Weak Offers For Jaguars’ Leonard Fournette

The Jaguars haven’t found any viable deals for Leonard Fournette, Adam Schefter of ESPN.com tweets. Schefter hears they’ve actually been shopping the running back for over a month, which indicates that he’s not in their plans for this year. Ultimately, they may have to settle for less than they anticipated if they really want to move on from him.

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Fournette clashed with Tom Coughlin and struggled to stay healthy in his early seasons, but he turned in a solid 2019. The former No. 4 overall pick ran for a career-high 1,152 rushing yards with an average of 4.3 yards per carry, a big step up from his 3.3 average in an injury-shortened 2018. Still, the Jaguars aren’t sold on him.

The LSU product is set to earn $4MM+ in 2020 with a fifth-year option for 2021, priced at more than $10MM. The Jaguars have until early May to exercise that option and, clearly, they don’t think Fournette is worth the gamble. Meanwhile, Fournette has been less than thrilled with the Jaguars’ overhaul this offseason.

Calais Campbell, they got rid of my dawg,″ Fournette said on social media after the veteran defensive end was shipped to the Ravens (via John Reid of the Florida Times-Union) . “I’m hurt, first those are my dawgs. ‘Don King’ Jalen Ramsey. And my dawg, Yan [Yannick Ngakoue]. Come on now…They’re just killing me right now. I’m just so hurt, it feels like my girl has broken up with me. She left to go with somebody else.″

Teams like the Buccaneers, Dolphins, Lions, Colts, and Bills would make varying degrees of sense for Fournette, but it’s not clear if they’ve been in contact with the Jags. Whichever clubs have expressed interest in Fournette, apparently, aren’t offering a whole lot.

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24 comments on “Weak Offers For Jaguars’ Leonard Fournette

  1. afsooner02

    Huge Injury risk and doesn’t seem to understand the nfl is a business not a friends club.

    I just don’t see why the jags aren’t getting any decent offers….

    • TJECK109

      They probably are getting good offers, unfortunately they aren’t being offered Hopkins for their RB they don’t want any more

    • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

      I think that he does understand it’s not a friend club. But he also understands the importance of a friendly and happy locker room, which includes having people you enjoy being around aka, friends.

    • hOsEbEeLiOn

      I’m pretty sure he understands it’s a business but isn’t happy he’s having to play on a rebuilding team.

      Trading his friends puts them squarely in rebuild mode.

    • jkoms57

      Hes most valuable to them.

      Most teams with a need at RB should look to draft for someone younger and controlled for cheap for 4 years.

      At max a team would maybe offer a 4th , but more like 5th so just keep him for a year.

  2. jawinks

    Would not offer much to the Lions. We already have Kerryon and management seems to prefer a quiet lockeroom.

    • deal1122

      I wouldn’t mind him if the price was right, but I wouldn’t want that 5th year option for over 10 mil. Rather use a pick on a RB instead

    • phils phanatic

      salary cap is an issue there and to have that much money tied up in the running back position when there’s other areas of need is silly. even with Conner’s injury the backfield held down the fort pretty well last year

  3. wagner13

    This isn’t too surprising. Running back simply isn’t a priority in today’s NFL. About half the league takes a rotational approach and halfbacks have one of the shortest career lifespans. Jacksonville lost leverage when Fournette essentially placed himself on the trade block and he has just two years left on his contract. Most teams in need of an upgrade would best be served drafting someone like Swift or Dobbins and riding out a favorable rookie deal

  4. phillyballers

    1) Not Durable. 2) Near end of rookie contract and 5th yr option is 10M Cap hit. 3) Causes media issues year-after-year. 4) 4.3 Y/A was 28th in 2019 among RBs with >100 carries. 5) Teams can just draft a dude or sign one of the dozen legitimate stopgap FA options available.

  5. mcmillankmm

    Tough spot for Jacksonville now that it’s known they want to deal him and are having issues obtaining a suitable trade. Keeping him probably gives them the best chance to win on the field, off the field is where things could get difficult.

  6. GiantsX3

    How immature is this dude? He doesn’t sound like someone with a college education.

    • DTD_ATL

      Not when they’re going to lose him for nothing when they don’t pick up his 5th yr, especially considering that they’re in rebuild mode…again

  7. nentwigs

    Keep him for 2020.
    Decline the 5th year option.
    Position team to get a Comp Pick when he walks.
    Plan on flipping him in 2020 when another team loses a RB to injury.

    • Or offer him an extension instead of the 5th year option, at $20 million for four years with $10 million guaranteed. The way the RB market is going that might look good to Fournette. Otherwise pick up the comp pick as you say.

  8. Simmons>Russ

    Leonard Fournette and Yannick Ngakore to the Dolphins for this years #26 and a fourth round pick.

    Dolphins have the cap space to take on both contracts. They also have a need at RB and could do with at upgrade at DE.
    Fournette would share their RB duties with Jordan Howard, and both would be good options for Tua.
    Yannick would start at DE opposite Christian Wilkins their first round pick from last year, making the D Line nice and strong.

    • Marner#16


      Enough with your Dolphins nonsense . A) both players are headaches. Ones injury prone what’s next drafting that gimp Tua .
      Dude you really need to start some new show on Netflix dude.

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