Vikings Trade 25th Pick To 49ers

The pace of trades is starting to pick up as the first-round draws to a close. The Vikings are trading the 25th pick to the 49ers, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network tweets.

The Vikes will get the 31st, 117th, and 176th picks from San Francisco in return, according to Ben Goessling of the Star Tribune (Twitter link). The 49ers made the move to ensure they got the receiver they wanted, as they drafted Brandon Aiyuk from Arizona State with the 25th pick. This was the Vikings’ second pick of the first-round, after they took LSU receiver Justin Jefferson at 22.

It’s interesting that the 49ers opted to trade up, considering all the talk surrounding them has been they were looking to move down. San Fran made the draft’s first trade when they swapped the 13th pick for the 14th and 117th picks with the Bucs. They didn’t have any second, third, or fourth-rounders before that deal, and they are without a pick in those middle rounds once again after giving 117 right back up.

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8 comments on “Vikings Trade 25th Pick To 49ers

  1. phillyballers

    Thought Aiyuk’s injury would push him to Day 2. Bit of a reach. But lot of WRs going.

  2. rycm131

    Hate the 49ers draft. I can’t beleive they threw a perfect game. For months I looked at mock drafts. Very few, but a few had them taking Kinlaw. I was like man I hope they don’t take that guy, they need a WR and there’s so many good ones at 13. In fact there’s so many good WR’s period, as long as they don’t take that Aiyuk kid who is going to suck I’m fine with whoever they take. Once again the 9ers stuck it to me.

    Also I live in Glendale, 20 min. From ASU, I hadn’t heard of Aiyuk until a few weeks ago.

    • sportznut1000

      Normally, i might grab my pitchfork with you and start getting angry over picks but when you say “once again niners stuck it to me” what are you referring too? You must be thinking of picks baalke made because John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have crushed the last couple drafts. Their first year was 2017: yes they took solomon thomas and ruben foster but thats the same year he fleeced the bears gm and got the extra pick so the solomon thomas pick only happened because of that trade. Also its the same draft class they took Dj Jones, ahkello witherspoon, trent taylor and cj beathard (all who are still on team) and of course all pro George Kittle. Im a big believer if you draft at least 1 future all pro, then your draft that year was a huge success no matter what round it was and how well the other picks panned out. So 2017 was a success.
      Now 2018: still a little too early but so far the only pick that might be a bust is dante pettis. Mcglinchey – solid. Fred warner – pro bowler
      2019 – bosa and deebo top 2, i mean who is arguing those picks in their 1st year? Yes, i would have liked jerry jeudy at 14th also, but keep in mind most wrs have a learning curve they need a couple years to get around and the niners are in a win now sort of mode. Also, whoever they drafted at WR was going to be 3rd in line for targets behind kittle and deebo on a team thats primarily run first. So id argue Cb, is a bigger position of need and maybe a possible replacement for Joe Staley, more so than WR and they probably took a DL to keep their front line stout and take the presssure off their linebackers and Secondary which might be their teams biggest weakness

      • rycm131

        No over all. Not Lynch. Go back the last 25 yrs and look at their first round picks. I’m just referring to the first round

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