Bucs TE O.J. Howard On Trade Block?

Buccaneers tight end O.J. Howard was reportedly available prior to the 2019 trade deadline, and he could be shopped again. As former NFL executive Michael Lombardi indicated on a recent episode of his GM Shuffle podcast, Tampa Bay could trade Howard either before or during next week’s draft.

Although Bucs head coach Bruce Arians has never heavily featured a tight end in his offense, Howard’s 2019 reception and yardage totals were largely in line with his career norms, but he scored only a single touchdown. Arians spoke repeatedly about getting Howard more involved in Tampa Bay’s offense, but the former first-round pick still has yet to truly break out.

Last year, the Buccaneers were reportedly only willing to deal Howard for a “substantial return.” Per Lombardi, the club was looking for a second-round pick. The Patriots, for one, inquired on Howard at the 2019 trade deadline, and although talks didn’t go anywhere, it’s possible New England could reach out again.

Howard, 25, has one year remaining on his rookie contract, although the Bucs (or any team that acquires Howard) can exercise a fifth-year option for the 2021 campaign. Under the NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement, that fifth-year option would be fully guaranteed.

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33 comments on “Bucs TE O.J. Howard On Trade Block?

  1. braveshomer

    Wouldn’t this be counter productive getting rid of OJ giving Bradys success with 2 talented tight ends. You’ve got 2 years to win a championship with Brady and don’t see why you’d be getting rid of any talent right now…and this from a Falcons fan lol

  2. wagner13

    This is a mistake. Tampa’s selling low after a down season in a tight end-averse offense. Brady uses the position a lot more than Jameis and could unlock Howard’s potential. He’s still young and produced well in an abbreviated 2018 campaign

  3. jscout33

    Agreed. I’d be happy to see him with the Pats, but it’s crazy to trade talent if you just went all in on Brady. Offense never featured a TE, but it never featured Brady either. And I’m sure part of the deal was Brady controlling a lot is the offense now, and HE has always tried to feature talented TEs…

  4. king beas

    He didn’t have as bad of a year as I thought he did. Should fetch a 2nd if hurst got the ravens one

    • dcahen

      Indy is not going to trade a 2nd round pick when they can get a TE in the draft in the 3rd or 4th round.

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        TE is pretty weak in this year’s class. Indy should draft a couple receivers which is deep in this class.

      • dynamite drop in monty

        Yeah but they they’d have to develop said TE. Ballard prefers league ready TEs

  5. TradeBait

    Titans – big need as they only have a joker TE of any value. Give Tannehill a nice safety valve along with a blocker for Henry.

  6. Barflies

    Isn’t this obvious?
    Gronkowski for O.J. Howard.
    Gronkowski comes out of retirement FORCING the patriots to trade him because of his cap hit. It also becomes an opportunity for the Patriots to get a chance at having a good tight end for years if they can fit him into the offense productively.

    • burtgummer

      Given the fact that Gronk just signed with wwe I’d have to think he doesn’t have much interest in returning

  7. phillyballers

    You guys should look at the Salary cap for NE. If Gronk unretires they are immediately over the cap and have zero leverage.

    So why would they send compensation to NE?

    • TJECK109

      What’s to say NE won’t find a way to keep him? Honestly think BB would put himself in a position to give away a HOF TE? He’d find a way to make it work if needed

  8. Yep it is

    Gronk was done the last year he played. He was a shell of the player he was. Part of the reason he retired. Makes me laugh when the comments act like he would come back like a player was. If that is the case Tony G was on the sideline at the Super Bowl might as well dream about him coming back.

    • TJECK109

      Yeah you are brilliant, I mean he’s what… 37 or 38 now? Not like a year off to heal the body wouldn’t help him. Regardless of his catch and yard totals he would still be a nightmare to cover and a really good blocker.

      • crosseyedlemon

        If all it took was a year off you would have senior citizens playing in the league and if Gronk ended up on IR for weeks he would be a real nightmare allright.

        • TJECK109

          Lame response man. You know there is a huge difference between a year off in your 20s vs even 40s. Who is to say Gronk wouldn’t restructure his contract? Not like Howard was close to an iron man

          • crosseyedlemon

            Your helping to make my point. A 40 year old athlete has 20 more years of physical abuse to deal with, the recovery time will be longer and if he returns he won’t be the player he was when he was in his prime.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I see it the same way and even if Gronk could return and be somewhat productive, Howard is clearly the better long term option.

  9. cmtaylor98

    I think this is a perfect chance for the Packers to make an offer they need a TE, that can produce, & need weapons for Rodgers. How about a 3rd this year & a 5th next year? I think it gets it done, plus the cap hit is very low for Howard in a trade.

  10. Simmons>Russ

    Bucks have both OJ Howard and Cameron Brate on the books at TE.
    Obviously Brady plays really well with a good TE but I don’t think he needs 2 really good TEs. It wouldn’t surprise me if they traded Howard given he would net them a good return and given he’s coming to the end of his rookie deal.

    Bucks biggest needs are OT and RB, I hope Andrew Thomas falls to them in the draft and in the second round there’s a good chance Swift or Taylor falls to them at RB. With a third round pick they should take a back up QB if available like Jake Fromm, Jacob Eason or Jalen Hurts

    • braveshomer

      Gronk and Aaron Hernandez both say hi….Brady was a beast with those 2 lining up. The deep shots to Mike Evans will most likely be the biggest subtraction if I had to guess where targets get distributed

  11. bestvirginia

    Howard for Trent Williams. Neither team is in a great position to get the draft value they want. Howard’s in the doghouse and underutilized, Williams wants out. Fills a legit need for both teams.

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