Lamar Jackson: “I’d Be Happy” If Ravens Signed Antonio Brown

On Tuesday, Lamar Jackson told reporters that he would be in favor of the Ravens signing Antonio Brown (Twitter link via Jeff Zrebiec of The Athletic). Of course, that wouldn’t be the quarterback’s call, but his endorsement is noteworthy nonetheless.

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I’d be happy if they signed him,” Jackson said. “But it’s not my decision.”

This isn’t the first time that Brown has been connected to Baltimore. Recently, Jackson worked out with the controversial wide receiver in South Florida, along with AB’s cousin, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown. Meanwhile, Ravens GM Eric DeCosta has refused to comment on his own level of interest in the one-time superstar. Earlier this month, he said that he’d keep those thoughts “in-house” while continuing to explore options at the position.

Do we feel the urgency? We probably feel that with every position,” the GM told the team website. “We want to be the best we can be at every position. This happens to be a wide receiver class with a lot of really good players. If we’re on the clock and we think that guy is the best player, we’ll probably pick him. Hopefully we can build our offense to the point where we can say, ‘Hey, we’re un-defendable.’”

Brown, a seven-time Pro Bowler, is still in limbo with the league office. Recently, he hired a new agent to represent him, and he’s hoping that will expedite his case with Roger Goodell & Co.

Speaking strictly from a football perspective, Brown would boost any offense – including the Ravens’ world-class unit. He has caught 841 passes for 11,253 yards over the course of his ten-year NFL career, with a good chunk of those coming against Baltimore.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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30 comments on “Lamar Jackson: “I’d Be Happy” If Ravens Signed Antonio Brown

    • crosseyedlemon

      Having stacks of hundred dollar bills to wipe away the tears probably helps a bit.

  1. hOsEbEeLiOn

    A relationship with Antonio Brown is like a relationship with coke.

    Like you really want it. But it’s really bad for you. It’s tempting but you should probably…no you should say no.

    But if they did sign him they’d have Hollywood Brown and Diva Brown.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    It sounds like Lamar is trying to get tested for drugs as often as Beckham.

  3. jonnyzuck

    Antonio shouldn’t necessarily be banned for life, but he’s at the point where I think he needs to make a strong effort to prove to people that he is a changed man but I’m not so sure that will happen any time soon

    • hOsEbEeLiOn

      He is a changed man. Was never the same after that burfict hit. He has CTE.

      • gozurman1

        @hOsEbEeLiOn He has had issues since high school. Look at his history. Lost a scholarship at FSU before ever setting for on campus. Got a scholarship and set foot on the Florida International campus and shortly thereafter got into an altercation with campus security and promptly lost that scholarship. Had to walk on at Central Michigan. Had issues with showing up to meetings, practices and classes. Had to have a coach basically baby sit him to get him to things when he was supposed to be there. He was hit by Burfict in January 2016. Never had any on field issues until showing up in Oakland after 3 more very productive years in Pittsburgh. He was on DWTS and Masked singer after the hit. He had issues before the hit it turns out but never were publicized. Has had a long habit of not paying for goods or services rendered. He demanded and was allowed to live in a private home instead of with the team at training camp for years. Missed charity appearances for kids multiple times over the years included for sick kids at Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital. Never would notify the event that he wasn’t going to show. Just didn’t show up and kids were left upset and disappointed.

        • gozurman1

          My biggest point is he had issues before the hit by Burfict dating back to high school. A lot of the same type of issues. Got worse with more money in his pockets. I just do not believe his issues are due to the hit by Burfict. It did not help any but certainly not the cause. I believe he has either emotional or mental issues that he needs to have help with and has had them for some time.

    • crosseyedlemon

      AB is on the wrong side of 30 now, so he doesn’t have the luxury of time to get his act together. Of course if Lamar is determined to have a nutcase WR, the Ravens could always extend another offer to Dez Bryant.

  4. Yep it is

    Sounds like Dumb is advocating for Dumber. Some players just don’t get it.

    • osfandan

      Sounds like a Lamar hater. Clearly be isn’t dumb. Maybe you’re just racist?

      • dcahen

        Lamar may not be “dumb” but he isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree either. Ever hear him speak? Ever understand a word he said? I live in Louisville & his interviews are exactly the same now as they were when he was 18 & a freshman. Doesn’t say much for his Louisville education, does it. Wanting Antonio Brown on your team is a pretty dumb assessment or take on the big picture.

        • BertMacklin

          I mean dude has a college education. Idk how you’re supposed to exude intelligence in interviews about football. Bill Belichick doesn’t say a whole lot, I guess he’s an idiot too?

          • dcahen

            Lamar Jackson scored a 13 out of 50 on the infamous Wonderlic test. Basically he has the intelligence of a janitor (not my words, from the article). He left school while in his junior year, so he has 2-1/2 years of college, with about 60 credit hours. In HS he had a 1.5 gpa. So what do you think??

  5. jerseyjoe

    I am sure he is a nice guy around his younger cousin and the MVP when they are playing catch. But he is a mental case and needs help. He is also facing criminal charges. Much ado about nothing. Move on.

    • david-45

      Oh and his contract his unguaranteed. But can earn endorsements for good behavior

  6. bad3691

    Since Jackson requested AB, do it. And trade this year and next year first rounds draft to The Redskins for 2nd pick ….. Chase . The Ravens wasn’t planning to pick in the top 10 for the next couple of years anyway…. go big or go home.

  7. Big Angry Baby

    Better for the League, Roger Goodell and all those little children who have “Hero’s” in the NFL if Antonio Brown stays unemployed. He’s an immature mental case.

  8. Simmons>Russ

    Make it happen but make the deal good for both parties.

    2 mil signing bonus, 10mil deal with 1mil fully guaranteed, 10 mil becomes fully guaranteed if he stays to the end of the deal.
    Then have bonuses such as 1mil per every 3 TDs, 1mil for pro bowl, 1mil for all pro, 1mil for 100 receptions, 1mil for 1000 yards and 1mil for SuperBowl win.

    Meaning he gets 3 mil guaranteed on signing and he of leaves at any point in the season you only have to pay him an additional 1mil per every 3 TDs.
    He likely stays the year, gets about 6/7 TDs, 80ish receptions, 1000 yards and makes the pro bowl which would make his deal worth 16mil and if they win a SB or he makes all pro he can get an additional 2mil.

    It protects the Ravens against AB being a drama king and leaving. But it also rewards him and pays him well if he stays the whole year and preforms well, which we all know he is capable of

    • jerseyjoe

      He passed on his last 3 deals. What makes you think he wouldn’t pass in this one?

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