Rams Rumors: Kupp, Goff, Gurley, Matthews

The latest on the Rams:

  • With one year left on his deal, wide receiver Cooper Kupp says he isn’t sweating the Rams for an extension. “There’s so much going on in the world right now,” Kupp said (Twitter link via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times). “It’s not really a priority at this time.” Cupp, 27 in June, managed 94 catches, 1,161 yards, and ten touchdowns last year – all career highs.
  • If the Rams need additional cap room, Jared Goff is open to a restructuring of his deal. “I don’t see why not,” said the quarterback, who added that it’s a matter to be discussed between his agent and Rams COO Kevin Demoff (Twitter link via Omar Ruiz of NFL.com). Thanks to the four-year, $134MM extension he signed last fall, Goff is under contract with L.A. through 2024.
  • After parting ways with the Rams, running back Todd Gurley and linebacker Clay Matthews said that the team was late on money they were still owed. In an interview on the NFL Network, GM Les Snead said that they will, in fact, get their bonus checks. However, the Rams disagree with Gurley and Matthews on the language of the contracts – the Rams believe that they’re not due to pay for some time. The Rams, in theory, could wait until other clubs pick up part of the tab via offset language.
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22 comments on “Rams Rumors: Kupp, Goff, Gurley, Matthews

  1. sportznut1000

    Sheesh, gurley is just making everything public. Its good for us as fans of the game, but it seems to me like he is taking to twitter to air some things typically kept in house. First he throws hangs prime time out to dry by posting deion wasnt happy about him wearing his number and now this posting about guaranteed money coming his way.

    • ahale224

      The prime thing was weird. But if you’re wondering if a season will get canceled, if you’ll get paid in full this year, why not let a bad public look for the Rams put pressure on them?

  2. Yep it is

    All crybabies. Making more in a year than most in a lifetime. This side of it makes me sick. A bunch of Prima Donnas

    • Afk711

      Clay Matthews was due 2 million this year. Plenty of people will see more than that in their lifetime. Quit following sports if you hate it so much.

      • cka2nd

        And the average person would have to work 40 years or more to see that much.

        Mind, I don’t begrudge the players their money as I’ve been a union man my entire adult life, and I’ll always side with the millionaire athletes against the multi-millionaire or billionaire owners, who aren’t putting their bodies and minds on the line for our entertainment.

        But I wouldn’t overstate how common it is for folks to see two million bucks in their lifetime; there’s a reason pension plans, those that are left, anyway, are based on the three highest-paid years of your tenure with that employer and not your average salary there.

    • ahale224

      Why does how much they make even matter here? If your employer owed you money, be it $500 or $5000 you wouldn’t say anything? Get real.

      • cka2nd

        Unfortunately, with NDA’s and mandatory arbitration, not to mention the threat of lawsuits and the ongoing and billion-dollar war against unions, it might be pushing it for a lot of people to say something if their employer owed them money.

    • phils phanatic

      yea because it’s not like he’s putting his body and long term health on the line for them or anything. I mean, it’s not like the team signed a contract and said they were gonna pay him that money or anything like right?

      • cka2nd

        Don’t you realize that most on-line fans only complain when a player wants to change their contract, but are perfectly fine when a team wants to tear it up? A “deal’s a deal” only for the player, not the team, to most web commentators. Repeat after me: When a player wants to “renegotiate” a contract, that’s bad, but when a team wants to “restructure” a contract, that’s good.

        I blame fantasy football giving millions of fans the experience of being a general manager, and the fans then confusing fantasy with reality.

    • king beas

      Not possible can’t pay 6 positions top money unless they want to have those 6 guys and no depth anywhere else

      • Afk711

        Kupp and JJ wont get top money and the Rams are already commited to a top heavy roster.

