Extra Points: Patriots, Jets, Carson

Denard Robinson is back in the NFL, this time as a coach. ESPN’s Field Yates reports (via Twitter) that the Jaguars have hired Robinson as an offensive quality control coach.

Following a standout career as Michigan’s quarterback, Robinson was selected by the Jaguars in the fifth round of the 2013 draft. The organization ended up transitioning him into a running back, and he ultimately spent four seasons with Jacksonville. His best season came in 2014, when he had 706 yards from scrimmage and four touchdowns.

The 29-year-old spent the 2019 season as an offensive analyst for the Jacksonville University football team.

Let’s check out some more notes from around the NFL…

  • While the Patriots would presumably like to sign Joe Thuney to an extension, ESPN’s Mike Reiss opines that the offensive lineman will end up playing next season on the franchise tag. As Reiss explains, Thuney has the leverage in negotiations, as he should be more-than-satisfied with his current one-year, $14.78MM deal. The reporter could see a scenario where the lineman signs a two-year deal that would buy the Patriots a bit of cap space for 2020, and Reiss believes that’s more realistic than Thuney getting traded or signing a long-term pact.
  • While Jamal Adams may already be saying farewell to some of his teammates, NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport believes the Jets will “stand pat” and let the situation play out (Twitter link). The safety has two years remaining on his contract, and that’s part of the reason why New York hadn’t felt any urgency in signing the former first-rounder to an extension.
  • Seahawks running back Chris Carson has signed with Octagon Football for representation, tweets Liz Mullen of Sports Business Daily. “From our perspective, he’s an elite running back in this league,” said agent Casey Muir. After averaging 1,190 rushing yards and eight touchdowns between the 2018 and 2019 seasons, Carson is set to hit free agency following the 2020 campaign.
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18 comments on “Extra Points: Patriots, Jets, Carson

    • cant_teach_speed

      I like how all your racism is the most ignorant and harmless kind. I bet nobody in your family has ever been a success.

        • warwhatisitgoodfor

          Welllll historically crack is linked to poor black communities…now if he had said cocaine I would agree with you ;)

          • andremets

            Do you honestly not see the irony of calling someone racist while mocking his family. You literally bullied him AND stereotyped him.

            • Stillers12

              Calling someone racist and mocking their family of racists go hand in hand.

      • LouGrozasToe

        raycist….thats the new dogwhistle, everyone is a raycist. Truth is, jamal is acting like a jackass, so there.

        • kylegocougs

          No one here is arguing Adams isn’t acting like a jackass— he’s saying it would be less racist not to use terms which are explicitly associated with African American communities.

  1. findingnimmo

    Jets should take the best offer soon cuz he is only going to make his value decrease by behaving like a jack ass head case.

    • sportsfan101

      And as his value decreases so does the team interested in him. Wtf are you smoking to think he has the leverage?

        • bravesfan88

          Right, obviously Adams does not have much leverage, but like you’re saying his value is only going to go down from here on out.

          Adams is going to make sure that he causes enough of a distraction and ruckus, that the Jets are going to need to trade him sooner rather than later.

          We have seen this story play out a couple times before, and the player typically gets his way. If Adams does not get his way, then he is going to continue complaining, and further downgrade the organization.

          It very well could end up lowering his own perceived value, so the Jets are truly just better off trading him sooner rather than later..

  2. cant_teach_speed

    Jets would be smart to do so unless they get the deal they want. I’m generally on players sides when it’s comes to getting paid, but Adams is being a baby about this. Also, he is a top 5 pick, not some 4th rounder playing for a minimum. Adams has been and is still being paid well on his entry contract. He’s a damn good player and he’ll get his top of market contract when it’s time if he just gets back to work.

  3. crosseyedlemon

    Hoping the new agency gets Chris Carson a nice deal. I always enjoy seeing those 7th round picks prove the scouts wrong.

  4. dalton2green22

    Ahhhh these snowflakes claim racism for anything, I’m Irish, lucky charms offends me. Change the name now !!!!

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