Cam Newton Open To Being Backup?

After Jameis Winston and Andy Dalton signed to be backup quarterbacks in high-profile situations, Cam Newton may now be open to taking this route.

Not previously believed to be considering backup jobs, the former MVP would now consider accepting one in the right situation, according to’s Ian Rapoport (video link).

Newton obviously would prefer to catch on somewhere as a starter, but with the nine-year Panther veteran perhaps needing to wait until training camp for that to happen — in the event of an injury — he may be forced to take a QB2 gig if he wants to sign somewhere soon. A month ago, teams were interested. But with no clear-cut starter jobs available, and with rookie QBs now landing with teams, finding interested parties becomes trickier.

The No. 1 overall pick in 2011, Newton started in Week 1 of his rookie season and saw only injuries interfere with his status as Carolina’s top quarterback. But with the Panthers releasing him after free agency began, and with teams being unable to host players on visits due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the soon-to-be 31-year-old passer wound up in a tough spot. Teams have wanted to examine the shoulder Newton injured in 2018 and the foot on which he underwent surgery on last year.

The three-time Pro Bowler has largely struggled since his 2015 MVP season, ranking 30th in Total QBR since 2016 and being unable to stay healthy for most of that span. But he remains a high-end talent, when healthy, and would certainly be an intriguing backup for many teams. This would likely be a one-year arrangement. Newton agreeing to a one-year deal would put him in position to have a better market in 2021 — in what could be a more normal offseason.

Winston signed for one year with a $1.1MM base salary with the Saints — a massive pay cut from his 2019 fifth-year option price — and Dalton agreed to a $3MM base with the Cowboys. Newton was scheduled to earn an $18.6MM base salary in the final year of his Panthers deal. Even as that contract was outdated based on where the QB market has gone, Newton may now be looking at a salary closer to Dalton’s than anything on the level of his previous deal.

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28 comments on “Cam Newton Open To Being Backup?

  1. Ironman_4life

    There’s a difference in being open to being a back up and being forced to be a back up because nobody else signed you to be a starter

    • jkoms57

      Dalton was on the market for about 5 seconds because he immediately chose the best offer and situation that was available to him.

      …Newton still waiting for a 5 year deal with a guaranteed starting role and an offensive scheme built around his style.

  2. DarkSide830

    if he wants to play this year than he better be. unless he wants to play in the CFL that is.

  3. stmay

    Its hard knowing that you were once an MVP, but now due to injuries you have to bite the bullet in order to keep relevant!

  4. chieflove42

    bad year to be a player with health questions because no one can have their doctors check you out. its like buying a used car and having to trust the dealership mechanic that its running properly.

  5. Afk711

    Well he better be open to it since there is no starting job up for grabs right now.

  6. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    “Can I see the medicals on your starting quarterback before I sign with you?”
    – Cam Newton

  7. TJECK109

    I’m a little surprised ARI hasn’t tried to grab him. It’s got potential for a starting job. With the tools the Cards added this off season they are putting it all on Murray’s shoulders, should he stumble you have Newton there to step in.

    • mrshyguy99

      it could be either cam might not fit what AZ one knows how healthy he will be and who know how much he looking for. cards are in a rebuild mode and they didnt get kyle to back away from him for someone like cam

    • cant_teach_speed

      Did you miss the whole thing about Murray and Kingsbury being sweethearts since high school? Til death do they part

      • TJECK109

        They still can be, but never hurts to have a veteran backup if you’ve added players to help you push for the playoffs

        • NYMETSHEA

          When you seek a backup, you want a healthy backup that will not cause issues with the QB of the future. Someone that has clean bill of health without recent significant injuries. Not someone who will cause issues with current QB directly or indirectly (media).
          QB, such as Cam, will seek money for a one year contract. One year to show health and increased production. Something that you can’t do while holding clipboard. Issues will happen with his role.
          Speaking of money. Cardinals have little over $7 million and they haven’t signed their draft picks nor many undrafted. How will they fit Cam’s salary (even at $1)?

  8. Hannibal8us

    He should just wait to see if there’s injuries in training camp… Assuming there is a training camp.

  9. Chargers drafted a quarterback at 6, but with the talent around him couldn’t they use an insurance policy like newton? Chargers are in win now mode not just allow a quarterback to develop no matter what mode

    • mrshyguy99

      how are the chargers in a win now mode? did they fix the oline? did they upgrade the WRs. will the rbs produce. too many questions to say they are in a win now mode. plus they dont even know what they will get out of thier QBs

      • phils phanatic

        the chargers definitely have a roster that could win now. the o line was a problem last year but it definitely was not helped by one of the least mobile quarterbacks in the league who also has historically had a problem with holding the ball too long. the receivers are solid(allen is one of the best in the league,easily top 15-20)although they dealt with nagging injuries last year. ekeler showed enough out the backfield last year that he could be a solid option although he struggled in short yardage and goal to go situations.on top of that the division isn’t strong with the chiefs the only sure fire contender and the rest looking like .500 teams

      • cant_teach_speed

        Chargers defense is legit. They are the only spot. But Tyrod is a better fit with no off season and they have Herbert to give a shot to

  10. If he doesn’t need the money he should walk away and move on to the next chapter. Nothing sadder than trying to overextend a carreer that is essentially over.

  11. mrshyguy99

    it not that he open to it . it that he has to listen to the market. the market says there very few if any chances he will start. so he need to have a prove it year as a back up. prove he healthy and prove he can play .

    • crosseyedlemon

      The Redskins are more than a veteran QB away from being contenders so Ron will stick with Haskins who could actually be above average if he ever gets to play behind a capable OL. Standing behind the Redskins OL would be the last choice for a QB like Newton who has serious health issues.

  12. Wow…I knew that Newton has had a pretty rough couple of years, but I didn’t realize he’s been THAT bad. 30th in QBR since 2016 does not seem like “starter material” at all

  13. Simmons>Russ

    Think Mewton is only doing this cause the good opportunities with the Saints and Cowboys are now taken.
    Those two spots were the best by the looks of it for bouncing back and becoming a starter again.
    Winston looks like he can be the next starter after Drew Brees likely retires next year and Dalton has got himself a great spot behind Dak who is having issues in contract negotiations and he could possibly take over there.

    Cam had always said he wants to be a starter, almost demanding it like he’s entitled to that role. But as he has now found out he isn’t going to get that and he will have to probably be a teams second choice.
    He would be a good fit for the Steelers, behind an aging and injured Big Ben. He could be a back up for either of the New York teams but that would probably mean not starting for a while

  14. davidkaner

    Cam cost himself money and possibly a great place to play by being dumb. He’s coming off injuries and should be a back up this year. He should have pursued Detroit before they signed Case Daniels to a 3 year deal. Stafford has had back injuries twice in two years so that would have been a great place to go and possibly push Stafford in 2021. Daniels got a nice contract too.

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