Reactions To Cam Newton Signing With Patriots

On Sunday, the Patriots found themselves a new quarterback. Former NFL MVP Cam Newton is coming to town, and he came to the Patriots on what appears to be a bargain deal. Newton’s contract can pay up to $7.5MM, but the pact comes with a low base salary and little in the way of locked-in money.

Technically speaking, Newton is one of five quarterbacks on the Patriots’ roster. However, he’s got the most impressive resume by a longshot, and he figures to be a monumental upgrade over Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham, if he’s healthy.

Here’s what they’re saying about the Patriots’ newest QB:

  • Ultimately, Newton and the Patriots were the perfect match, Bill Barnwell of writes. The Pats were left thread-bare at quarterback after Tom Brady‘s departure and they represented Newton’s best chance at starting right out of the gate for a contender. For the Pats, he says it’s a no-risk deal – in a worst-case scenario, Newton gets injured early on and takes snaps away from Stidham. On the flipside, there’s the dream scenario in which Newton gets back to his old form and sticks around – the Pats are projected to have $86MM+ in cap space next year, should they want to re-sign him. With all of that said, Barnwell wonders whether the Patriots timed the signing to take some of the bad PR out of their other Sunday news story.
  • Speaking of the Patriots’ penalty, Adam Schefter of (on Twitter) notes the hidden value in the Newton deal. If Newton plays well in 2020 and leaves as a free agent, the Patriots could gain a compensatory 2022 third-round pick to help offset the 2021 third-round pick that was stripped.
  • Jets safety Jamal Adams is also pleased with the deal, even though he’s under contract with the Patriots’ rival. “I salute Coach Bill Belichick for that!,” Adams tweeted. “That’s real. Congratulations Cam!” Adams, of course, is looking to force a trade to one of his preferred teams.
  • I’m excited as I don’t know what right now!,” Newton wrote on Instagram.
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9 comments on “Reactions To Cam Newton Signing With Patriots

  1. RockHauler

    Although I’m not a Cam Newton fan, this signing is low risk high reward for the Pats. Worse thing is he can’t grasp the playbook, doesn’t play well in the bad weather or just isn’t the Cam of old. Best thing is he brings a new dimension to the playbook by being able to buy time in the pocket and scramble. Plays injury free and at a high level. This also gives Stidham an additional year on his rookie deal to learn and absorb. Plus when Cam signs somewhere else after a good season the Comp pick (as stated in the article) will help offset the loss of the 3rd rounder by the NFL.

  2. ashaly2

    How are they going to get a helmet for him, he has a tree growing out of his head . Bill won’t like that at all

  3. rxbrgr

    I’m just following this story for the hot takes about how it’s racist that Newton is only being guaranteed (basically) the minimum salary. Haha can’t wait.

    • g8752

      Yes I have to agree.
      They have created controversy in NE with this move.
      Terrible decision.
      On multiple levels.

  4. mlbnyyfan

    It could of been worse if Pats tank the season and got Trevor Lawrence for the next 15yrs.

  5. dms0746

    Should be a media circus. Last we saw Cam changed his throwing style due to an injury. He’s not the same player once called MVP. It’s possible he never throws a pass in a regular season game for NE! Pretty hefty price for a gamble of this size.

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