Stanford Head Coach David Shaw Won’t Pursue NFL Job

David Shaw has been connected to NFL head coaching vacancies for years. He’ll likely continue to draw interest from pro teams, but Shaw tells Mike Tirico of NBC Sports that he’s staying on campus. 

Stanford’s not a place you just go through, do a good job and jump out of here,” Shaw said (via PFT). “That’s not the way I see this job…I love being at Stanford because I get the brightest guys, I get the most competitive guys on and off the field. I still tell people I write more recommendations than any football coach in America for graduate school, for job opportunities. I’ve helped guys get to the point where they’re starting their own companies. That doesn’t happen on any other campus other than ours, so I love the energy. I love the passion. Not to mention we’re coming off a pretty darn good decade and ready to start the next decade on a high note also.”

Shaw, 48 in July, spent several years as an NFL assistant with the Eagles, Raiders, and Ravens before going back to school in 2006 with the University of San Diego. In 2007, he joined the Stanford staff and he was promoted to head coach in 2011. That’s where he’s been ever since, despite repeated head coaching inquiries from NFL clubs.

At Stanford, Shaw has enjoyed an 86-34 record, including a 58-22 mark in conference play. The National Championship has eluded him and his program is coming off of a 4-8 season – his worst showing ever – but Shaw says he’s staying put.

The Redskins were the most recent club to try and pull Shaw back to the NFL, expressing interest in him late last year before hiring Ron Rivera.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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15 comments on “Stanford Head Coach David Shaw Won’t Pursue NFL Job

    • cant_teach_speed

      I don’t think so. Stanford is a tough kid. You actually have to meet requirements to go to school there. It isn’t Alabama or something. So you aren’t coaching a bunch of NFL development guys. Less to work with. But I agree that I don’t know what the appeal of him in the NFL would be. He is smart to stay at Stanford for 25 years

  1. TJECK109

    I won’t be pursuing one, but if someone gives me a huge offer… I’m out

  2. crosseyedlemon

    “I’ve helped guys get to the point where they’re starting their own companies. That doesn’t happen on any other campus other than ours”.

    Possibly because it could be a violation of NCAA policy. Shaw should expect to be investigated now.

    • myaccount

      Helping someone “get to the point” of starting their own company is up interpretation. Less than 1% chance any sanctions come from this.

      • crosseyedlemon

        I agree but obviously some people are going to be curious as to what form the “helping” took and why no other campus is taking similar actions. Shaw probably said more than he should have there.

    • tylerall5

      So by writing letters of recommendation and being a mentor, he should be investigated? He didn’t say he was funding their companies, he was most likely referring to helping his graduates get into a good company where they learn real world business skills and then translate that into founding a firm.

      • crosseyedlemon

        He didn’t say he wasn’t providing funding either and other campuses provide letters of recommendation etc. so Stanford isn’t unique in that respect.

  3. dkcsmc1991

    Wow this site is getting to the point where there is so much hate. How can you be negative about a guy who seems to be making a difference with the young people he works with and educates? I’m not a Stanford fan but I admire the way this guy coaches and leafs based on all I have seen and read.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I don’t know where your getting the hate or negativity. I’m just questioning the wisdom of Shaw making such a statement in front of the media and suggesting he might come to regret it.

        • crosseyedlemon

          Which some handle well and others not so much. If Shaw hopes to graduate to the NFL some day he better develop a healthy suspicion of the media because they can bury you there in a heartbeat if you speak before you think.

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