Mutual Interest Existed Between Saints, Tom Brady?

An interesting what-if during an offseason featuring the highest-profile quarterback movement since free agency opened 27 years ago: Tom Brady was interested in the Saints this year. The Saints were also interested, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports (on Twitter).

However, both sides’ curiosity hinged on Drew Brees heading into retirement, which he did not. The Saints re-upped their all-time great for the same figures — two years, $50MM — Brady eventually received from the Buccaneers. However, Brees’ deal includes only $25MM fully guaranteed; the Bucs guaranteed Brady all $50MM.

New Orleans’ Brees transaction occurred hours before Brady’s Bucs commitment, but the former had already declared he would return for a 20th season. And Brees said earlier in the offseason he would play for the Saints or no one.

Brady’s interest level in the Saints was believed to be “very serious,” per La Canfora. This adds a layer to a complex Saints QB offseason, one that saw them re-sign Brees, replace Teddy Bridgewater with Jameis Winston and extend gadget player/possible Brees successor Taysom Hill. Brady would have been surrounded by weapons in New Orleans, but he now has an enviable arrangement in Tampa.

This isn’t necessarily surprising. Brady was connected to a number of teams this offseason, before his sweepstakes narrowed to the Bucs and Chargers. The Bay Area native was believed to be interested in joining the 49ers, who investigated the possibility. Brees’ return cut off anything notable between Brady and the Saints.

Brees, 41, and Brady, 43 in August, will instead face off twice this season in what promise to be two of the highest-profile divisional QB matchups in NFL history. Despite playing in 10 fewer games (285-275), Brees has a 3,000-plus-yard edge on his new rival and is six TD passes up on the ex-Patriot legend (547-541). Brady, of course, has a 6-1 Super Bowl edge here. The Bucs and Saints are scheduled to play in Weeks 1 and 9.

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18 comments on “Mutual Interest Existed Between Saints, Tom Brady?

  1. Sean Payton is a great coach. Of course Brady would want to play there. Good weapons. Good defense. Why not? People are reaching thinking this is to do with somehow attacking Brees.

    • Ak185

      Two years of Brady and redoing your entire offense is not worth it long term for teams who think they have a young franchise starter. Teams like Dallas, Denver, Baltimore, or even NYJ for example have no interest because they’ve building (or trying to build) around a young QB that they put time and effort into. Even if it all goes masterfully and Brady not only fits seamlessly into the offense but takes you deep into the playoffs, you’ve kind of jettisoned your plan long term for two years of a 43 year old QB. A legendary 43 year old, but a 43 year old no less.

      And if we take Dak’s name out of it, the Cowboys have a young QB who led the league’s best offense last year and doesn’t turn the ball over and been there for a while. So it’s not hard to see why jettisoning that just to start anew with a limited window in Brady’s effectiveness and a retool of the offense might not be worth it. Brady at this point only really makes sense if you don’t have a starter already and you’re going to redo your offense anyway.

  2. crosseyedlemon

    Brees is a lame duck. Might as well just go work at ESPN now because he didn’t make any friends with his recent national anthem comments.

    • DarkSide830

      because making comments that were really only badly timed and that he walked back after mean he cant play QB anymore?

    • afsooner02

      Whatever….this country is built on 5 min outrage.

      Everyone is offended by everything. Say you’re sorry and 5 min later people find something else to be outraged about.

      Saints can’t win without him so they’ll let it slide.

  3. goldenmisfit

    So people are going to get on Drew Brees for exercising his right of freedom of speech and not only that just because he said he will never respect someone who disrespects the American flag. Is everyone forgetting all of these protests are in favor of a guy who on his rap sheet included on robbery and a home invasion where he pulled a gun on a pregnant woman? He also spent five years in prison for the home invasion but that is not the point basically what you are saying is these people have a right to protest but Drew Brees did not have the right to exercise his right as in American of freedom of speech. Newsflash people drew Brees had his right to exercise that right of freedom of speech just as much as people have the right to exercise their right to protest. The fact is Drew Brees took back what he said because the New Orleans Saints a city that is 90% African-American made him take it back because he is the face of the franchise and apparently they care more what people think then they do being American. Here is a piece of advice to the media never ask a born and raised Texan what they think about protests if you do not want that person to say something that would be derogatory if you are proprotesting. Especially if you are going to ask them about taking a knee during the anthem I guarantee you you will not like the answer.

    • cka2nd

      According to the Census Bureau, as of July 1, 2019, the estimated percentage of the population of New Orleans that was black was 59.7%, down from 60.2% in 2010 and 61.9% in 1990, per Wikipedia.

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