Lions To Move Jamal Agnew To WR

When the Lions reconvene, they will add an interesting player to their wide receiver corps. Jamal Agnew will fully transition from cornerback to wideout this year, Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press notes.

Known mostly for his work as a return man, Agnew began sitting in on wide receiver meetings last season and has been involved in virtual wideout and cornerback meetings this offseason. When the Lions gather for training camp, the plan is for Agnew to work exclusively at receiver.

Picked in the fifth round out of San Diego in 2017, Agnew is entering a contract year. He has four return touchdowns and secured first-team All-Pro honors as a punt returner as a rookie. Agnew played cornerback with the Toreros in college.

For his NFL career, Agnew has seen spot duty on offense. He has four career carries and three career catches. The versatile 25-year-old talent played 16 offensive snaps last season. That number could well increase this year, though Birkett adds that the fourth-year performer will enter training camp on the roster bubble.

The Lions return their top four wideouts — Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, Danny Amendola and Marvin Hall — and drafted Quintez Cephus in Round 5. Detroit also drafted running back Jason Huntley, who is expected to compete with Agnew for return work. Agnew has served as the Lions’ primary kick and punt returner since 2017.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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20 comments on “Lions To Move Jamal Agnew To WR

    • crosseyedlemon

      Maybe he can make a transition like the Cardinals Roy Green and lead the league in receiving yards.

  1. playicy

    Lions need a lot help, if they want to win the while Shabang and it starts by finding a quarterback better than Stanford! In years Stanford has played the lions haven’t even reached the playoffs or had one winning season and that all lies on him

    • dugdog83

      Your wrong. He’s had 4 winning seasons and made the playoffs in 3 of those.

    • myaccount

      You didn’t even bother to fact check that? lol Stafford has made the playoffs a few times.

      • Thomas Bliss

        Ok how about this for facts. Playoffs record 0-3. Consecutive years in playoffs ever? Nope. Now other than that he has been mediocre. Been in the league since ‘09. Soon would be the time to start thinking of the next guy.

        • All American Johnsonville Dogs

          How about this for facts.
          2 of the 3 playoff games Stafford played well

          28/43, 65%, 380 yards 3 TDs, 2 ints. Detroit had a whopping 31 rushing yards and their defense gave up over 500 yards of offense against New Orleans.

          28/42, 66%, 323 yards, 1 TD, 1 int. 80 yards rushing for Detroit RBs. Demarco Murray had 75 by himself.

          Ignorance is Bliss.

          • Thomas Bliss

            Ok sure but remember this Tim Tebow has more playoffs wins then Stafford.

            Good Job using my name like that. I take that as a compliment.

            • Patrick N.

              Maybe because of pure luck and a better overall team around him? Football isn’t an individual sport.

            • Patrick N.

              Because the implication you made that Tebow is a better QB than Stafford -STAFFORD- is just dumb

              • Patrick N.

                That last part with the spelling correction wasn’t at you, in case that was confusing

              • Thomas Bliss

                I wasn’t really saying Tebow was better. I’m just saying one guy has a win and one doesn’t. Yet the one that doesn’t has people with faith in him and I don’t get that. How long will y’all keep putting up with an mediocre quarterback?

    • wagner13

      “Stanford” is the least of Detroit’s problems. Maybe they could start by giving him actual offensive linemen instead of a group of traffic cones and upgrading the paper-mache defense

      • Patrick N.

        Thank you. People act like literally every problem a team has is always the QBs fault

        • Eatdust666

          Exactly and those same people always act that it’s always because of the quarterback when his team wins, but that’s total nonsense, because sometimes the team can win despite garbage quarterback play and sometimes it can lose despite great quarterback play.

  2. wagner13

    Similar career trajectory to Devin Hester. He was also drafted as a cornerback. It’ll be interesting to see if he can serve a Cordarrelle Patterson type of role as a gadget player on offense

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