POLL: Where Will Cam Newton Sign?

The quarterback carousel has mostly come to a stop, and a few big names were left without starting gigs when the dust settled. The highest profile signal-caller on the open market is Cam Newton, and it’s going to be very interesting to see where he ends up signing.

Newton won an MVP and led the Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2015, but his past two campaigns have been derailed by injuries. Last year he was limited to only two games because of a foot injury. The year before that he started the season off hot, but fell apart down the stretch once he started having shoulder issues. Since teams are unable to host free agents on visits due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it might be harder for Newton to find a home for a while with teams’ doctors being unable to examine him in person.

The Chargers are the betting favorite at sportsbooks offering odds on where Newton will end up, and it’s not hard to see why. Los Angeles is arguably a quarterback away from being a legit Super Bowl contender, and on paper they might have the most talented defense in the league. Tyrod Taylor is currently slated as the team’s starter and while he has been solid at times in the past with Buffalo, he doesn’t have the upside that Newton does.

The Chargers own the sixth overall pick however, and they’ve been linked to drafting a passer in the first-round. We also heard a couple weeks ago that they were no longer looking to add a veteran after they whiffed on Tom Brady, although that was before Newton became a free agent.

The Jaguars are another option, as they’re currently rolling with second-year player Gardner Minshew at quarterback and not much else. Minshew showed flashes last year, but he was hardly consistent. The Redskins are another conceivable suitor as they could reunite Newton with his old coach Ron Rivera, although we heard before he was released that they weren’t expected to be interested.

The Dolphins don’t have a firmly entrenched starter right now, but they’re widely expected to draft a quarterback in the first-round. If they surprisingly decide to pass on one, Newton could make sense as an upgrade over Ryan Fitzpatrick. Then there’s the Patriots. New England has a lot of uncertainty at the position after Brady’s departure, and all they have right now is the unproven Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer. Newton being paired with Bill Belichick would certainly be interesting, to say the least.

So where will the former first overall pick be playing next year? Vote in the poll below (link for app users) and show your work in the comments!

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66 comments on “POLL: Where Will Cam Newton Sign?

    • Andrew Ortenberg

      True, although at this point Cam doesn’t have a ton of leverage financially…

    • Marner#16


      Your eagles won with Foles will never with Wentz. Who cares what you think keep stuffing your mouth with Phily chesse steak yuk

      • imindless

        @Marner#16 go support your local maple syrup dispensary and quit with the hate. When you get nhl commenters spewing hate on an nfl page you know it’s rough times.

        • Marner#16


          I’ll depense you like the 2018 Red Sox. Is that some lame sap attempt at a joke, back to the drawing board chump. You couldn’t hack a day hear your soft. I will spew whatever I want any where I want. A gimped Gibson has more grapefruits then you ever will!

          • imindless

            Marner#16 when was the last time maple leafs won anything? Lmao deluded leafs fan.

            • Marner#16


              That’s the best you got common really. I wasn’t even alive then but thanks. Lee hoping this is your year! Gonna be awesome when Betts walks not having played a game for you at this rate! If I hadn’t put that as my handle then you would have nothing to come at me with. Ya dumb yank!

      • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

        @Marner16 you are just jealous because you wish you were eating a Philly Cheesesteak right now, as do I!

        • Marner#16


          They keep replaying leafs games vs Sens you got beat on the regular! No actually never had one never will. We all know you enjoy tube steak!

      • Whoops, hit send too soon. Backup or Pats on a cheap deal, the move would be to go to Pats.

    • victorg

      i could have swore that the Pats were constantly under the Cap , that BB did not like like to hand out big pay days.

  1. Bino23

    I think he signs as a backup for 1 year. I could see PIT or SF… pats have no cap space, jags just got rid of a QB, MIA are going to draft a QB, Chargers are rebuilding so I don’t really see it

      • Bino23

        That’s all he would be. He wouldn’t be a backup for more than that. . . Either sign with a SB contending team as a backup(1year) or sign with a bad team and get beat up for 5/6 games until he’s hurt again

      • Marner#16


        Loved watching 49ers choke. Cant ever feel comfy with Jimmy G at Qb . I knew KC would come back Jimmy G is like Romo can’t hold on to the ball or Jessica!

    • Marner#16


      Your a moron sign with the Steelers. They wouldn’t accept that kind of me first a hole in that first class organization

      • Bino23

        Wow a moron… gzz

        You’ll find more franchises choose to take flyers on players bc they feel they have the locker room to handle it. They won with players like BELL and BROWN being divas (amx19 ) if they feel like Cam can back up Ben and fall in line then why not? It only one season if it ever happened… plus with your reasoning why would any team take him?

        Let him go to MIA and Jacksonville and get sacked 50 times and never win a game. Then you will see a toxic player.

        But again I’m a moron so what do I know? So many ppl keep bringing up the pats and they can’t afford him

      • burtgummer

        First class organization??
        A head coach who tried to trip opposing players and a rapist for a qb plus more
        Wow you’re about a 10 on the dumbshitometer

        • Marner#16


          Of course they are one of the best in the league. I admit that was a stupid thing to do. Don’t believe Ben was convicted. Where you there ? Have you talked to the women directly and have evidence to back that up. Only Ben and then women know what happened. Your speculating Leon what’s called hearsay. Everyone makes mistakes in life no ones perfect it’s how they grow from that. Clearly you have tons of growing left to do. Classic did you come up with that on recess?

