Ron Rivera: Redskins Wanted Amari Cooper

The Redskins didn’t pry Amari Cooper away from their divisional rivals this offseason, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. In a virtual presser on Tuesday, head coach Ron Rivera made it known that he was aggressive in his pursuit of the Cowboys star.

Amari was somebody we chased hard all the way until the end,” Rivera said (Twitter link via The Team 980). “We would’ve loved to have him a part of what we’re trying to do here. He would’ve been a great veteran presence.

The Redskins made their pitch to Cooper before he re-signed with the Cowboys on a five-year, $100MM extension. Had they landed him, Cooper would have made an immediate impact – the Redskins’ current group has a serious drop-off after rising sophomore Terry McLaurin. After they said farewell to Paul Richardson and lost tight ends Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis, there’s a clear need for pass-catchers in D.C.

Ultimately, the Redskins could not compete with the Cowboys in this battle, due in large part to taxes. In Texas, Cooper doesn’t have to pay any state income tax, and those percentage points make a huge difference when it comes to a nine-figure contract.

Last year, Cooper set career-highs in receiving yards (1,189) and TDs (eight), his first full season in Dallas. That performance landed him his fourth career Pro Bowl nod.

The former first-round pick won’t turn 26 until June, so his very best football should still be ahead of him. The Cowboys certainly hope that’s the case – his five-year deal takes him through 2024 and includes $60MM in guaranteed cash.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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29 comments on “Ron Rivera: Redskins Wanted Amari Cooper

  1. crosseyedlemon

    I guess the obvious question is why aren’t team salary caps adjusted for state taxation rates?

    • lone_star

      That’s opening pandoras box. Why not adjust for the cost of living like housing then? Or the team’s wins and losses from the prior year?

      Honestly it’s up to the state itself to manage their finances well enough to offer incentives like no state income tax. Take a look at growth rates in states like Texas, Florida, etc. and then look at how many companies and people have left states like NJ. Sports teams are not immune either.

      • JoeBrady

        Take a look at growth rates in states like Texas, Florida, etc.
        That’s an issue that drops down to the city level as well. The difference between Yonkers, and Mt. Vernon, right next door, is that Yonkers goes out of its way to attract businesses. It’s why the Yonkers P-tax is so much lower than Mt. Vernon.

    • justinkm19

      Or how beautiful a city is and what city will make them the most in endorsements. Why so many go to LA and NY

  2. Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

    What good is a WR without a QB to get him the ball? The Deadskins need to clean house from the top down, WR is the least of their problems. Enjoy those checks Rivera.

    • Johhos

      Rivera already working on cleaning house. Haskins got the ball to McLaurin fine last year . Best worry about your own QB becoming fertilizer with Chase Young & Co.

      • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

        He can’t clean out the guy that owns the team. He’s the biggest problem in DC.

        • Hahaha i hope its not a cowboys fan saying this. Looks like it is with the JJ reference.

    • justinkm19

      Dak haters are funny. Same ones hated Romo. Dak has one of the highest QB ratings since he entered the league and highest win%

      • which hasn’t amounted to anything. I’m huge Romo fan not so much for dak. we should have let him go. hopefully we don’t sign him to long deal. franchise this year, draft qb this year and let dak walk next year after he has another sub par year. he isn’t worth the money he wants.

    • JoeBrady

      Silly assumption, imo, that Haskins cannot get them the ball. Haskins started off with 4 weak starts, with a 70.4 rating, and ended with 3 good games with a 109.5 rating.

      It is also good to keep in mind that the Skins are not particularly good.

  3. All American Johnsonville Dogs

    Eh. Draft is deep at receiver.

    You take chase young at #2 overall

    In the 3rd round
    Collin Johnson 6′ 5″ out of Texas
    Tyler Johnson 6′ 2″ out of Minnesota
    Michael Pittman Jr 6’3″ out of USC
    Stephen Guirdy 6’4″ out of Mississippi State

    Or you go with a slot guy like
    KJ Hamlet out of Penn State or Lynn Bowden out of Kentucky.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Cowboys shouldn’t have given Cooper 20mil.
    Should’ve given Robby Anderson 10/12mil, and given the extra 8 to pay Dak.
    Have Anderson Gallup Dez Bryant and draft in someone

    • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

      I like the way you think but Jerrah couldn’t trade a 1st for Cooper, let him walk after a year + and start spending draft capital at the WR position…. again. They were committed to resigning Cooper the day they traded for him. Overpay be damned.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Jerry has made so many mistakes in terms of dealing with Dak. As a fourth round pick rookie that had to start the season cause of the Romo injury he has exceeded expectations ever since he entered the league.
      2016 his rookie year, he lead the team to a 13-3 record, He earned a pro bowl nod and also was named offensive ROTY over Zeke, Micheal Thomas and Hunter Henry.
      2017 he missed the playoffs, 2018 he made the playoffs with 10-6 record and beat the Seahawks in the first round. He also made pro bowl again this year. At this time the Cowboys should’ve shown him some love and paid him 30mil.
      Pay him early and show him some love. He’s a fourth round pick that in 3 years went to the playoffs twice, has a playoff win, has 2 pro bowls and was offensive ROTY. At this point he had a 32-16 record and had thrown 67 TDs for 25 INTs.

      Now he’s tagged and wants an extension near 35mil. The team decided to reset the RB market and give Zeke a huge deal and decided to pay Cooper 20 mil for 25 games and 14 TDs over 1.5 seasons which is nice but Dak deserved his pay more.

      • dak was only good when Tony told him when and who to throw too. mediocre since rookie year.

        • Simmons>Russ

          What about 2018, he made pro bowl, when to the playoffs and won against the Seahawks

    • lone_star

      Yeah everyone pretty much a solid WR but that he’s an overpay. But how many times is cooper going to cause a scene on the sideline or drive 105 in a 45 mph zone? Those dudes have issues that cooper does not

  5. crosseyedlemon

    I like Riverboat Ron but what would make him think Cooper would choose to leave the top offense in the league to join the team that was dead last in time of possession?

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