Eagles Open To Signing LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy wants to fly with the Eagles one more time. The running back remains available in free agency and the Eagles are at least open to the idea, Tim McManus of ESPN.com hears. 

McCoy started his career with the Eagles and mostly excelled in those four seasons. Shady secured three Pro Bowl trips and two First-Team All-Pro nods in Philly before he was traded to Buffalo, where he secured the bag.

Before the start of the 2019 season, the Bills dropped McCoy and the remainder of his five-year, $40MM contract. Then, he hooked on with the Chiefs. He started strong in the first half, but his role was greatly reduced down the stretch. On the whole, it was a bounceback year for the veteran – he averaged 4.6 yards per tote, up from his career low of 3.2 in ’18. He also captured a Super Bowl ring to cap it off.

McCoy isn’t the only veteran RB on the Eagles’ radar. They’re also interested in Carlos Hyde and Devonta Freeman. Last we heard, the Eagles were pretty much lowballing Hyde, pitching the 1,000-yard rusher a veteran’s minimum deal. They might not be able to land Freeman, either. The Seahawks have offered him a deal worth around $3-4MM, which could be too rich for their blood.

McCoy would likely come at a cheaper rate than Freeman. If he returns to Philly, he’ll join Miles Sanders and Boston Scott in their RB group.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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15 comments on “Eagles Open To Signing LeSean McCoy

  1. abssamanta

    At this point, I just want one of the 3 (Freeman, McCoy, or Hyde) to sign with us. Hyde will probably want more money than his last contract, so he’s probably not going to come here. Freeman will get a high contract offer from the Seahawks, probably, and it will probably be too rich for us, considering we aren’t trying to pay Hyde more than the veteran’s minimum. McCoy is the only one left, then. Whoever signs with Philadelphia will have to come here on a sort of lowball deal, either veteran’s minimum or less than what other teams could offer. Even as an Eagles fan, I disagree with this lowball tactic but I can’t do anything about it lol. However, I would love to see one of the 3 sign here for whatever we give them, I guess.

    • rgreen

      I don’t blame them for the low ball tactic they’re using.With next years cap situation,they could use as much rollover as possible.

      • abssamanta

        That is a good point. You’re not wrong there, considering how much over the cap we are next year. That being said, I wish that players got their money’s worth, like I don’t like overpays or lowball deals. I want players to get payed what they are worth to the dot.

        • rgreen

          I would say in McCoys case he has,with over 62m made so far in his career.Me personally,I don’t really get the interest in McCoy or Freeman.Veteran mentorship and insurance for Sanders,that’s the main reason I could see it,since they’re actually similar styles and don’t really offer the change of pace.

          Hyde has the size atleast.Power is really what they need,with Sanders,Scott,and Clement already in the fold.And they could already have that as well,with the rfa Warren.Think if they spend anything significant,it should be elsewhere other than rb.

  2. JJB0811

    Wasted roster space. It’s well proven by now that younger backs are cheaper and quicker than older ones.

      • JJB0811

        AP is a HoF’er. But the Skins should see if their other backs are worth a hoot. They aren’t winning the division, so why take playing time away from 20 somethings over him?

        • lindle368

          McCoy was having a very good season last year before he got traded and then wasn’t used at all so fresh legs

          • worldchampskc

            McCoy didn’t get traded last year. He signed as a FA with the Chiefs and was a Chief all season.

      • jkoms57

        Its good to have a vet back to supplement the load and lower risk of fumbles.

        Not AP’s fault Guice went down

  3. mdunkel

    McCoy is done stick a fork in him. Andy Reid would of played him had he been worthy. These aging players just continue to hang around for 1 more check. Give it up already. Give someone else a try.

  4. Blackjackscout

    I think that Hyde would be the best option for the Eagles. We’re looking for thunder to match the lightning. I would take Shady back on a one-year cheap deal, to right a wrong, and allow him to retire as an Eagle. If he plays well, the roster spot is not wasted. If he gets injured, as I suspect, we put him on IR and get the spot back. Although he would probably be a good mentor (on-field), we don’t need him for that, as we have Duce. It would be fun seeing DJax and him staying healthy and rocking it.

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