Giants’ DeAndre Baker, Seahawks’ Quinton Dunbar Wanted For Armed Robbery

Arrest warrants have been issued for Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar, according to TMZ. At a get-together in Florida on Wednesday, police say Baker held partiers at gunpoint while Dunbar looted them. Both men are now wanted by authorities for armed robbery. The Miramar, Florida police department has also confirmed the warrants via press release.

According to police sources who spoke with TMZ, Baker also directed a third man to shoot someone who entered the party in the midst of the robbery. That mystery third wheel did not shoot anyone, but the group did make off with $7K in cash, plus a $25K Hublot watch, an $18K Rolex, and an Audemars Piguet.

Some witnesses claim that Dunbar was also armed; others say he was not. As it stands, both men are wanted for four counts of armed robbery with a firearm. Baker, meanwhile, also faces an additional four counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.

Baker, 22, was a late first-round pick of the Giants just last year. He struggled as a rookie, but he allowed just one touchdown against him at Georgia and the Giants were planning to have him compete for a first-string spot in 2020. Baker finished out his first Giants season with 61 total tackles and eight passes defensed in 16 games, including 15 starts. Per Ralph Vacchiano of (via Twitter), the Giants are unlikely to cut Baker right away, but clearly this will put the club back in the market for a free agent corner.

Dunbar, 27, was traded from the Redskins to the Seahawks in March. Unhappy with his contract, Dunbar wanted out of D.C. and got his wish. For the cost of a fifth-round pick, the Seahawks took on the starting-caliber corner and the final year of his three-year, $10.5MM deal. If the warrants have merit, Dunbar won’t be getting a new contract anytime soon. A Dunbar absence would also sting for the Seahawks, who were looking forward to seeing him build on a strong year. In 2019, Dunbar played the most snaps of his NFL career and came away with four interceptions. For his work, Pro Football Focus graded Dunbar as the league’s second-best cornerback, behind only former Legion of Boom leader Richard Sherman.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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102 comments on “Giants’ DeAndre Baker, Seahawks’ Quinton Dunbar Wanted For Armed Robbery

    • crosseyedlemon

      And a bad look for the Florida cops who were probably staking out a massage parlor at the time.

        • crosseyedlemon

          I think Florida cops rank in the top 3 for being investigated and indicted in corruption and bribery scandals so they have a very flexible definition of morality.

        • martevious

          It’s more than that…a lot of massage parlors are involved in human trafficking.

  1. CubsRebsSaints

    If and I repeat IF this is true, then they should be thrown in jail for at least 5 years. Probably more like 8-10. Ridiculous when guys who have “made it” want to be a thug. I’ve been robbed at gun point and we ended up fighting, beating them, and they both did time. But it is a real bad feeling for someone to put a gun in your face and take your belongings.

  2. TJECK109

    Maybe they wanted to teach the party goers a lesson about following social distancing rules

  3. Afk711

    If this is proven to be true both players need to be cut immediately. We will find out if Gettleman has the guts.

    • Ak185

      Do you think that any GM in the league, whether they’re a popular punching bag or not, would fail to cut a player proven guilty on armed robbery charges?

    • So ‘if this is proven to be true’, Gettleman needs ‘guts’ to cut someone who committed an armed robbery? Are you reading what you’re writing?

    • it doesnt make a difference if they cut him or not if they are convicted the league will suspend them both.

      • crosseyedlemon

        Goodell is adamant that only the owners should be allowed to commit armed robbery. Ticket and merchandising prices will soar next season.

    • chunk

      “If this is proven to be true” both guys are going to jail for 10+ years, what are you talking about “guts”?

      • UGA_Steve

        I think he was meaning to say that if this story is true, they should be cut BEFORE a trial. It is pretty obvious his intent if you read it without trying to be hyper-critical.

  4. Appalachian_Outlaw

    If they were starving on the street, I’d get it. I’m not saying I’d condone it, but sometimes you can see why ppl make the choices they do.

    This is just sheer idiocy though, if it’s true. Both had careers where they’d make millions. And how exactly did they think this would go?

  5. Junkyard dog

    This s### is unbelievable, just reading this stupidity pissed me off! For one, I hate thieves, two these dudes are freaking millionaires everything they stole they can buy for themselves. Are they some type of thrill seeking sociopaths?

    • UGA_Steve

      Agreed. I wouldn’t think this was just money related. I wonder if they were trying to recover something they thought had been stolen from them .. or, maybe trying to recover cell phones because they thought they someone had a video of them doing something bad (which would make it doubly unbelievable).

      It just doesn’t make sense for this to be something as simplistic as it is being reported. Unless they are just that stupid.

    • bowserhound

      Do you know what time it is? No you don’t, you no longer have a watch that cost more than my car.

  6. Whateverworks77

    Two of the SEC finest…maybe they should have gone to class…Robbery 101 seems like an option but they would have flunked

    • Ak185

      If Jalen Hurts robbed someone, who would you blame? I mean, he started in the SEC, but graduated from Oklahoma. I need to know so I can get the wording right. Does SEC take precedence? I hope so, Big 12 takes a whole ‘nother two characters to type out and I have to use a space. Thanks

        • Ak185

          I have a tendency to do that. But I do think it’s funny that he seems to think these types of guys aren’t present in other conferences?

  7. rocky7

    If Baker is indeed found guilty, then Gettleman or somebody in the Giants scouting department needs to go immediately because they obviously missed something with this guy when considering him in the 2019 draft….they wasted a first round pick on this Dude and character wise, looks to be a waste of a pick…..on top of last years lackluster performance when he admitted that he didn’t know the playbook, this is a continued embarrassment to the Giants organization.

