receiver knocked into the air.

          One was a sack as he was under pressure.

          One was clearly an int.

          Any more bone headed statements you want me to disprove?

          • imindless

            I doubt a 14-2 team is as bad as you claim. Taking the lebron james approach to blaming teams instead of the most important position in the game. You can discredit and blame the team but jackson still had 3 turn overs and his stats only look better due to late game garbage time yardage. 2 playoffs gaming in 2 seperate years and the dude didn’t do his job. Your idiotic commentary is laughable discrediting his 3 turnovers. In a game where you need to limit the turnovers and for the most part players like brees, mahomes, brady, Peyton Manning do that and win.

            Again you can try to spin it any way you like he has had 1 year of production and even then he relies on the run when teams force him to throw the ball the way titans did he is useless.

            Throwing more than half his tds against bengals, browns, Steelers (without Big Ben)

            Then proceeds to play against a wild card team with a limited qb and they render jackson useless.

            Let’s revisit this after next season.

            • ravenssss

              Why do you look at Ravens stats so much what a loser, can’t you use your time better than making fun of the Ravens, because you are Jealous?

      • ravenssss

        The offense didn’t either, because of the injuries and lack of weapons that showed up that night.

    • kylewait89

      Just stop. The only way they’d draft a QB is by losing Jackson. If his completion numbers are an issue then I’d check who else you’re dogging. Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Mahomes, Brady. All of those guys have SBs and werent as accurate. Then you have Rivers, Goff, Prescott, Wentz, Murray, Stafford, who are all considered pretty good also below him. On top of it he beat some of the best teams all year. Beat the entire NFC West who had 3 teams above .500, the AFC East who had two teams in the playoffs. The only losses were to the SB winners, a Browns team where the offense put up 25 points and still lost by double digits and a flukey Titans team. Face it bud, you just don’t have facts behind Lamar being a poor QB.

      We know, you just want attention because you think it’s funny but stop pretending you state facts.

    • RegularEd

      After reading your comment I’m trying to think of a more apt user name for you other than the one you’re already chose to use.

      And I can’t.

  4. JJB0811

    The way the Titans ran over them in the playoffs should be an indication that LB should be in play at 28th.

  5. Bobby Mongan

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion despite the statistics before them. I personally think Lamar Jackson as long as he stays healthy will only get better. But I don’t care if someone thinks he is bad. Time will tell.. I wish him luck and that he stays healthy.

    • king beas

      You can’t think an mvp at 23 is bad. He’s played in 2 playoff games but use that sample size instead of an entire regular season of dominating and throwing for 5 tds multiple times

      • imindless

        Against the bengals, Steelers and browns lmao. Arguably the worst teams in the league.

        • ravenssss

          You will be on your knees begging to be a Ravens supporter once Lamar has so much success, I still can’t believe how many people are doubting this guy. He works harder than you, and you just jealous he not on your team, but if he was on an LA team you would love him. Shut up.

  6. mgrap84

    We shouldn’t be taking one in the 1st round. We need a Middle linebacker and edge rusher. I agree we need to find a play making WR but we have more important needs right now

    • ravenssss

      Edge first round yes, because of value at the pick… I think any LB we take in the 1st unless its Simmons wouldn’t be good value. Murray has some good value, but I’d rather take a Willie Gay Jr./Malik Harrison/Logan Wilson rounds 2-3, and take Chaisson,Epenesa,etc. round 1. Otherwise WR, so EDGE or WR.

  7. dust44

    Could c a Brandon Ayuik (spelling is off) from Az State as a target in the second. Physical pass catcher who can block as well. Perfect compliment to Andrews and Brown.

  8. jdb1004

    This la dodgers fan — lol. CA people are such trash. Go watch nelk boys you scum of the world.

    • imindless

      I can’t hear you, from all the way up on my throne. What was that peasant? Salty because you know jackson is never winning a ring? I’d hate to be from Baltimore too, it’s a hole with absolutely nothing going for it besides gang violence.

      • ravenssss

        White boy on your throne, you know all the LA teams suck especially after the Washington Capitals beat yo ass in the finals

  9. Fylde5

    First of all why is anyone paying attention to mindless. The name says it all. He is a mindless troll. So STFU and wait for the results this year. The fact that someone in LA has so much interest in the Ravens says everything I need to know about the teams in LA.

    • imindless

      0-2 in playoffs, pads stats against weak comp and shrinks when it matters most. By all means enjoy the playoff birth and exit in the first round that all you get with Jackson. Sorry you believe in fairy tales kid.

      • ravenssss

        Why are you even on this page, stalking ravens WRs obviously a bandwagon, it’s not like the rams,chargers or raiders are any good. If you like the rams your team sucks in all that cap hell for aaron donald lmaoo.

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