        • I give no fox

          Depends on what you mean by “top money”, but kupp is gonna get paid big time. If cooper can get 20/yr, I don’t see why kupp can’t net something similar

          • cka2nd

            Four thousand-yard seasons and four Pro Bowls vs. one and none says Kupp doesn’t get close to $20 mil/year. I’d say something in the $14-$16 mil/year range is more likely.

            • bravesfan88

              Yes, plus Cooper basically had Dallas and the Jones’ by the nads..

              Knowing that Dallas had already given up a 1st Rounder for him, there was no way they were letting him walk. That said, Amari had all the leverage in the world.

              Not only does Kupp not have the same production, but he doesn’t have near the same leverage as Amari..

              While in theory, we all know Cupp is capable of putting up similar stats as Amari, he just is not going to get the same money.

              • Lancaster82

                Cooper left money on the table to stay in Dallas. Washington offered him 2 mil more annually than Dallas did.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    I guess the Rams figure that stiffing players on bonuses owed is a great way to attract free agents in the future.

    • phils phanatic

      absolutely! apparently they decided it wasnt a bad enough look that they cut Gurley that soon in a long term deal, they had to move all in

    • bravesfan88

      They will likely just continue trading for top talent anyways..

      They better nail their next couple of drafts with the picks they do have though; otherwise, they could get stuck in that 7-9-9-7 limbo for the rest of their contention window..

      It is great to have top tier talents at a few key positions, but depth is primarily what helps drive championship contending teams. Look no further than the last super bowl with the Chiefs and the 49ers, both teams have a few top tier guys at premium positions, but they also were both extremely deep teams able to weather countless injuries to key players..

      This is going to be a big year for McVay, but I’m not so sure he is that great of a coach to get this Rams roster past the 1st round of the playoffs, if even that far.

      McVay is an extremely bright coach, but the Rams are already lacking some quality depth without a ton of resources to collect more..

      I do like their signings of DT A’Shawn Robinson and especially the versatile LB Leonard Floyd, who should add alot to their LB group, but they’re still thin in their secondary and at LB as well. Their O-Line is also a question mark, and without a successful running game it has shown to hinder their offense.

      The Rans are a fringe playoff contender for now, but due to their lack of depth, they just cannot afford to rack up any injuries..They obviously dont have their 1st round pick, but they’ll still have the opportunity to get at least two more starters, and three more quality depth pieces with their five picks in the first 4 rounds. It is just imperative that McVay hits on these picks, but with the sheer amount of depth and talent available in this draft, he should be able to find 5 very solid players.

      They are as borderline a playoff team as it gets, so these picks could end up being what gets them into the dance or not..

      • Chubbies

        Bears fan here….the versatile Leonard floyd?!?! Now thats a joke if I ever heard one. He’s an OLB sure but he can’t put his hand on the ground and he doesn’t make tackles. He shows up late and jumps on piles. Terrible pick by the bears. Rams fans will not be pleased with him.

  4. phils phanatic

    gotta wonder if goff has a similar or worse season if they’d eat his contract too. it’s crazy how quick that team went from SB to “o wow that team’s gonna be rough for awhile”

    • bravesfan88

      If they can draft an impact LB and a feature RB with their their first two selections in the 2nd Round, I think that could go a long way towards helping the Rams.

      Regardless though, they still need more IOL help, DL/LB edge help, secondary depth, and another weapon in the passing game either at TE/WR..

      This draft could play a significant role in how the Rans might fair this season, but the Rams have to hit on their next couple drafts if they want to remain competitive..With the 49ers, Seahawks, and even the up amd coming Cardinals it is always a tough fight in the West, but now especially..

      McVay is definitely going to be put to the test this season, but we will just have to wait and find out if he can help guide this team towards the playoffs. All I have to say for Rams fans though is good luck, because the 49ers are here to stay, Wilson and Carroll always have the Seahawks somehow competitive, and then the Cardinals are definitely hungry and ready to take yet another step forward..Just the options on the Cardinals roster at WR is scary impressive.. They might not truly compete yet, but they are going to be a fiery, tough opponent each and every week..

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