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Earlier today, we heard that the Jets had previously discussed potential trades for safety Marcus Maye. However, Mike Florio of is disputing those reports. Multiple sources tell PFT that the Jets have never shopped the 27-year-old, with one source describing it as “beyond take news.”

As Florio notes, context is important. Teams have previously expressed interest in Mayes, and one team is currently eyeing the defensive back. However, just because the Jets are answering the phone, it doesn’t mean the organization is shopping the player.

In fact, Florio wonders if a potential suitor may have been the source of the previous report in hopes it’d “poision” the relationship between the organization and Maye. Instead, it sounds like the Jets “haven’t, aren’t, and won’t be shopping” their starting safety.

The 2017 second-round pick has started all 38 of his career games. Maye rebounded from an injury-plagued 2018 campaign, starting all 16 games in 2019. He compiled 65 tackles, seven passes defended, and one interception. The safety is entering the final season of his rookie contract.

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16 comments on “Latest On Marcus Maye, Jets

  1. phillyballers

    How far away are the Jets from contending? Raise your hand if you think Sam Darnold will lead them to the playoffs in 2020, 21, or 22. Doubtful, so locking up two high dollar safeties probably isn’t a good cap move.

    Of the two… Adams would be the player to lock-up LT. Maye, if you can get a 2nd + I’d trade him and draft a replacement or sign a cheap stop-gap.

    • TJECK109

      Sorry but you can’t lay it all on Darnold. Been some bad QBs that take teams or the playoffs.

      • Michael Chaney

        Yeah, but those bad QBs had supporting casts that were good enough to carry them. This is different.

        Darnold’s supporting cast is among the worst in the league, so if the Jets are going to make the playoffs then you really would need to put it all on him. I’m not saying that’s fair to him (it isn’t) and it has nothing to do with whether Darnold himself is good or not, but he’ll basically need to be Superman to take them to the playoffs.

    • king beas

      I agree on locking on Adams and trading Maye can’t pay 2 safeties top of the market money. But darnold hasn’t deserved any blame he wasn’t ready to start and is still one of the youngest qbs and hasn’t had a single notable lineman and his only weapon has been a wr that is far from a legit top option he needs help before he can be the blame just yet

    • andremets

      Wentz sucks and the Eagles won’t be making the playoffs in any of the next 3 seasons either. Enjoy battling the Skins for last place.

  2. playicy

    That would be another bad decision the jets would consider by trading one of their two best safeties! This team needs talents like maye to win games

    • wagner13

      I disagree. You can’t have both safeties be your top financial investments. As one of the most abundant positions in the league, that would be a poor way of managing the salary cap. Just look at the current free agent market: Reid, Geathers, Jefferson, and Boston could be had for pennies on the dollar. The Jets need to save money for a more significant position, such as a much-needed edge-rusher or offensive lineman

    • padam

      Usually teams play two safeties, so if he’s a starter, I’d hope he’s one of their top two. Just sayin’…

    • phillyballers

      The trade of Maye would be more about resetting the cap clock at that position. This year FS was cheaper to retain than 2019’s offseason. But you could be looking at paying May 10M+ per season and a tag figure was 11.5M . They could sign someone in the interim to a cheaper deal and/or draft a guy next year.

      • wagner13

        @Phillyballers Thank you for backing me up. Safety just isn’t a position high in demand. It’s important to play the market

  3. braveshomer

    that pic looks like Marcus is trying to navigate a hover board or a paddle board on water hahaha!…

  4. crosseyedlemon

    “Florio wonders if a potential suitor may have been the source of the previous report”

    What? How can it be that Florio doesn’t know for certain? I thought this guy was suppose to be omnipotent.

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