Cam Newton Willing To Wait

Cam Newton is willing to wait until after the draft, if necessary, to find the right deal,’s Jeremy Fowler (via Twitter) hears. Newton has been on the market for a little over two weeks and, so far, it sounds like that feeling is mutual. Tons of teams are believed to have interest in the former MVP, but no one is in a rush to sign him at this moment. 

[POLL: Where Will Cam Newton Sign?]

The Panthers shopped Newton before officially cutting him on March 24th, and they even announced it publicly to further spread the word (and, possibly, mitigate some PR damage with fans). Of course, once the Panthers signed Teddy Bridgewater to a lucrative free agent deal, they had no real leverage in the matter.

The Chargers are one possible destination for Newton. Head coach Anthony Lynn says that even though Tyrod Taylor is the starter “for now,” he’ll be open to all options under center. That surely will include Newton, who was one of the best QBs in the NFL before he was beset by injuries.

In a recent PFR poll, nearly 34% of readers picked the Chargers as Newton’s most likely destination. The Patriots – who have some mighty big shoes to fill under center – placed second with ~26% of the vote.

Newton, 30, is looking to prove himself all over again following Lisfanc surgery in November. The current restrictions on medical exams could leave him waiting longer than he wants to – teams will want to get a close look at his foot, shoulder, and every other injured body part before making a serious commitment to him.

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48 comments on “Cam Newton Willing To Wait

  1. jaytai7918

    Of course he will wait, nobody wants to deal with his attitude. Someone will get hurt and he will (scam) that team too.

        • phillyballers

          Hes been passive aggressive and pouty since the SB loss. Like old timers I’d work with would say “who pissed in your cheerios today sunshine” That’s the vibe he gives off. I don’t think that is a race issue.

        • carlos15

          Don’t listen to Monty he’s a moron who has to say stupid things like that to feel cool

      • jaytai7918

        We get it, you’re the only one not smart enough to understand. My GF is black so your comment is ignorant. Follow his career and his father moron.

        • Enstyle

          You idiot!! His career has been great! From a junior college to Auburn(champs)!! to the NFL-NFC Champs and Superbowl. MVP Award-voted by his Peers. Only thing missing is White privilege!!

      • Marner#16


        Jay comment has nothing to do with being racist . Means your over sensitivite the guy or women Made a comment and your jumping to the conclusion.

      • emt126

        Ignorant statement. You like like the racist because someone questions someone’s attitude and dedication you pull the race card. Is this Nancy Pelosi?

    • mcmillankmm

      Yeah, he was only MVP and took a team to the Super Bowl…that’s really scamming a team

      • jkoms57

        Haha true.

        While hes DOA at this point in his career, he gave Carolina some really good years.

  2. Yep it is

    Easy to wait when you aren’t wanted. Maybe he can spend his time looking for another outfit to look ridiculous in.

    • Enstyle

      NFL owned and operated by whites!! QB Ben R. accused twice of sexual assault by two different women and still in the league on top of being washed up and injury prone! Now that’s white privilege. I am done with this white organization!!

  3. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    I mean, I suppose the fact that nobody has offered him a contract could contribute some to his willingness to wait…

    • ioh2710

      I don’t think you understand anything. It’s okay though, go pick up a book. I’m happy to help you out haha.

  4. sportsfan101

    Newton and Winston should truly take a low key one year deal with the pats if anyone can get them a payday it’s B.B. look how many players he’s gotten big pay days for who were busts for other teams. Sadly they want money now n are prolly willing to go to far worse teams n never see another playoff game vs lead the pats to the playoffs without brady put up big numbers. I expect Harry to bust out this year plus Jules is Jules. Odds are they draft a TE bc well they can’t not. I just see it as a win win to make the playoffs and get that contract they want next year.

  5. DarkSide830

    its really amazing how the go-to criticism on this site is a guy’s attitude. funny thing is guys with “attitude issues” seem to succeed in the NFL all the time. yet somehow whenever a guy has any minor character flaw we immediately write them off as useless as players. restrictive mindset if ive ever seen one.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Good point. Al Davis built the Raiders into a great franchise by ignoring “attitude issues” and focusing on the talent those guys had.

  6. compassrose

    PLAYOFFS PLAYOFFS these two aren’t getting you to the PLAYOFFS. I was going to write something bad about as many nationalities as I could but then remembered I am a lazy white American so who cares?

  7. Simmons>Russ

    Interesting it says tons of teams are interested but want to wait till after the draft.
    I’m guessing it’s referring to the Raiders, Chargers and Dolphins.
    These are the only teams interested in winning without a very solid QB situation, other than the Pats who have no cap space.

    Cam has earned a lot of mo way over his career and has got a history behind him with some success so him sitting back and waiting for the right deal and right deal makes sense.

    Winston on the other hand is younger, hasn’t got a history of doing well and hasn’t had a big contract might be a little more desperate for a team to sign him. Meaning he’s willing to accept a back up role or a cheap deal in order to be playing again

    It’s been an interesting offseason already and there’s still and few twists to come

    • zdaley22

      Don’t let this distract anybody from the fact that Carol Baskins is guilty.

  8. badco44

    Dose of humble, should be in order. This is his wake up call. Super Bowl is way behind you, and it’s always about what you have done lately? That simple

  9. seattlesuperfan

    He should go to the chargers on a 2 year 20 mil with 5 mil signing bonus and 2.5 base pay with incentives to max it at 20 mil if he starts he has no problem hitting those incentives

  10. MileHighFan

    Two career threatening injuries in back-to-back years (rotator cuff and Lisfranc injury) is enough to make teams let this guy show something with someone else first, as otherwise he could put the final nail in a coach’s career.

    • Enstyle

      Because of always having a sorry ass offensive line! He had to scatter all the time! Screw the Panthers. That GM should be sued!

  11. annysway

    Best place for him is the Patriots. Belichick will reprogram his head and he will learn to be an equal on the team, nothing more, nothing less.

  12. Big Angry Baby

    PROLLY Bill Belichick could hep him grow up some … learn some humility

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