NFC Notes: Ginn, Peterson, Eagles, Giants

Ted Ginn Jr. will enter the 2020 season as the league’s second-oldest wide receiver, behind Larry Fitzgerald, and the 35-year-old veteran did not find a new team until after the draft. But the Bears may have big plans for the veteran speed merchant. Ginn will likely be the outside starter opposite Allen Robinson, Adam Caplan of notes. The Bears entered the offseason concerned about their speed on offense, wanting more help beyond Tarik Cohen in that department. Ginn remains one of the NFL’s fastest receivers and may well be on the verge of starting for a fifth NFL team. After missing most of the Saints’ 2018 season, Ginn caught 30 passes for 421 yards in 2019.

The Bears also have 2019 draftee Riley Ridley, he of a 4.61-second 40-yard dash clocking at the Combine, and 2020 pick Darnell Mooney. The latter profiles as more intriguing through a speed lens, having blazed to a 4.38-second time this year. But thanks to the virtual offseason, Day 3 picks might have a tougher time acclimating than the already-difficult college-to-NFL jump brings.

Here is the latest from the NFC:

  • In the same piece, Caplan notes the expectation remains the Eagles will add a veteran to their running back corps. Philly has been linked to LeSean McCoy and Devonta Freeman. Both remain free agents. The Eagles pursued Carlos Hyde as well, but he opted for a Seahawks deal. If the Eagles determine they do not need help behind Miles Sanders, Boston Scott‘s pass-catching ability intrigued coaches last season more than his “OK” run-game chops, Caplan adds. Scott would be in line to be the team’s RB2, were it to stand pat at this spot.
  • Stop us if you’ve heard this before, but Adrian Peterson has no near-future retirement plans. The new play-until number is age 39, the running back told TMZ. Peterson’s Redskins contract expires at season’s end. Peterson (14,216 career rushing yards) is within striking distance of Barry Sanders (15,269) for fourth on the all-time rushing list this season, and if he is granted a 15th season in 2021, he would likely be a good bet to pass the Hall of Famer like Frank Gore did last season. Though, Sanders amassed that total in 10 seasons.
  • The Giants placed a second-round tender on kicker Aldrick Rosas this offseason, but after his arrest for an alleged hit and run, Rosas can probably be considered on thin ice. The fourth-year specialist should be considered unlikely to be Big Blue’s kicker this season, Paul Schwartz of the New York Post writes. There are plenty of kickers in free agency. Stephen Gostkowski, Ryan Succop and Nick Folk are among the best available.
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24 comments on “NFC Notes: Ginn, Peterson, Eagles, Giants

  1. wagner13

    The Redskins should flip Peterson to Philly for an incentive-based draft pick. Washington has no need for him given their crowded runningback room and rebuilding state. Philly could use him in short yardage and goalline situations, while Peterson gets a better shot at passing Sanders on the all-time list (more playing time, better offensive line)

      • wagner13

        If it gives them draft capital, it shouldn’t matter. If a team is rebuilding, divisional rivalries are irrelevant

        • Brad

          Not to mention miles needs a mentor. He has Duce but AP would be a huge boost of knowledge for him to absorb.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I understand your logic somewhat. The problem there though is if they flip Peterson, and Guice goes down again, that RB room is suddenly going to start looking a little thin. I don’t think that’s an ideal situation for a young QB, rebuilding or not. I think they’d be better served holding onto him.

      • wagner13

        I think Gibson, Love, Barber, and McKissic is enough depth to hold down the fort. It’s not like Washington’s competing anyway. Might as well give some younger guys an opportunity

    • jawn

      Why in the world would the Eagles trade a draft pick for an aging running back when there are comparable RBs available in free agency?

      • the preeminent nfl outsider

        Agreed. You don’t trade draft capital for old players.

  2. earmbrister

    If Ted Ginn is your starting WR, you know you are hurting in that dept. Or did 421 yards over 16 games suddenly become good?

  3. bobby cox

    So we are going to cut the drunk kicker but keep the cornerback. Both should be released. Both guys put themselves in a bad spot, we can find another cb to get beat on a deep route.

    • wagner13

      The cornerback was just drafted in the first round. If he’s found guilty, they should of course get rid of him. However, you might as well stand pat until he’s actually convicted

      • rocky7

        Actually, Baker was drafted in 2019 and as a first round draft choice last season he not only showed a real lack of work ethic by actually admitting that he didn’t know the playbook, but was continually badly burned throughout the season…and those last couple of games against sub-par competition didn’t prove or show anyone he finally did get it! The Giants don’t need a pile-up of players (Baker and Rosas) who not only can’t play very well, but are PR nightmares. Mistakes, as very possibly these 2 guys are need to be eliminated. They can win 3-4 games without either of them again this year!

        • Ak185

          Well, Rosas wasn’t a bad kicker. So there’s that in his favor, unlike Baker. The biggest knock on Baker was his lack of NFL level athleticism-and if you aren’t athletic enough, you should probably try and learn the playbook.

          • rocky7

            Agree with what you said although kickers come and go…Rosas had a terrific 2018 campaign and followed that up with a year where he couldn’t be counted on to make an important kick when the team really needed him too…he was very mediocre in both kick-offs, points after touchdowns and field goals for all of 2019 and certainly forced changes in the offensive game plan inside the 30-35 yard line and on the defensive side of the ball given field position he pretty consistently game the other team….the Giants simply couldn’t count on him where it mattered. Bottom line….make a change!

  4. jamesm4795

    How about Adrian Peterson to Tampa bay?
    get a chance to get a ring.

  5. crosseyedlemon

    If the Bears are seriously looking to speed up their offense then why do they have 9 TE’s on the roster?

      • crosseyedlemon

        I think they use a calendar instead of a stop watch to time Jimmy Graham.

    • maximumvelocity

      This nine TE whining is old. They will possibly carry five, and the last two spots are up for grabs. It’s not an unreasonable number for the off-season.

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