Bengals To Release Andy Dalton

The Bengals are releasing veteran quarterback Andy Dalton, according to Adam Schefter of (Twitter link). Dalton asked the Bengals to release him, tweets Tom Pelissero of

Dalton had been on the trade block for the entirety of the offseason, as Cincinnati knew it would be replacing the nine-year starter with No. 1 overall pick Joe Burrow, whom the Bengals officially drafted last week. While the Bengals discussed a Dalton deal with the Bears in February (and may have spoken with other clubs), they were never able to unload the 32-year-old in exchange for draft capital.

Although Dalton indicated earlier this month that a “scenario” existed in which he’d return to Cincinnati, it never seemed likely that the Bengals would carry his $17.7MM salary for 2020. And that salary likely halted any potential trade talks, as well. The Bengals could have — and may — offered to pay down some of Dalton’s salary before trading him, but that may not have been enticing enough to other clubs to facilitate a deal.

Now that he’s on the free agent market, Dalton enters an NFL landscape without many starting quarterback jobs available. Looking around the league, the two teams that still may have somewhat open quarterback competitions are the Jaguars (who employ one of Dalton’s former offensive coordinators in Jay Gruden) and the Patriots. Of course, other veterans such as Cam Newton and Joe Flacco are also still available and could compete for those same roles.

A second-round pick in the 2011 draft, Dalton led the Bengals to five consecutive playoff appearances to begin his career. However, Cincinnati never won a postseason game in any of those five seasons, and the club hasn’t returned to the playoffs since. In 2015, Dalton was playing at a near-MVP level before fracturing his thumb in a December game against the Steelers, but he didn’t match that pace in any of the next four years.

For the Bengals, releasing Dalton not only affirms Burrow’s position as the club’s Week 1 starter, but gives them $17.7MM in additional cap space. The free agent market is largely picked over at this point, but Cincinnati now has extra cash on hand for extensions for A.J. Green and/or Joe Mixon.

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56 comments on “Bengals To Release Andy Dalton

  1. acarneglia

    You know, people rag on this guy all the time, but he really did have a good run of quality play.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I’m not sure that is relevant now. They say George Custer had a good run until he met the Apache at Little Big Horn.

      • Coys Bacon

        Ok. I can top that. Napoleon had a really good run until Moscow.
        The Germans had a really good run until Stalingrad.

      • elscorcho the marlin
        elscorcho the marlin

        If you studied history, custard was pretty lucky before little big horn. He almost lost his life to John Simon in a bar years before that.

    • tjbarnaba

      Why would they sign him? He isn’t better than Brian Hoyer? Some of you fans are out of touch with talent and team building. The Pats are not signing a QB. They do not need one. Sheesh it’s getting old explaining this to sheep

      • dynamite drop in monty

        Did you seriously just ask if Dalton was better than Brian Hoyer? Are you ok?

        • mcmillankmm

          Well considering Hoyer is already familiar with the system and playbook….and the Pats don’t have much cap space to offer Dalton, it might not make a ton of sense….but who knows….they could have been waiting for Dalton to get cut this whole time

        • saveferris009

          I am a Colts fan. Saw every snap Hoyer played last season with Brissett out for 3 games. The guy just heaves it into traffic. Interception machine. Would take Dalton every day of the week.

        • tjbarnaba

          Brian Hoyer playing with backups, bad teams and no weapons has a career 82 QBR. Andy Dalton, with one of the greatest WRs of this generation has an 87 QBR, including a 78 QBR last year. Why would the Pats want a player shown to be insignificant without top flight weapons? They have that already, his name is Brian Hoyer.

          • VampWeekAtBern

            When healthy, yes, A.J. Green is one of the best weapons in the NFL. However he has missed over 45% of the last 4 seasons. Combined with a dreadful offensive line, I doubt anyone would have done well as QB of the Bengals for the past few years.

