Latest On Giants’ DeAndre Baker

The lawyer for DeAndre Baker believes the charges against his client could be dropped by the end of the week, as Ralph Vacchiano of SNY writes. So far, Baker’s defense team has been vocal, brash, and confident in the face of felony charges for armed robbery.

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I think we’ve got the case won, to be honest with you. I think it’s only a matter of time,” Patrick G. Patel said. “But it’s the kid’s life. This kid will get suspended and lose his job, and then the case gets dismissed and what have we done? So everybody’s taking a wait and see approach.”

The lawyer representing Quinton Dunbar – the Seahawks cornerback and alleged accomplice of Baker in the Florida incident – has expressed similar sentiments. Of course, it’s the job of a defense attorney to cast doubt on allegations and push back against charges being levied, so it all has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Baker’s lawyer says that the Giants second-year pro was the victim of a “shakedown,” noting that four of the witnesses involved have already recanted their testimony. Meanwhile, he’s teamed with Dunbar’s lawyer and claims that he’s uncovered independent witnesses that can vouch for their innocence.

As of this writing, Florida authorities are sticking to their version of events. They say Baker held people at gunpoint at a cookout while Dunbar robbed them. Some witnesses claimed that Dunbar also had a gun and there may have been a third man involved. Ultimately, police say, they walked off with expensive watches and about $7K in cash.

Despite Patel’s claims, Baker remains in limbo with his club. In mid-May, the Giants asked him to stay away from team activities in order to focus on his legal matters.

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16 comments on “Latest On Giants’ DeAndre Baker

  1. burrow_is_a_bust

    They are just getting him out so he cld have enough time to loot. #BLM

    • deal1122

      These comments get worse and worse every day. What in the world is wrong with you man?

      • burrow_is_a_bust

        Wht is it so bad SERIOUSLY the guy is a robber so y wld I think he wldnt lootall u libs get turned off when someone says something tht might be the truth abt something stop trying to follow in the ways if the fake news media!!

        • Could you maybe write with some kind of clarity? You’ve already made up your mind that this guy is a robber (I guess due process and innocent until proven guilty doesn’t count if the person is black, eh?) and you’re conflating the Black Lives Matter movement with looting. Let me guess, you whine and cry and wet yourself about the Antifa boogeyman?

        • deal1122

          Lol wanna know something funny? I’m not a “liberal.” Just someone who hates dumb $hits like you who post dumb, uneducated comments like that looking for attention

        • washington_bonercats

          Burrow it is incredible to me that you clearly watch a lot of football (a black dominated sport) and continue to be outright racist on this site. You must either be very ignorant or just to stupid to under that nobody is on your side. You’re a pathetic scum bag who hide behind the anonymity of a keyboard. I’d love for you to be an ounce of the man you are online in real life. Very pathetic. At least we now you’re probably a Drew Brees fan.

  2. CharlesConerly21

    This “robbery” never occurred. What happened was two nfl players left a party and some untrustworthy people concocted this “robbery” in their absence. Baker and Dunbar are innocent. They were targeted. They are victims.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Trust in law enforcement is at rock bottom right now so the prosecution might as well just drop the case.

    • DarkSide830

      why does this have to do with law enforcement when the prosecution are the ones claiming they did it?

  4. ashaly2

    Cross eyed lemon. U are a complete nitwit. The death of Mr Floyd was without anyone’s doubt that cop was guilty, all of America says he was guilty but to say all cops as bad is o stupid thing to anyone talking about the dead veteran cop who was shot in the head A BLACK MAN, no because he was a cop , does anyone talk about in Chicago when last weekend 60 plus shot 12 dead NO it don’t fit the narrative. Grow up dude

    • ayrbhoy

      Ashaly2- once you’ve had time to calm down a wee bit, I think you’ll find Your friend crosseyedlemon is using sarcasm there

  5. bizzmoneyb

    so multiple witnesses said these 2 robbed everyone, then they ALL supposedly “recanted” their story?! can you say “PAID OFF?”
    they didn’t wear masks, and drove away in their Lamborghini and Mercedes.. but it wasn’t them??

    • fanofcommonsense

      Yeah and those ‘multiple witnesses had conflicting reports’ – even from the initial statements. Let the truth come out.

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