Patriots, Jaguars Interested In Andy Dalton

The Patriots and Jaguars are among the teams with interest in former Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, a source tells Tyler Dragon of the Cincinnati Enquirer (Twitter link).

The news of Dalton’s release in Cincinnati only came to light this morning, but it appears the veteran signal-caller already has suitors. No team stepped up to trade for Dalton and his $17.7MM base salary, but he shouldn’t want for interest now that he’s available at, presumably, a much lower financial cost.

New England, for its part, only has 2019 fourth-round pick Jarrett Stidham and free agent addition Brian Hoyer in its quarterback room. Stidham is in line to replace Tom Brady, but it would make sense for the club to add more competition. Head coach Bill Belichick recently said the Patriots’ decision not to draft a passer in the 2020 draft was “not by design,” so it doesn’t appear New England has ruled out bringing in another quarterback.

In Jacksonville, Gardner Minshew will fully take the reins as the Jaguars’ starter in 2020, but Dalton could push the 2019 sixth-rounder if signed. Dalton did some of his best work in Cincinnati under offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, who now holds the same title in Jacksonville.

Indeed, the Bengals did shop Dalton to the Jaguars on more than one occasion, according to Albert Breer of (Twitter link), but Jacksonville didn’t express much interest. Of course, Dalton’s salary may have played a role in the Jaguars’ view, and they could be eyeing Dalton now that he’s available for a cheaper price.

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64 comments on “Patriots, Jaguars Interested In Andy Dalton

      • dugdog83

        It’s funny because they just had a chance to draft one and didn’t. Stay with us Monty we need your A game here.

        • dynamite drop in monty

          Bringing on Dalton [at a now reduced price] and not giving up any draft capital in any form makes sense to me. Maybe NEP wasn’t as enamored with any of the mid tier QBs in this draft as the talking heads tried to make us believe.

        • VampWeekAtBern

          Belichick said it “wasn’t by design” that they didn’t draft a quarterback. I’m not saying they’re necessarily going to sign anyone, but it hardly means they won’t.

  1. APostsHotFire

    Why on EARTH would the Jags want Dalton? They’re about to be one of the worst teams. If Gardner is good, great! If Gardner isn’t good, then they have a great shot at getting Lawrence or Fields.

    Getting Dalton likely gives them a few extra wins and takes them out of the top 5 picks, while still easily missing the playoffs.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      He would be a guy that’s good enough to step in if needed, while also not being a constant threat to Minshew’s job. He’s also a veteran guy that could help Gardner, and a lot of teams value that presence in the QBs room.

      • the preeminent nfl outsider

        I don’t get the sense. The vet back up is where this is heading. He’s been a starter for a while. Usually QBs like Dalton who are decent get that one more shot as a bridge starter, low risk high reward situation. Think Flacco going to Denver last year as an example.

    • martevious

      Dalton gives them a few extra wins? Ha! Why is everyone who is posting so high on Dalton. The guy is NOT a winner. Dalton is the LAST guy I would want qb’ing my team.

      • DTD_ATL

        Dalton has more wins than losses so he actually is a winner. Plus, he’s spent his entire career and one of the worst organizations in all of sports with terrible coaches. He hasn’t exactly been dealt a great hand.

        • dmarcus15

          This would be interesting to see how he could do in NE see if it truly is the system.

      • letmeclearmythroat74

        Dalton WITH an offensive line ( unlike in Cincy) is better than Darnold, Trubisky, Foles, Bridgewater, Winston…. Lock has proven nothing ….Jones and Mayfield possibly ….he ranks 13th in TDS in the last 10 years … so that counts for something

      • medic87

        clearly you know nothing.
        Dalton for 1 of the worst and cheapest teams in the league, had a winning record, brought them to 5 playoff appearances, and had 3 pro bowls appearances, the guy is above avg on a crappy team, and still overcame a lot of dysfunction.

  2. JohnTheNBAFanatic

    I would think the Patriots would be a good fit. But what are the Jags thinking? They are terrible and should not be in the market for a older QB who could contribute to a winning team, not a team in contention for the 1st pick next year.

  3. raider j81

    Not a pats fan but I’ve thought Dalton would be a perfect fit in NE to replace Brady.

    • JohnTheNBAFanatic

      Andy Dalton is not replacing Brady. He is not even close to Brady’s skill and if you think Dalton can replace Brady and still win super bowls, I don’t agree.

      • letmeclearmythroat74

        Since 2011 only 6 QBs have hit the following marks – 30K passing yards, 200 Pass TDS, 70 wins….

        Drew Brees , Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisburger and Andy Dalton.

        No he’s not Brady but he is also not too shabby to be mentioned in that class.

