ESPN Chasing Saints’ Drew Brees

Last month, Drew Brees inked a new two-year, $50MM deal to return to the Saints and continue his playing career. However, that hasn’t stopped ESPN from courting Brees for their Monday Night Football booth with an eye on signing him once he retires (via Andrew Marchand of the New York Post). 

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It’s no surprise that ESPN wants to add the charismatic star to its lineup. Although Brees is contracted to play through the 2021 season, it’s possible that Brees may only be coming back for one more year. Recently, head coach Sean Payton told ESPN that Brees is “coming back for his final season.” It’s possible that Payton misspoke, but that could also be an indication that Brees is heading into his final campaign.

The Saints are planning to transition from the future Hall of Famer to Taysom Hill. This year, Hill will take on a much larger role in the offense. If all goes well, and Brees decides to move on to broadcasting or anything else, Hill may stand alone as the Saints’ starter in ’21.

An offer from ESPN could play a factor in Brees’ decision next year. While the networks can’t compete with Brees’ NFL dollars, the QB could still land a lucrative deal in the broadcast booth. Tony Romo, for example, signed a ten-year, $180MM deal with CBS. ESPN isn’t using that as “the measuring stick” for Brees, Marchand writes, but they are believed to be dangling a deal worth about $6.5MM/year. That’s similar to what Jon Gruden made towards the end of his MNF tenure.

Brees is the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns. Last year, he completed 74% of his throws with 27 touchdown passes in just eleven contests.

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24 comments on “ESPN Chasing Saints’ Drew Brees

  1. dynamite drop in monty

    Great can’t wait to hear his continual holier than thou browbeating

    • carlos15

      Brees has literally never made any holier than thou comments or browbeat anyone about his faith. Give an example or shut up. Someone talking about their faith is not the same as holier than thou browbeating, clown.

  2. sportsfan101

    The fact they’d give romo 10/180 aka 18 a year the fact they wanna pay brees not even half is pathetic. If I were brees I’d laugh in there faces.

    • qbert1996

      Brees has no experience in the booth. Why should he earn even close to Romo before he even starts broadcasting.

      • vmillz

        Probably because Bree’s football IQ is significantly greater than that of Romo. And not as though Romo had much booth experience either when he signed for $18m/year.

        • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

          He had already stablished a reputation as one of the best (if not the absolute best, which is possible) football color man on the planet… so regardless of his experience, he was signed and paid based on his performance. I’d love to hear Brees in the booth, but just because many think he might be an amazing broadcaster, you never know. Witten sure seemed like he’d be good…

        • king beas

          Romo might not have been the qb that brees was but I wouldn’t say he doesn’t have a great football iq. The reason romo got that deal is cause how well he’s able to break down the game while broadcasting

    • TJECK109

      He shouldn’t get Romo money, not close. Romo didn’t get Romo money till he proved himself. Brees might have a better football IQ but that doesn’t mean he can clearly communicate it on TV. Ask Witten.

  3. If they can’t get Drew Brees, how about a new booth with Kevin Harlan and Kurt Warner? They work well together and would improve the ESPN ratings as long as a better group of games is given to them by the NFL.

    • Michael Chaney

      I’d love any chance to listen to Kevin Harlan more. Primetime with him would be great.

  4. nentwigs

    Just sign Brees to a “Personal Services Contract” now with a Big Bonus up front and minimal “real” compensation until such time that he retires. Then have option clauses that kick in at that time with more in the way of defined duties as well as specific compensation.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    QBs are the reason the “mute” button was invented. They are totally self absorbed and have no perspective beyond the position they played. If your looking for someone who can provide honest and intelligent insight into the game then your far better off with a journeyman or special teams player.

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