Five Teams Pursued Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton landed with a team whose quarterback has made 64 straight starts since coming into the NFL, but before signing with the Cowboys, the nine-year Bengals starter drew interest from a few other teams.

In addition to the Cowboys, four other teams pursued Dalton, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk notes. None of them, however, were teams that featured a viable path to a starting job, Florio notes, adding that Dalton decided on the suitor best-equipped to compete for a Super Bowl title.

Employing ex-Bengals OC Jay Gruden, the Jaguars were believed to be in the Dalton mix. The Jets were as well. Dalton has certainly proven more than both those teams’ starters, but each will move ahead with Gardner Minshew and Sam Darnold, respectively. Aside from those two, the other Dalton suitors will have to look elsewhere to bolster their backup jobs.

The Bears may have come closest to landing Dalton, being reported to have been near a trade — to the point Dalton expected to be Chicago-bound. But those talks broke down, leading the Bears to acquire Nick Foles from the Jaguars. Having bypassed low-cost veterans in Dalton and Jameis Winston, after not drafting a quarterback, the Patriots continue to trend toward a legitimate Jarrett StidhamBrian Hoyer QB competition.

Dak Prescott has never missed a start, but Dalton obviously provides a tremendous upgrade over former UDFA Cooper Rush — Dallas’ backup for the past three seasons. Dalton could conceivably create leverage for the Cowboys in their enduring negotiations with Prescott, but that is not believed to be behind Dallas’ decision to sign the Texas native. Dalton is signed to a one-year, $3MM deal — a steep drop from his previous Bengals salary — while Prescott is tethered to a $31.5MM franchise tag.

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18 comments on “Five Teams Pursued Andy Dalton

  1. DarkSide830

    who here us shocked that Dalton didn’t get a starting offer? If im honest i dont know how one could be.

    • hOsEbEeLiOn

      There were places that he’d have a chance to start and be successful but chose to play closer to home towards the end of his career.

      Jacksonville has players wanting out…..

      Jets aren’t very well ran and head coach is a head case.

      Belichek wants to prove he can win without Brady. Bringing in Newton Dalton Winston,guys with QB pedigree, hurts his plan to prove he can win with his chosen 3rd day QB Stidham.

      Pittsburgh could have offered him a back up job to be the starter once Big Ben gets hurt, which is a strong possibility.

    • manos

      There’s serval teams that could have used his services easily. The Patriots, Chargers and Redskins could have all upgraded their current situations with Dalton. For a $3 million dollar base salary he’s a steal, even as a backup. He could have mentored Murray in AZ, been an insurance policy for Roethlisberger in PIT, or even put some more pressure on Darnold to improve in NYJ.

    • Patrick N.

      He made Marvin Lewis look like a competent coach for the better part of a decade. He has always been a starting caliber QB. Consistently graded 12-18 as a start among the 32.

  2. Sammythewayoutseal

    Wonder if Dak is gonna throw another Corona virus party to celebrate Dalton’s arrival? Any excuse for a party right Dak?

  3. ChiSoxCity

    Very surprised the Bears didn’t get him. They love mediocre, noodle-armed QBs.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Jay Cutler: “Hector is right. I wasn’t noodle armed…just noodle brained”.

  4. I mean if Chicago offered something for Dalton why didn’t the Bengals just say yet lets do it? I guess they wanted them to cover Salary?

  5. crosseyedlemon

    Jerry Jones having a “Red Rifle” as a leverage tool is bound to end up with him shooting himself in the foot.

    • Dalton is great leverage. Dak doesn’t show up to training camp, Dalton shows well in training camp/pre-season and the Cowboys have a new starting quarterback. Trading block for Prescott. Couldn’t happen to a nicer, greedier guy.

      Great move by the Cowboys.

  6. I can’t wait for the article later this week when we learn that ___________ (fill in the blank) were planning to sign him for 3x what he got in Dallas and a shot as a starter, but Dalton forgot to dial the area code and the call didn’t go through so out of frustration, he called Jerry.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Jerry signing a player that hasn’t the brains to remember a 3 digit area code does make a certain amount of sense.

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