Latest On DeAndre Baker, Quinton Dunbar

After being released on bond, Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar have entered not guilty pleas, as’s Cameron Wolfe writes. Baker is facing eight charges in connection with the alleged armed robbery in Florida; Dunbar is facing four counts. 

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Meanwhile, the attorneys for both cornerbacks are going on the offensive. Michael Grieco, the lawyer representing Dunbar, says it’s “completely untrue” that the duo gambled away $70K before the night in question (Twitter link via’s Brady Henderson). Furthermore, Grieco claims that they’re not especially close friends and they weren’t together at all in the weeks leading up to the fateful Wednesday.

The police department in Miramar, Florida has a different account of things. Authorities say Baker held partygoers at gunpoint while Dunbar robbed them. Some witnesses claimed that Dunbar also had a gun. With the aid of a third man wearing a mask, Miramar PD says they ran off with thousands of dollars, plus a Rolex, Hublot, and a Audemars Piguet.

Now, the duo will wait to find out whether the charges will actually be filed. Grieco expects word within a month and, ultimately, believes that his client will be cleared. Either way, the NFL is expected to conduct its own investigation into the matter.

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10 comments on “Latest On DeAndre Baker, Quinton Dunbar

  1. parkers

    Wow, what if the FACTS prove that everything the ever honest media has reported are not true ( fake news anyone )? I am waiting for all the FACTS.

    Question to all the great media purveyors of truth, will you rehire Dave Gettleman since you had him all but fired?

    Again I am waiting for the FACTS before I fire him.

    • greenbowlpacker

      The news story is correct. The players were charged with 8 and 4 counts of robbery.(fact)They pleaded not guilty and are released on bond(fact). The police report that was released to public contained statements that the news article reported, including what was stolen(fact)

      The claim of gambling night before has come out but I can not claim a fact. So in that sense it is hear say, though article informed us of the report as a rumor.

      So you just like taking a cheap shot a media, much like a certain so called leader on Twitter. Often his statements not an actual provable fact base claim…

  2. ChiTownFanTilDeath

    Has there ever been a lawyer who tells the world that their client is guilty before a trial ??

    • crosseyedlemon

      There have been plenty of cases where lawyers conceded guilt and simply tried to save their client from a death sentence.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Maybe it wanted to socially distance itself more from the other comments. I frequently clean my keyboard so don’t worry.

  3. phillyspecial58

    Boy, our status in life sure matters. I think most of us would still be incarcerated if we were alleged to have committed those crimes. “Money, Money, Money….” $$$$

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