Browns GM: We’re Keeping OBJ

Maybe the trade rumors Odell Beckham Jr. finally quiet down now. Believe him or not, Browns GM Andrew Berry says the wide receiver will be a “long-term member” of the organization. 

With all due respect to the question, I think this is actually a topic, at least from our perspective, there really hasn’t been a ton of ambiguity,” Berry told NFL Network. “We’ve been clear from the beginning that we view Odell as a fantastic player. We’re a better team with him on the field. We see him as a long-term member of the organization. We really like how he’s acclimated and adjusted with the new staff. So the rumors, that’s not something that we can control, but we’re happy to have him as a part of our organization.”

Beckham clashed with Freddie Kitchens last year, but he was far from the only player to butt heads with the coach. Between OBJ and Kitchens, only one of them made it to Year 2 in Cleveland – the new regime has spent the last few months shooting down trade speculation about the star receiver and Berry’s latest comments are his strongest yet.

Relatively speaking, OBJ fell flat last year. Still, he pulled off 74 catches for 1,035 yards and four touchdowns. Quirks and all, Beckham is one of the most talented offensive weapons in the NFL and the Browns have every reason to make things work.

The latest round of speculation pegged Beckham for the Vikings. The Browns flatly denied any talks with the Vikes and we’re inclined to believe them. After moving on from Stefon Diggs for salary and personality reasons, it would have made little sense to replace him with Beckham.

In short, I will just say it was completely false,” executive Paul DePodesta told reporters earlier this month. “It’s a frustrating a little bit. I think it is pretty clear we are trying to build at this point…The idea that we would take away from that core at this moment just does not make a whole lot of sense and is not really something that we are exploring at all.”

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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33 comments on “Browns GM: We’re Keeping OBJ

  1. crosseyedlemon

    It’s going to be interesting to see how the NFL players that crave attention and the spotlight, perform in empty stadiums.

    • sufferfortribe

      Because he gets paid a crap load of money, and didn’t come close to producing at his pay level?

      • crosseyedlemon

        The idea that Browns fans could have any kind of expectations after almost 70 years of futility, is in itself, rather mind boggling.

  2. It’s nice that he’s said this, but: A) he’s not going to say anything but this, and B) the Giants said the same thing before they traded him two weeks later. I get that it’s a different organization, but there are plenty of other examples of team’s saying one thing and then doing the opposite shortly thereafter.

    • crosseyedlemon

      there are plenty of other examples of team’s saying one thing and then doing the opposite shortly thereafter.

      Robert Irsay: “I’m staying in Baltimore…I’m staying in Baltimore…I’m staying in…hurry up and load that Mayflower truck…we’re running late.”

    • bravesfan88

      What is a well thought out, rational comment doing on this site!?!

      I take it you’re new here?? Take your sound reasoning, knowledge, and expertise elsewhere sir. Only lame jokes, wildly hot takes, and absurd accusations or trade proposals are allowed and appreciated on here..

      Ohh yeah, and for some reason, there is a guy named Jorge who basically fondles PapiElfs little jingle bells, everytime a minor transaction article is posted..

      You have officially been warned!! Next time this happens, you will be reported and consequently banned…

      • bravesfan88

        DD, who said anything about it raining or a car??

        I swear, kids have zero reading comprehension skills these days..

        • Patrick N.

          It’s slang you idiot. Learn what words are thrown around the zeitgeist before you make yourself look even dumber

    • lettersandnumbersonly

      Yup, Giants signed him to the highest paid WR deal and said ‘we didn’t sign him to trade him’ or something to that effect… and then very shortly after, traded him lol.

  3. Hannibal8us

    Aka if we would have gotten a haul during the draft he’d be gone but since we didn’t we never considered trading him.

  4. annysway

    Another extremely overpaid dude sliding down the NFL chute to oblivion ! Thank you billionaire owners.

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