Tom Brady Hoping To Play With Antonio Brown?

Is Tom Brady looking to reunite with Antonio Brown? Two people close to the troubled wide receiver tell Dan Graziano and Jeremy Fowler of that the quarterback has told Brown that he wants to play with him again. 

It’s a surprising bit of news that perhaps should be taken with a grain of salt. First, we have to consider the source – those close to Brown would have incentive to push the narrative that the league’s most popular athlete is eager to team up with him. It’s also possible that Brady, who was friendly with Brown during his short stay in New England, is simply looking to keep up Brown’s spirits.

If Brady returns to the Patriots, it’s hard to envision such a reunion taking place. And, if Brady signs elsewhere, teams will have reservations about getting involved with Brown. Even before all of the ugly accusations and disturbing social media videos, Brown was perceived to be unstable for his behavior in Pittsburgh and the drama that nixed his Oakland tenure before it even began.

One of Brown’s attorneys told the ESPN duo that Brady has encouraged Brown to stay “mentally and physically strong” so that they can pair up once again. If that does somehow come to fruition, it’s not a given that Brown will be allowed to take the field in September.

Meanwhile, it’s anyone’s guess as to where Brady will wind up. The Colts and Giants are reportedly not among the teams chasing him, but the Chargers, Titans, and Raiders may be among the clubs looking to pry him from the Patriots. Despite his accomplishments, some execs have told Graziano and Fowler that they’re expecting him to fetch no more than $30MM/year on a two- or three-year deal.

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19 comments on “Tom Brady Hoping To Play With Antonio Brown?

  1. TJECK109

    I think there is a difference between wanted and wants. He may at one point after the pats released him made that know to brown but it’s hard to believe with all his baggage that Brady would want to latch himself to that cluster

    • doug.daniel243

      Can we please have Brady go to the another team in the AFC East just to stick it to the Pats?

        • jkoms57

          I just want the Pat’s to replace Brady with Dalton so I can laugh

          Even tho its prob the right move. Brady is toast and looked it last season after the midway point

    • Jcool90

      Right, we all want to. Who cares about Brown, I hope his career is DONE!!! Bum

  2. Marner#16

    BRADY BRADY BRADY…. every fricken off season. He isn’t going anywhere folks. Brown will be lucky to get back in the league. Can’t wait till both are done in this league so we don’t have to hear about them every single freaking day!

  3. yoyo137

    Ravens. Get Lamar Jackson a decent backup QB and bring AB in to play with Hollywood. Brady ends up with 9 rings and doesn’t have to do anything lol

    • Jcool90

      Why, we dont need that headcase and headache that brown is. Nothing but a cry baby B you h 3 more letters in it.

      • yoyo137

        The culture is definitely strong enough to be able to handle him. Plus he would be playing with his cousin Hollywood and one of the best young leaders in the league in Lamar. I think it would be worth the risk but I know it’s not going to happen lol. I was mostly messing around lol which is why I called Brady a backup. That’s really the GOAT

  4. letmeclearmythroat74

    Please don’t lobby to bring that loud mouth back into the league. He was an overrated cancer to the league

  5. Tazza

    Cowboys let Dak Cooper and Jones leave and bring in Brady Brown and Harris

    Brady is cheaper than Dak, Brown you can underpay because of circumstances and Harris you could pay what he’s worth and you’d still be saving money

  6. echozulu88

    I dont think there is a more credible source than a man that would rather lose millions than wear a helmet.

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