Cardinals Cut Jermiah Braswell After Arrest

5:07pm: Hours after news of this arrest surfaced, the Cardinals waived Braswell, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle tweets.

1:53pm: Cardinals undrafted free agent wide receiver Jermiah Braswell was arrested for DUI on June 27 after he allegedly drove his Camaro into Lake Erie, per Corey Vallas of When the aptly-named Put-in-Bay police arrived at the scene, they found Braswell’s vehicle off the embankment and sitting in the water. Braswell was still in the driver’s seat attempting to move the car and could not explain what had happened.

Braswell subsequently failed a breath test and was arrested. Fortunately, no one else was in the vehicle and neither Braswell nor any bystanders were injured.

Braswell enjoyed a career year during his senior season at Youngstown State in 2019, recording 24 catches for 515 yards and seven TDs. The raw numbers are not flashy in and of themselves, but his outrageous 21.5 yards per reception clearly caught the eye of Arizona brass, who decided to take a flier on him when he went undrafted.

Of course, it’s difficult for any UDFA to make an NFL roster or even the taxi squad, and Braswell was one of five undrafted wideouts the Cardinals brought in this year. Given that, and considering the team’s WR depth chart was pretty strong to begin with, it would not be surprising to see the Cardinals cut bait in the coming days.

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26 comments on “Cardinals Cut Jermiah Braswell After Arrest

  1. acarneglia

    When will everyone start saying this is racist that he was arrested for a DUI like Rayshard Brooks?

      • Polish Hammer

        Put in Bay is actually an island you take the ferry to. Wondering if he ferried the car out there or did this on the shore.

        • The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

          Those ferries take cars, but most people just tent golf carts, similar to Key West.

          I’m sure he was just showing off his hot new wheels bought with his UDFA signing bonus of $0.

        • B-Minus21

          Give it a rest. This is a football website. He was arrested. It will probably affect his football life. Move along.

          • elscorcho the marlin
            elscorcho the marlin

            Thank you. I’m sick of everyone thinking we need their political take. I come here for sports.

              • The Ghost of Bobby Bonilla

                What’s ESPN? I haven’t watched it since they gave the courage award to (Bruce?) Jenner over the heroic NCAA Women’s BB player who battled cancer.

                Judging from their ratings, 36 million other people haven’t watched them either.

                • gmmayock

                  I stopped watching that exact moment too. The he-she also beat out a person who lost both legs.

        • blake

          Acarn has no business on this site. Nothing but a troll. Go jerk off to Fox News some more

    • kylegocougs

      You know, the Atlantic posted this article awhile back with your comment perfectly represents: Republicans and Democrats don’t understand each other and fail to actually understand what the other side believes.

      But it wasn’t racist Rayshard Brooks was investigated for DUI, it was racist that so many police stops for African-Americans who haven’t committed violence end up in cops shooting black people. Its and avalanche

      • carlos15

        Which is a completely anecdotal statement. Despite more interactions with police African American men are killed less often by police than white men so the evidence does not support the narrative. But it’s an emotional narrative anyway so.

        • paddyo875

          That is quite a false narrative. Look at the percent of the population comprised by white people compared to black people. Then compare that to incidences of police brutality and you may find a more accurate narrative.

          But this article is about a young man making bad decisions.

    • dbholliday22

      Yeah the “racists” ‘forced’ him to drive into the lake, lol. Now that means 30 more players can kneel now, and 5 more statues get taken down because of “racism”. Tsk…lol

      • crosseyedlemon

        Kneeling only works if they play the national anthem and I wonder if the NFL would bother with that if they are forced to have games with no fans in attendance.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    A while back someone else noticed how weird it is that the Houston Chronicle is always the source of these reports that occur nowhere near Texas.

  3. Vladimir_Trump

    A young man made a stupid choice, like most of us did at his age, and we have a poster trying to make it a race issue. SMH at ignorance.

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