    • JohnTheNBAFanatic

      I do think he would be a good QB for them just not on the same level as Brady

      • He didn’t say he was on the same level as Brady, just that he could literally replace him.

        • JohnTheNBAFanatic

          I know I didn’t see he was commenting on my comment but yeah I figured that out after I commented and I can’t delete it

          • raider j81

            No, never said same level as Brady. Just think Dalton would fit the NE system well

            • jawinks

              I don’t think the Pats system needs a Brady-level QB to succeed. Their IQ matters more than their arm.

    • I was thinking this too before Brady left. System QB. Apparently good work ethic. Makes sense. Low risk. High reward.

    • Lars MacDonald

      No. They’re comfortable with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starter until Tua is ready.

    • The Dolphins already have Tua, Fitzmagic, and Rosen. Not sure where Dalton would fit in.

  4. KevDrew

    For everyone saying moves like this prevent the jags from getting the #1 pick for trevor are somewhat mistaken. Even if the jags get the number 2, 5 or even 7th spot, they still have an extremely high amount of draft capital for the 2021 draft. And that’s before the situations with yannick and fournette resolve themselves.

    • JohnTheNBAFanatic

      Nobody says in prevents them, it just makes no sense to sign him when they already put their faith in Minshew this season and could easily get Lawrence next year with Minshew. And we already know yannick wants out and will not stop and the team with the 1st pick may not want to give it up even if they get draft picks and young players.

    • jkoms57

      Save 17.5 Mil against the cap by cutting Dalton

      = conspiracy to keep Jaxsonville from landing Trevor Lawrence…

  5. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    Does a team signing Dalton (or any other player in his situation) have to pay him on the contract he had as a Bengal or do they negotiate a new contract? If the latter, I thought all along that the Pats would NOT draft a QB (unless a bargain fell into their lap) and would swoop in and grab Dalton for a year or two on the cheap, more or less to mentor the two guys they currently have on their roster. Smoke is smoke, I understand, but the Pats really do seem happy with what they have now; Dalton as essentially a player/coach makes sense to me, so long as he doesn’t cost $17MM.

    • DVail1979

      You may not agree but id assume if Dalton were to sign in New England hed be given a shot at an open competition with Stidham to start at a minimum … possibly even a promise to start to begin the year … Dalton has some talent and Bill knows how to bring the best out of players … Point is I do NOT for a second believe Dalton would sign to be a “player coach” … he’d sign to win

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        Yeah, I probably worded my post poorly… I also doubt Dalton would simply sit and coach, so to speak. I can easily see where, even if the Pats view one of their current guys as the future QB, they wouldn’t mind a little guidance from a veteran.

    • VampWeekAtBern

      Dalton’s last contract is now finished. He can be signed by anyone without being owed money from a prior contract.

      • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

        Thank you for the info! Wasn’t sure if it was like baseball or not. Much appreciated!

  6. Afk711

    Of course the Pats are. No one is buying Bill’s supposed love for 4th round pick Stidham and Brian Hoyer.

    • medic87

      Wrong, BB has a lot of love for Stidham and is going to give him a chance. Stidham is being way underrated.

    • DTD_ATL

      Much better QB? Not really. Better athlete? Yes. Dalton also doesn’t have the baggage or injury history of Cam.

    • wagner13

      He is? Fun fact: Dalton has a higher career completion percentage, QBR, and y/a. I’m not saying he’s substantially better, but to completely write him off is a mistake

    • Big Angry Baby

      WAY too big of an EGO and not that good except the one year they went to the Super Bowl. Cat needs to learn some humility !

  7. Ramon Garciaparra

    Patriots with Dalton at qb are probably a playoff team. Patriots with Stidham at qb probably are not. And I like Stidham, it is just unreasonable to expect him to be a playoff qb in his first full year. Whereas you can see a guy like Dalton manage games pretty effectively and come out with a 10 and 6 wild card kind of record and maybe game plan a win or two in the playoffs. Hard to project 10 wins for Stidham plus playoff success.

  8. jcraft21

    Chicago seems like a good spot for a season or two. Decent team just need someone to put some points on the board and not beat themselves.

    • Big Angry Baby

      Chicago … NO ! They just traded for Mr. Fragile from Jacksonville. WHY would they want to ad Dalton on top of the two they now have in Trubisky and Mr. Fragile ?

  9. renbutler

    New England is a system where any competent QB can excel, and Dalton is at least competent.

  10. Katsuro

    Pats have less than 2 mil in cap space. Tell me how they are going to sign a “starting level” QB for less than 2 mil

    Love these “sources” and their stories to fill up dead space

    • medic87

      I agree, but technically they could re-work a few contracts to free up some money.

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