Cowboys’ Dak Prescott To Sign $31.4MM Franchise Tender

Dak Prescott will sign his exclusive franchise tender by Monday, according to a source who spoke with’s Adam Schefter (via Twitter). With that, the Cowboys quarterback will be slated to play out 2020 on a one-year, $31.4MM deal. After that, the two sides will have just a few weeks to hammer out a multi-year deal.

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For months, we heard that Prescott was pushing for a two or three-year deal while the Cowboys were looking for a five or six-year add-on. Now, it seems like the two sides are closer than previously believed – at least, in terms of contract length. Prescott reportedly wants a four-year deal and the Cowboys would prefer a five-year arrangement.

Prescott is aiming for a deal that would pay him more than $35MM/year, enough to top Russell Wilson. That’s not exactly chump change for the Cowboys, but they’d rather lock up the QB than risk his asking price skyrocketing next year. If Prescott’s full 2020 played out like his 2019 first half, he’d be in line for untold riches next year. At that point, the Cowboys would have to give him an absolute fortune or tag him with a 20% raise over this year’s tag, for ~$37.7MM. Even in the tag scenario, it’s unlikely that Prescott would cooperate.

Under the more commonly used non-exclusive tag, other teams would have had a shot to sign Prescott to an offer sheet. Instead, the Cowboys opted for the slightly more expensive exclusive tag. Ultimately, it was a ~$5MM difference between the two.

Last year, Prescott threw for 4,902 yards and 30 touchdowns. Meanwhile, the two-time Pro Bowler won’t turn 27 until the end of July.

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33 comments on “Cowboys’ Dak Prescott To Sign $31.4MM Franchise Tender

  1. And Cowboys fans will continue to wonder why they can’t win a playoff game. Mediocre players make for mediocre teams.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    One of the most boring dramas in Cowboy history. It was much more fun when Dez Bryant played a leading role.

  3. sufferfortribe

    The fact he’s making that much shows a serious problem with the NFL.

    • wagner13

      I wouldn’t say he’s overrated at this point. How many people actually agree he’s worth this contract? It seems the consensus considers Dak about a middle of the pack quarterback, making him “properly” evaluated

      • bradthebluefish

        A middle-of-the-pack QB would mean he’s worth $20-35 million. Though with this being a 1-year deal, I’d say it’s of the appropriate value.

        • Appalachian_Outlaw

          If I were a Dallas fan, I wouldn’t be too upset over this. I think the money is too much for what Dak is, but it’s only a 1yr deal. The mistake they’re going to make is inking him to a top 5 level QB deal, when in reality he’s more at the bottom of that next tier down. The QB position isn’t as thin as it used to be anymore. You don’t have to be as desperate or irrational these days.

          • Appalachian_Outlaw

            So if you were hired to run a team, and the goal to keep your job is to win a SB in the next 3 yrs, you’re taking Dak over?:

            1. Mahomes
            2. Brees
            3. Brady
            4. Jackson
            5. Wilson
            6. Watson
            7. Rodgers
            8. Ryan
            9. Wentz
            10. Stafford

            Stafford, Ben, Cam and Dak are all relatively close in ability to me. At BEST, that might get him to 10?

            • medic87

              probably, Brees and Brady have 1 or 2 yrs left? i am not starting a franchise with either of those.

          • medic87

            agreed, according to analytics he is around 9th, which should put him in the 29mi/yr range, anything over that is absurd.

  4. Paul1989

    He plays in the NFC East and went 8-8. You would think even Jerruh would realize that. Oh well the rest of the teams will rejoice at all that cash tied up in an average QB. Good for you Dak.

    • cka2nd

      And five of their losses came against top 10 teams in defensive points allowed, three of them the Cowboys were still able to put more points on the board than they allowed per game.

  5. compassrose

    Even die hard Cowboy fans should be embarrassed that he is mentioned with Wilson. Unless they are talking about Tom Hank’s buddy.

  6. mazzith

    Rescind the and pocket that 31mil. Save it for next year when people are trying to get under the cap and cutting and trading people cheap. Use to your advantage.

  7. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Obviously if the Cowboys thought he was worth $35M-40M/year they would have already signed him by now. If Dak were smart he would realize that he’s not good enough to ask for that much and would accept something in the same range that guys like Matt Ryan, Wentz, Cousins, Rodgers, Goff, and Roethlisberger are making.

  8. Rondon

    How does this guy justify wanting more money than Wilson? Stats mean zip if can’t get your team into the playoffs.

  9. Mikel Grady

    Good move by cowboys . 1 year deal NFC championship or bust . 4500 yd passing quarterbacks don’t grow on trees . With lamb Gallup Cooper and Jarwin he will put up the numbers. 11-5 season and nfc championship here we come

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