Patriots Sign Louisiana Tech QB J’Mar Smith

The Patriots finally added a quarterback. After surprisingly opting not to pick a passer during the draft, New England has signed former Louisiana Tech quarterback J’Mar Smith as an undrafted free agent, per Tom Pelissero of NFL Network (Twitter link).

It was widely reported that the Patriots would be drafting a quarterback at some point, but that never materialized. It’s still unclear what exactly Bill Belichick is planning on doing to replace Tom Brady, and Smith certainly isn’t going to be the solution. As a redshirt senior and three-year starter at Louisiana Tech, he’ll at least bring plenty of experience. Smith had his best statistical campaign this past season, when he passed for 2,977 yards with 18 touchdowns and five interceptions.

A pretty mobile quarterback, he added 264 yards and another four scores on the ground. Smith is now only the third signal-caller on the Pats’ offseason roster behind Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer. If they don’t add another veteran, he should have a decent chance of making the team or practice squad. The real question now is whether Belichick will go after a high-profile free agent vet like Cam Newton, trade for one like Andy Dalton, or stick with the in-house options.

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39 comments on “Patriots Sign Louisiana Tech QB J’Mar Smith

  1. Either they’re planning on tanking next year and getting Lawrence or they’ll go out and get Cam Newton. No way they stick with these scrubs if they intend on winning anything this year.

      • In what world is he not a scrub? He was a fourth round pick and hasn’t shown much of anything.

        • slapnuts

          “Shown much of anything” to who, you? I don’t think you count, especially since you think draft status = productivity

        • letmeclearmythroat74

          What was Tom Brady ? I think a 5th round pick? There’s zero logic in that statement. I’m not even a Pats fan. One of my least favorite teams to be honest. But I will call out BS when I hear it. Dalton is the best fit to still be competitive.

  2. highplainsdriftr

    I don’t get why people think Belichick is going to go out and sign Cam or Jameis lmao. Why do people think he doesn’t have an interest in giving Stidham a chance?

  3. hOsEbEeLiOn

    Stidham gets booed 1st home game and crowd start chanting for Hoyer.

    Just like Brady wants to prove he can win without Bill, Bill wants to prove he can win without Brady.

    New England didn’t take a QB cause Bill’s ego wants to prove to everyone he can win with anyone, even Jarret Stidham.

    Besides Garapollo Belicheck hasnt developed a starting caliber QB with a high round draft pick. And even Garapollo went from one QB friendly system to to another QB friendly system with Shanahan.

    Rogan Davey 4th, Kevin O Connell 3rd,
    Ryan Mallet 3rd, Jacoby Brissett 3rd

    Brady was a 6th, Cassel was a 7th.

    • burtgummer

      Hasn’t developed a starting qb ?? Probably one of the dumbest comments ever
      Belichick started coaching the Pats in 2000 Tom Brady was drafted in 2000 he hasn’t had to develop any
      Sheer ignorance

    • LordShade

      He developed Tom Brady, the best QB of all time. Who cares who is a high pick or not? The guy can obviously develop quarterbacks.

  4. Lars MacDonald

    Actually, all of the scouting reports out of New England during last season were saying that Stidham looked really good and was a steal for New England.

    Is he the next Tom Brady… Highly doubtful. But, he does look like a solid QB in the making. He’s going to start for NE next season.

  5. JD Candello

    Patriots are a riot, its always mis-direction

    They leak Kamet news so ofc they go 2 different Tes

    They prop love/hurds/eason – UFA a guy an hr after the 7th

    Awesome Liars!

  6. goldenmisfit

    Everyone knows Bella check wanted a mobile quarterback. He missed out on Daniel Jones as well as Lamar Jackson maybe just maybe he’s going to try and re-create them with this guy.

  7. crosseyedlemon

    Undisclosed sources report Robert Kraft is selling the team. Belichick will join the WWE as Gronk’s replacement.

    • icantstanditicant

      How funny would it be if he pins Gronk for the 24/7 championship at a press conference?

      • crosseyedlemon

        In an actual wrestling event the script would have Tom Brady sneaking into the ring at the last second to rescue Gronk from Bill’s lethal “frown stare”.

  8. Dorothy_Mantooth

    IMO, they should have signed Case Cookus over this kid. Cookus was an absolute monster for Northern Arizona last year and protects the ball really well. His comp was Garoppolo as well.

  9. bobcavic

    Just about every article (not just here) always prefaces the Patriots QB situation with something like “It’s still unclear what New England has planned at QB”. In reality, it couldn’t be more clear. They plan on Jarrett Stidham assuming the role. Just because writers don’t like this answer, they have the compulsion to say the Pats’ plan is “unclear”.

    • Ramon Garciaparra

      I agree completely. It is next man up. Stidham has shown he has talent. So patriots will coach him up and move on. In Belichik’s mind qb is just another position. They won with one guy. They can win with another guy. Give him a good game plan, good players around him and keep the mistakes to a minimum. Play good defense. Score more points than the other team. Do again and again.

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