      • king beas

        Fair to say dalton isn’t that good because if he was he wouldn’t be getting released but Brian Hoyer better?? Based on what could that even be an idea

        • DVail1979

          Good players get released all the time for various reasons … Cam Newton is a good player … Even with his injuries hes still considered good … He was realeased … so your arguement that Dalton cant be any good because he was released doesnt hold water

    • keysox

      Pats trade with Bears. Trubisky for a third round pick next year.
      Daulton signs with Bears for 5m

      • mcmillankmm

        3rd round pick? I’m sure if anyone was willing to give up a 3rd for Trubisky he would have been dealt already

      • Lars MacDonald

        The Pats have no cap space this year.
        Even if they wanted Trubisky (which they don’t), they couldn’t pay him.

    • Patpatriot

      Agreed. Who knows what the off season program will be. Think Daltons value was in protecting their new investment. No more though.

      • mcmillankmm

        Actually that wouldn’t be an awful idea for Dallas to get a good back up in there…they’ve already shown they are going all in this year and next

  2. mlbnyyfan

    However Dak will get over 35+ a year. Such a predictable move. Why did they wait so long. It’s like they wanted to punish him. They could of easily released him the start of free agency. Nobody was going to trade any assets for him since they knew all along he would be released.

    • DarkSide830

      Dak wouldnt get nearly as much on the open market. only reason he’s getting paid is bacause the Cowboys werent going to boats course midstream.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Injuries generally create opportunities if a player is willing to show some patience. That holds especially true for QBs like those mentioned in the article. Tannehill looked destined to be a career backup but sometimes a change of scenery makes a difference.

  4. Freddie Morales

    Patriots, Giants, jaguars, browns, Redskins, bills all fits for him

    • Browns signed Case Keenum to backup Baker Mayfield. The contract was for 3 years, so you can take them off the list… would add the Cowboys.

  5. jcraft21

    He was 76 and 24 in his first 100 starts Five playoff appearances. Then his line disappeared. If you have no time to throw I don’t care who you are you cannot compete in the NFL. Basically every quarterback will shred you if they have time to throw. It was not all his fault in Cincinnati.

    • Perksy

      That is what people said about Eli Manning. But others said it had a lot more to do than just having enough time to throw. Of course a difference between Manning and Dalton is 7 years in age.

    • BapTheMailman

      Agreed. And with a solid offensive line, I think Dalton could still be a productive QB

  6. Coys Bacon

    Once he Lost Their great LT and very good LG to Cleveland. Because the Bengals don’t value guards going to back to letting Pro Bowler and sometimes All Pro MAx Montoya go to the Raiders in PlAn B FA. Anyways.
    They gave him the 2 players picked 1/2 in 2915 draft in which instead of drafting players who could help them win now. Which they were in their run of playoff appearances they got arrogant and drafted 2 guys who were not going to play much at all that year while sending a message that we are not resigning out important cogs on the OL. Sure they made the playoffs that year but after that the OL started to go and Andy got jittery happy feet. Even when he had good protection he would still panic.

    You can find good value after 5th round still in the draft going back to 1997 you have at least 2-4 OL every year that get drafted and develop into 50 plus game starters and very good players too. All Pro types. The Falcons drafted 3 OL in 3 years that started for 5 years each if not longer and all of them were stared on the SB year for them in 1998. All 6 – 7th rounders.
    The only team that has not Been able to draft and develop 1 starter for at least 50 starts on the OL from 1997 onwards? The Bengals. Thank you Paul Alexander. Great coaching up but you still were able to be the OL coach for more than 20 years despite all that.

  7. phenomenalajs

    I’m not sure why he would request his release if his $17.7M is not guaranteed after Winston just got $1M to back up Brees…

  8. hOsEbEeLiOn


    Sign Dalton, let Herbert sit a year, Dalton gives them a better chance than Tyrod.

  9. bradthebluefish

    I’d rather have an affordable Andy Dalton than an expensive Dak Prescott.

  10. Yep it is

    Joe Flacco? Who would sign that dud? Wow I would rather have a Jr College QB than Mr. “ I quit” during a game

  11. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    If the savvy Belicheck can win with Andy Dalton, Tom Brady goes down in history as a luckier version of Brad Johnson.

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