Dak Prescott Still Wants Four-Year Deal; Cowboys Want Five-Year Deal

Dak Prescott agreed to sign his franchise tender on Sunday, but there’s still a lot of work to be done between now and the July 15 deadline. The length of the contract still needs to be ironed out, and there’s still a slight disparity in what each side wants. The Cowboys want to sign Prescott to a five-year add-on, but the quarterback continues to push for a four-year deal, a source tells Mike Florio of PFT

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Prescott’s camp is concerned that a five-year deal could turn into something longer via the franchise tag. Ideally, Prescott wants the flexibility to test the open market while he’s still in his prime years, giving him an opportunity to cash in as the salary cap increases. Prescott is pretty set on the four-year mark, so the Cowboys may ultimately have to bend in order to get a deal done before the upcoming deadline. If they can’t hash out an extension in the next few weeks, they’ll have to wait until after the 2020 season to revisit talks.

Meanwhile, Florio hears that the Cowboys have been surprised by Prescott’s resolve. The former fourth-round quarterback has spent his whole career playing on his rookie deal – other players in his position would have jumped at earlier offers. Instead, Prescott has been unwilling to settle. He understands his value as a young, quality quarterback in today’s NFL and the leverage he has. Ultimately, if the Cowboys opt to tag him again in 2021, he can make nearly $70MM over the next two years.

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22 comments on “Dak Prescott Still Wants Four-Year Deal; Cowboys Want Five-Year Deal

  1. Senioreditor

    4 or 2 years, the Cowboys better decide soon because a third franchise tag won’t happen.

  2. padnastikador

    Just let him play on the franchise tag. He’s not worth what he’s asking for. The salary cap may go down over the next few years.

    • qbert1996

      Except he is worth it based on today’s qb market. The stats don’t lie and Dak is in the top 10 of most major qb categorizes since his debut. He’s made pennies on his rookie deal for what he’s given Dallas in production.

      • padnastikador

        Dak’s not worth Russell Wilson money. That’s what he’s asking. If Dak can play better over the next 2 seasons, and advance the Cowboys deep into the playoffs, Dallas should pay him what he wants. He’s always had bad coaching holding him back. He no longer has that excuse. Prove it over the next 2 seasons and name your price.

      • bigjonliljon

        A lot of those stats were made against a crap schedule and great players around him.An OL that is best in the league, an all pro running back…… makes a difference.
        I don’t think he’s really worth the money.And he may be better off taking what he can get. Covid will most likely cancel the season and salary cap will go down and teams aren’t going to be willing to offer those huge contracts any longer.

    • CursedRangers

      Agreed! How can he not be understanding the massive lifelong endorsement opportunities he gets as a Cowboy that he won’t get from many franchises. And with the cap potentially going down he is playing with Fire

          • cka2nd

            I wonder if the NFL will be as blatant about it as the UFC is, with the announcers updating the betting lines mid-game.

        • padnastikador

          Even if the Cap does not go down, it’s still bad business to pay the 8-12 best QB in the league top QB money. Give him 2 years on the Tag to prove he’s worth it.

          • cka2nd

            Bad business or not, that’s how the free agent market works. Nobody said capitalism is rational.

      • cka2nd

        Might take a one-year dip or freeze, but yeah, the TV contracts will be much bigger than they might have been if they’d been signed before this crisis.

  3. DTD_ATL

    Just do the 4 yrs and get it over with. That gives you that long with no worries about the position. If he lives up to the contract, they’ll be happy to do it all over again.

  4. mlbnyyfan

    Does anyone really think Dak will be playing somewhere else. Jerry gave in to Zeke and Coopers demands. Why delay the inevitable whether he deserves it or not he’s not going anywhere.

  5. glooney1

    I find it amazing he signs a tag for $31 million this year, and is concerned he might get tagged again at the end of a 5 yr contract. What does he think the value of a QB tag will be in 5 years….$500K? He’s an idiot!

  6. dms0746

    Risk versus reward. the new offensive system may benefit Prescott? Still amazing that players squabble over little contract issues when making 10s of millions? I guess some have no idea how playing in that league is a gift in itself.

  7. WhitehouseReptiles

    Overpaid and this contract will hamstring them from getting free agents to shore up weaknesses. Too much money into one position not a good way to doing business when cap lurks nearby.

  8. crosseyedlemon

    Contract lengths have basically become irrelevant because as soon as a player is convinced he’s not getting fair market value he’s going to insist on a new deal or trade.

  9. WhitehouseReptiles

    So, inquiring minds want to know if Dak is going to hold another COVID – 19 party to celebrate his new deal?

  10. dmarcus15

    If I’m JJ I let him play out the tag see how it goes this season if he takes the team deep into the playoff then you extend him if he can’t get you there maybe you need Tag him again or look somewhere else.

  11. dodgerfan624

    Dax Prescott stinks, any quarterback would have put up better numbers when you are playing the worst teams in the nfl last year. Just look at the teams they beat, most of them were under 500 winning percentage. They couldn’t beat teams that were over 500. They didn’t even make the playoffs. They should just franchise tag him for 1 year and see. The Cowboys have Andy Dalton who can take over until they draft another. Dalton is a much better than Dax and with this offensive line Dalton could be even better. Dalton didn’t have what Dallas has compared to the Bengals.

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