    • rkmarx

      I hate the Giants, but you can’t blame them for this. He’s a kid who became a millionaire overnight, and didn’t know how to handle it. He’s an idiot for that, not the Giants. It tastes gross defending the Giants.

        • Are you going to hold the teams that skipped Larry Tunsil because he smoked weed (at that time a character issue) the night of the draft and has not had any issues after the fact on his way to probably a Hall of Fame career? Were they all fired because they didnt see he wouldnt be a trouble maker.

          How about all the people that said Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell as being the top of the draft players. There were no character issues but were waste of picks.Did they fire the scouts on that? Most likely not.

        • Ak185

          How, exactly? Believe it or not, there’s no red flag that says “will certainly commit a felony” on anyone ever. A lot of guys have possible questions about character going into the league, and most don’t do what Dunbar and Baker are accused of doing. Some even turn their lives around. You never can know for sure when “skipped class” turns into “armed robbery” with anyone-if they even had that concern come up. This isn’t Minority Report.

        • nunzio1749

          agreed Rocky that’s why they are there its their job and he traded up for him

    • jeb39999

      I just read this “One of the men who was robbed alleged that Dunbar and Baker had lost around $70,000 gambling two days earlier at a different party in Miami.”

  8. Eatdust666

    Yes, I know that the Giants have been a dysfunctional franchise recently, but somehow aren’t the most dysfunctional professional sports team in New York or close to it because of the Knicks, but it’s ridiculous that Baker would rather be in prison than play for the Giants.

    • JoeBrady

      Are you daft? Comparing any team to the Jim Dolan Knicks is grounds for being barred.

  9. Eatdust666

    They better not drop the soap, because if they do, something bad will happen.

  10. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    “So, DeAndre, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

    “When I grow up, I want to play in the NFL. THEN, I can buy a really nice gun and become one of the top armed robbers in the world.”

    “If you put your mind to you, you can do anything.”

    They say it’s the desire for greatness that separates those who make it and those who don’t.

  11. jdh52314

    Dang, I wish Dunbar was the gunner and Baker was the looter. It would have been better for me if the stiffer punishment went to the guy who plays in the same division as my favorite team. Shucks! But I guess it says Dunbar could have been armed too, so he may get the stronger boot in the end. I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Michael Chaney

      Number one, that’s not close to the top priority here. Number two, they’re very likely to get the same punishment regardless of who held the gun and who did the looting. It’s still armed robbery either way.

      • jdh52314

        You make one very predictable point, and one point I did not consider, both very good points.

  12. trenchant

    sounds like a loud of crap to me. sounds like a bunch of drunk liars picking on ball players. why would millionaires rob people for a few thousand, cmon.

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      I dunno. There’s a rumor going around that some of the guys who play in the NFL sometimes do things that defy logic and reason…

    • Why would a millionaire like Aaron Hernandez get involved in extremely petty squabbles that resulted in him murdering people? Don’t dismiss something because it seems like it shouldn’t happen.

    • Patrick N.

      Yeah, I mean, since when have humans been known to act rationally at all times?

  13. FlytheW1616

    This is like Ocean’s Eleven without the planning, IQ and potential pay-off. This (alleged) caper hurts my head.

  14. jetup12

    Now it’s just about time for their high school coaches and college coaches to start telling us about what great guys they really are and how this is so out of character for them.

    • parkers

      Can’t anyone wait till all the FACTS come out? fACTS used to be important.

  15. An odd wrinkle in this is that Baker was seen as too timid last year, both socially among his teammates and while playing. I guess he needed the motivation of armed robbery to really light a fire under him.

  16. carlos15

    I’m sure it’s not their fault, someone else must be to blame or society let them down. Anything but accountability.

  17. bobby cox

    What a shame. Shake and Bake will be released and then do 3 yrs of prison or end up on Dallas

  18. You want facts? Read the Miami news, piece of craps like these guys all over the place.

  19. Jeff Zanghi

    I don’t even get this… like wth was the point? Both guys make millions of $ so why would they “rob” people of $7K cas and $40K in watches?? Like legitimately… why? There has to at least be something else to this story because as it stands this just doesn’t make any sense… And that the party-goers obviously knew who they were — like it’s not like they could’ve thought they were going to get away with it… Idk something just doesn’t add up here.

    • jdh52314

      I agree wholeheartedly. Thank heavens we have TMZ to help uncover the truth!

  20. crosseyedlemon

    Not surprised Baker & Dunbar are still at large. The Florida cops were probably arresting someone for throwing furniture off their balcony while this went down.

  21. Bdd1967

    Let’s see…I make millions of dollars…I have nothing better to do with my time so hey buddy…let’s go rob a bunch of peeps at a party!! I bet we can get 7k and some watches!! Maybe even threaten to kill someone!! Oh he’ll yeah!!! Let’s do it!!! What a great idea!!!!!

  22. Keuner

    R.I.P to the careers. How is the dead cap for Baker when you cut him now? What a stupid action.

  23. robluca21

    Why is it you never see stories like this about baseball it hockey players ?

    • crosseyedlemon

      I think stories of this type are less prevalent in baseball and hockey because of smaller roster sizes. There is a tighter bond among players and veterans will generally make a greater effort to help the rookies avoid career damaging mistakes.

  24. Well it looks like we have a tie in the “dumbest human being alive” contest. What a couple of complete jackasses. They should be jailed for their stupidity alone

  25. ashaly2

    Hey cross eyed lemon , u are 1 first class moron, I guess u had a few arrests with the po-po, and I know u we’re innocent and that u we’re being profiled. U r a complete nitwit, Baker and Dunbar are millionaires and no need to do this stuff but they were either coked up smoked up and gambled $70,000 away and wanted it back

  26. Perksy

    What a waste of a 1st round pick. Giants can’t seem to get out of their own way.

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