Andy Dalton Eyeing 2021 Starting Job

Andy Dalton signed to be Dak Prescott‘s backup with the Cowboys this season, but the nine-year Bengals starter does not plan to stay in Dallas beyond 2020. The 32-year-old passer viewed Dallas as an ideal landing spot for a temporary stay — one he hopes will help his value going into 2021 free agency.

I believe I’m a starter in this league, and I feel like I could bring a lot to the table,” Dalton said, via David Hellman of “I know I’m on a one-year deal. I understand the market’s going to be a little bit different next offseason. So for me, it’s just, I’m trying to set myself up and put myself in the best position for the second half of my career.”

As many as five teams are believed to have pursued Dalton, but he chose a Cowboys team with an entrenched starter — albeit one who is attached to a franchise tag. Prescott has not signed his tender, but Dalton does not expect to, challenge Dallas’ four-year starter.

Dak has played really well, and I knew the situation that I was coming into,” Dalton said. “… This is Year 10 for me — so I think with everything involved and the timing of being a free agent when I was, this is the best decision for me and for family knowing I get to join a great organization on a team that’s ready to win a lot of games.”

Prescott has never missed a game but did battle a shoulder ailment late last season. The Dalton deal protects the Cowboys, who saw Tony Romo go down at various points during his run as their starter.

In the highest-profile quarterback free agent class since free agency began in 1993, Dalton and Jameis Winston signed one-year deals. So did Philip Rivers. Tom Brady, Teddy Bridgewater and Kirk Cousins, however, agreed to multiyear contracts in March. That will help clear things up in 2021. The ’21 free agency class may be headlined by Dalton, Winston and Cam Newton — after his presumptive one-year deal. This would put that trio in a better position to attract interest as starters.

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19 comments on “Andy Dalton Eyeing 2021 Starting Job

  1. mlbnyyfan

    Where are the starting jobs available next year? Teams who are planning to pay big money on him they will need to see him and play. He’s definitely not playing in Dallas. I’m not a Dak fan but I know he’s durable and doesn’t miss any snaps. How can anyone pay big money to Andy when he’s going to sit on the bench all year.

    • I give no fox

      I don’t know if he is seeking big money. As a starter he wouldn’t break the bank because he is far from elite. However, there is potential for a half dozen or so starting gigs. He’s not gonna get a long term deal so bridge starter could also make sense. Chicago, Jacksonville, Indy depending on what rivers does, Oakland, denver depending on how lock performs, New England if stidham falls flat could be in need of a short term starter come next season

  2. JJB0811

    Jerry built a good line, RB and WR’s corp, all he needs is an efficient QB. Dak has made his point; he believes he’s HoF QB & deserves to be paid so. Jerry disagrees.

    Dak is about to get cut. He should have taken the offer.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Your one of the smarter fans on here JJ but there’s about as much chance of Dak getting cut as there is of the Redskins and Jags meeting in the SB.

      • JJB0811

        We’ll see. Jerry does have a breaking point though. If I were in Dak’s shoes, I’d maximize my earnings as well. Not saying he’s wrong. But w/ Cam, Dalton, and a few others Dallas is capable of the playoffs.

        • crosseyedlemon

          I think Jerry is mostly just hot air now with most of the decisions having been delegated to others in the FO who aren’t medicated most of their waking hours. Lucid minds will realize keeping Dak is in the Cowboys best interest just as getting rid of Jason Garrett was.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Andy and Cam are veteran stop gaps, so with them you can get maybe one shot at the big prize provided you are already a solid playoff contender and everything else falls into place. With Dak the Cowboys will get several years to take a crack at the big prize so that is definitely the smarter play here.

  3. Interesting scenario … Dak at 35M+ per year for 4 years min or Dalton at 20-25 per for 2 -3 years (max).

    To me, they each give similar production because lets be honest neither one you can rely on to carry a team like a Wilson or Holmes or Watson. With Dalton you can also improve else where and increase your chances in the window while you can keep that oline together. Dak gives you familiarity in the system and slightly higher floor but is that worth 10-15M which is the price for a high end DB?

    • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

      Prescott < Dalton/10-15M in cap savings
      And it’s really not close

    • earmbrister

      You don’t replace a top quarterback with a retread like Cam or Dalton.It’s a QB league. There is a big drop off from Prescott to Dalton. And no, they’re not really close.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    Teams with possible openings 2021.
    Steelers – Big Ben is getting old and had a big injury last year, who knows how long he has in the tank.

    Cowboys – Dak at this stage is the starter but he has contract negotiation issues with Jerry Jones. He also only led his team to 8-8 last year, this year he’s going to need to do more.

    Chicago – Tribisky has his 5th year option declined and rightly so. Think they have come to their senses abit and can see he is a bust, ofcourse they have Foles but he ain’t exactly great either.

    Denver – They now have a solid team and Lock is expected to be the starter and had impressed so far but needs results.

    Indy – Rivers and Brissett will be coming off contract and Rivers will be yet another year older. They have Eason on the books but he’s about to fresh. Again they will have cap space to spend.

    Ideal landing spots for both team and player.
    Steelers-Dak Prescott, young QB, that can throw and move. Hopefully not asking for to much money otherwise there is Brissett or Tribisky who can work as starters or back ups to Big Ben.

    Cowboys-Andy Dalton, back up QB turn starter in his home state. Is a experienced QB who is good at getting the ball to his weapons.

    Indy-Maybe keep Rivers for another year if he does well. Maybe look long term and challenge the Steelers for Dak.

    Chicago-Foles will take over from Mitch no doubt but depending on how he does they might look at the market. I think if they do look it’s going to have to be someone cheap. Maybe sign Jacoby Brissett.

    Denver- Drew Lock probably does enough and develops nicely but if he doesn’t they probably want a win now QB like Dak or Tyrod Taylor.

    • wagner13

      Don’t forget about Winston and Newton. Also, there’s going to be an entire rookie class to look out for. If Chicago parts ways with Trubisky, I’m guessing they’ll take that course of action

      • Simmons>Russ

        I think Winston will sign long term with the Saints and take over the helm after Brees retires at the end of the season. Newton I don’t think will get a starting gig again and if he does it might be in 2021 on a separate team but he’s no longer a teams 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice anymore.
        As for the Bears, I think Foles will take over from Mitch. I think he’s good enough and that defence is good enough to make the Bears improve a little to 9-7. Which won’t give them a good enough pick for a top top QB. They could possibly get a mid/late first QB like Newman or Mond which would be smart.

  5. Tony B

    Dak better perform. He thinks he’s better than he is. Reality — he rates out at 10th-15th in the league. Not a game changer. On the big part of the bell curve, and if he ends up on the other side, Cowboys aren’t going to pay him. Should have signed the deal he was offered. Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered.

  6. mlbnyyfan

    There is no way JJ let’s Dak go. If JJ was going to let him walk he would have already. If Dallas has another mediocre season it’s possible since he finally decided years over due to have a coaching change

  7. dmarcus15

    Dalton I believe is getting healthy in Dallas he is a good QB if Dak signs the tag great if he sits oh well Dalton plays. Dalton can feed the ball to Zeke and with the WRs Dallas has I could throw for 300 yards a game. What I’m saying is Dallas will be fine.

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