          • burtgummer

            Yep he paid her because he’s innocent
            Sorry kiddo but facts suck don’t they

            • Marner#16


              Both parties reached a settlement. Why not go for the jugular if he was guilty then!

      • The Mistake of Giving Eugene Melnyk a Liver Transplant

        @Marner16, yeah they would not want Cam Newton who gives money to charity and signs autographs for kids. Not when they prioritize class and morals. Which is why they have a known rapist as their starting QB.

        • Marner#16


          Tons of players give money and sign autographs like common man really ! Like i said to burt don’t believe convicted / two peoples work is hearsay! How many rings do Cam have that’s right 1 Super Bowl appearance. Big Ben has 2 I’ll take Big Ben over Cam thinks he’s super man any day of the week. Bens a proven winner cam it’ll never happen.


    I say the Los Angeles Chargers but I will not be surprise if Cam lands on the Steelers the Colts the Patroits or the Dolphins

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Pats = No cap and can’t see him with BB
    Jags = rebuilding and just got rid of Foles
    Chargers = have Taylor and will draft Herbert
    Redksins = already paying Smith and Haskins

    Dolphins, will draft in Tua but they make the mist sense. Tua is coming off a big injury and may want more time to heal up in which they could play Fitzmagic .. but Cam for 15mil 1 year in a price it deal makes sense. It would result in more wins and Cams game style could be positives for a young Tua to learn from.
    Dolphins could trade Rosen to the Pats, and Fitzmagic to anyone get themselves back a pair of 5th/6th rounders and have Tua and Cam which looks nice.

    Rosen to the Pats for a 5th/6th rounder would be a great deal for the Pats too. Rosen could learn from BB and McDaniels and would be playing in the best system he’s ever had. Pats would either suck with him which is fine cause they will draft a QB next year or they discover his college form and he replaces Brady.

    Using a 6th on Rosen who was a top 10 pick, is only 23 and threw almost 4000 yards for 26:10 in college, Jordan Love threw less yards, less TDs and more INTs this year and he’s going to be a first rounder. Eason also wasn’t as good as Rosen in college and neither was Jake Fromm….

    • DarkSide830

      if he’s willing to take backup money id love it as an Eagles fan. anything else…no thanks.

      • Marner#16

        Dark ,

        Course you would cause we all know you need a backup with fragile Carson!

    • Marner#16


      He won’t be a steeler he will never be a steeler. He’s a douche!

  4. mgrap84

    I would think Chargers but also wouldn’t be surprised if he sits the year out to recover. More then likely he won’t sign till after the draft

    • frank858

      Broncos are going with Locke and his rookie contract, that’s why they’ve been spending on building around him. Cam Newton is far from making any sense.

      • frank858

        Not to mention Miller owns him and he’s hoping that he goes to the Chargers or Raiders.

  5. earmbrister

    Don’t you know?

    Newton is going to replace Prescott in Dallas. Lmao.

    No, I think it’s Winston that’s going to replace Dak.

    Dalton? Stafford?

    Someone needs to replace Dak Prescott. After all, he’s been in the league for four years and hasn’t won a SB. And considering the Cowboys invested a high draft pick on him, the fourth round is high right (?), he has worn out his welcome.

    Maybe after we get rid of Dak, we can get rid of Lawrence, Cooper, Zeke, and the OL. Get a whole bunch of draft picks. Redeem them for a SB.

  6. just my opinion

    I don’t get how the patriots are the leading vote……..cap space for instance would Cam Sign for nothing anywhere? Does he even fit into their scheme instantly? I guess many would say their coach would make it happen but I couldn’t see it at all but then again it’s just my opinion so god only knows plus who knows if this season even happens

  7. nentwigs

    For Cam, the best move may be to remain unsigned. In the mean time stay in shape and perhaps work out with a QB Guru. Then, after the season begins, (whenever it begins) answer the phone when a team calls because their QB went down to injury.

  8. crosseyedlemon

    Assuming Newton does overcome his injuries your still looking at a high maintenance player with a massive ego. I can’t imagine there are many owners or GMs that want to deal with that at around $25-30M per.

  9. bumpy93

    I can see him signing with Las Vegas Raiders. Then gruden trades Derek Carr to the Patriots. Newton and Marcus m. will battle for the starting QB role

    • Big Angry Baby

      WILL NOT HAPPEN … Jaguars have had enough with the DIVA’s and that is exactly what this guy is a Huge DIVA. He doesn’t even know what the word HUMBLE means … nor has he accomplished much since his one Super Bowl appearance. Contrary to what he thinks of himself, he ain’t Super Man.

  10. halofanatic

    If the Chargers were smart, they’d pay Cam on a one year deal. If he proves that he’s healthy, then re-sign him next off-season. They should be continuing to build through their draft. The Chargers have a top-five defense when healthy and it’s super low risk to sign Cam. Tyrod Taylor won’t take you any further than what Cam has shown the past two injury riddled years.

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