Browns Still Interested In Jadeveon Clowney

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Following reports from yesterday that Jadeveon Clowney turned down an offer from the Browns, Mary Kay Cabot of reports that the Browns are still interested in the free agent pass rusher.

We learned last night that Clowney had rejected Cleveland’s contract, even though it was the most lucrative deal he’s been offered. Cabot notes that the 27-year-old is still “weighing his options.”

Clowney’s contract demands have dropped throughout the offseason. While the former first-overall pick was previously seeking a deal that’d pay him $20MM per year, those demands have been reduced to the $17MM to $18MM range. It’s uncertain how much money Cleveland offered the defensive end.

While Cleveland could certainly use some talent, they’re not in desperate need for a pass rusher. After all, they have former first-overall pick Myles Garrett as well as former Pro Bowler Olivier Vernon. Still, as Cabot points out, Browns general manager Andrew Berry isn’t afraid of making a big splash.

“We’re actively always looking, whether it’s draft, free agency, trades, waiver wire, you name it, to add players to our roster,” Berry previously said. “Obviously Jadeveon, he’s a good football player. But for us, it really goes back to something I mentioned maybe a few months ago. Rest assured, across all opportunities to acquire players, we’re going to be aggressive in adding talent to the roster.”

The Titans have been mentioned as a potential suitor for Clowney, and there’s still a chance he returns to the Seahawks. Earlier this offseason, Clowney reportedly expressed interest in joining the Giants or Jets. Neither New York team, despite apparent edge defender needs, has strongly reciprocated such interest.

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11 comments on “Browns Still Interested In Jadeveon Clowney

  1. mcmillankmm

    Has anything been released in regards to the terms of the deal he turned down?

    • My guess is that it was a 4 year deal, front loaded, first two years essentially guaranteed. 4 years $70million. First two years at a $17MM AAV. They will need to extend a lot of players in a couple years. They don’t need to hitch their wagon to a player like Clowney when you have Myles Garrett and Denzel Ward to be cornerstones of the defense for the next decade.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    “Rest assured, across all opportunities to acquire players, we’re going to be aggressive in adding talent to the roster.”

    So basically the Browns will be taking hostages and beating them with helmets until they agree to sign a contract.

  3. seth3120

    What/who is this guy waiting for. Few teams go this far into the offseason without using the majority of their cap space. That’s why there’s such a bonanza of signings as soon as free agency opens. If you wait there is nobody desirable left. If you don’t think you can come to terms with a certain player you move on quickly and allocate money elsewhere to improve your roster. To give Clowney anything worthwhile most teams would have to make cuts and take on dead money. The Browns may be historically bad but they have a talented roster and a new coach. Add Clowney and they at least have a chance. When the Seahawks want you they are very vocal. Going into the offseason they were vocal about wanting him back but now have thrown cold water on that. But I will say for those saying he only had a few sacks DE aren’t judged merely on sacks these days. It’s more of a broader analysis of disruption. Sacks for loss are great but pressure leads to incompletions and turnovers.

    • that would be correct seth but if you look at his metrics. Pretty much everything is down. To ask for top tier money for a down season usually not going to happen. I would say 13 or 14 or is realistic goal at this point of offseason where at the begining he may have gotten 15 or 16.

      • Ak185

        Ehhh they’re down but still good. It’s a major reason that he hasn’t been signed, but in an indirect way-last year his play was haphazard because he was injured (a common occurrence unfortunately for him), and no team was able to give him a physical or workout with their in house staff. At this point they be able to soon, but as seth pointed out, it’s so late in free agency that most teams would have to move things around to bring him on. That’s why, other than Cleveland, we hear about teams “interested” but none extending solid offers.

        Clowney was probably wanting one last big contract before turning 30, but it’s looking more likely that he’ll have to try again next year after a one year deal-if this stretches another month, it’ll probably be with Seattle. The only thing that will change this holding pattern is if one of his suitors can bring him in for a physical-by rejecting the Browns, he appears to have some specific team(s) in mind, do he’ll probably go for a workout to try and impress them.

        Clowney possibly could have secured that deal in an offseason where he could have traveled and worked out and allayed the fears following his surgery, but not at this point in the offseason.

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