Adam Gase A Factor In Jamal Adams’ Trade Request?

The trade request Jamal Adams submitted may not be entirely a financial matter. Adam Gase serves as a “major factor” in the All-Pro safety’s desire to leave the Jets, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News (on Twitter).

Although Gase was hired just last year, he loomed briefly as a hot-seat occupant after the Jets’ poor start. While Gang Green decided to keep him, with Gase ally Joe Douglas having been hired as GM, this has not been a smooth ride. Other Jets have taken issue with the team’s new head coach, Mehta tweets.

A lack of trust and a skepticism toward his leadership ability reside at the root of certain Jets’ problems with their head coach, Mehta adds. Adams no longer wishes to be part of a Jets turnaround and seeks a team with a more stable leadership structure compared to what the Jets have in place, per Mehta.

Reports of friction between Gase and former Jets GM Mike Maccagnan spawned quickly after the franchise paired the two, and an icy draft followed with minimal Gase input. The second-year Jets HC also took issue with the team’s Le’Veon Bell signing and was believed to frequently voice his frustrations about the running back during the season.

This marks the first report linking Gase to Adams’ desire to be traded, but it adds another layer to a quickly developing saga. The Jets have not responded to Adams’ trade request and have leverage because of the defender’s contract running through 2021. Adams took issue with Douglas listening to offers for him last year, and the then-third-year safety said he’d voiced a desire to be a long-term Jet with both Gase and Douglas before those trade talks surfaced. Issues with Jets management continue eight months later.

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27 comments on “Adam Gase A Factor In Jamal Adams’ Trade Request?

    • ctyank7

      Real simple: Adams is a Macagnan/Bowles guy. Gase favors the guys he finds and grooms. Adams has played his last game for the NYJ. Expect the return to be disappointing, maybe a couple of seconds or a second- and third- rounder. And the Jets will take a big step backward this fall.

      • phenomenalajs

        Where do you get that? That makes no sense. Jets still have leverage. This was a move by Adams to try to claim some leverage, but it’s still in his best interest to continue to play well. His continued good play is more valuable to the Jets over the next two seasons than a couple of Day 2 picks.

  1. JJB0811

    The Jets really don’t have the leverage. Everyone forget about Ramsey’s magically injured back last year? Out 3 weeks I think, and was able to play the week of his trade to LA.

    • yankees28

      He did under last collective bargain. Look at that ass jets didn’t pay last year wen he says he needs surgery after fkin up si bad and jets Doc said no

  2. mcmillankmm

    Sounds like this relationship is not repairable outside of Adams being offered the contract he wants. Jets should sit tight and wait for the best trade offer that they seem reasonable. I’m sure they’ll be doing that with Bell at the trade deadline as well.

    • I give no fox

      What team can absorb bells $15 million dollar deal midseason? He has zero trade value with that contract. Adams, on the other hand, should be able to fetch a decent return

  3. TrollHunter

    Adam Gase is just the worst!!!

    I’m not a Jets fan, but I can’t help but feel for their fans and players. Isn’t this the exact same thing that happened in Miami?

    Now the Jets are going to see every talented player on the roster tearing their ACLs trying to get out the door!!!!

    • GoChargers

      Outside of Adams it’s hard for me to think of Jets and talented players in the same sentence.

      • king beas

        Jets haven’t been good but they get hate like they’re the browns bengals dolphins lions or jags even the giants have been worse the past 5 years

        • vladdy27bo11

          nah the giants,lions,bengals,dolphins, and jags have all been to the playoffs the pst 5 years

          • the only one that won a playoff game of the bunch was the jags … heck outside of them and the giants i think the last playoff win for the other teams were back in the 90s. Atleast the jets made a couple of times to the conference championships.

            personally though i wanted gase gone before they even signed him. He is nothing special and did nothing in miami when he was there but stunt the team. On top of that the fans are paying to put up billboards to fire him, your best player is done with him, and one of the first thing he does when he becomes coach is undermine the teams big FA signing. Why is this guy still there?

  4. yankees28

    Grow the fkup b honest 99% of coaches are victim of circumstances Pete carol was a min from being the biggest bust till Wilson saved his ass belichek Shld I start harbough got fired. Harbough got fired!!! Mcvay is the biggest genius has 15 players who are all pro or where and still… can go on but there was never a coach at least for me who was worth more than a game a year

    • morebreakdowns

      Mehta is a bum who will write anything that creates a grabby headline with little to no evidence.

      A janitor at MetLife could tell him that Douglas is going to trade Adams tomorrow and he’ll report it saying a source within the organization told him.

  5. BuckarooBanzai

    Adam Gase had “Ray Handley” written all over him as early as his introductory news conference; reinforced by him having a recent history as a whining jerk

    • dmitchell624

      What people do not realize is, that Gase was considered an offensive genius because of the Denver Broncos season that was a record setting performance of 606 points. But Gase had Peyton Manning as his QB. When the Seahawks played them in the Super Bowl Gase had no answers for the Seahawk defense and Denver got trounced. Gase built his “legend” off of Peyton Manning’s 55 TD season. The Dolphins and the Jets bought into he really knew his stuff. He is a divisive and petulant man that alienates players. I look forward to the day the Jets realize he is all talk and he can’t live up to his promises.

      • wagner13

        I’m glad someone else recognizes this. The man couldn’t do anything with Tannehill at the helm either. His one successful season in Miami was a complete farce. He got carried to the postseason by Ajayi, where the team proceeded to get annihilated at the hands of the Steelers

  6. of9376

    Jets will trade Adams for pennies on the dollar. They are a miserable organization.

    • phenomenalajs

      Where do you get that? That makes no sense. Jets still have leverage. This was a move by Adams to try to claim some leverage, but it’s still in his best interest to continue to play well. His continued good play is more valuable to the Jets over the next two seasons than a couple of Day 2 picks.

      • I give no fox

        Copy and paste the first reply and last reply? I disagree that a disgruntled safety is more valuable to a rebuilding jets team than picks. The jets aren’t contenders and won’t be next year either. Trade him for multiple picks and move on.

  7. rocky7

    I wonder how many players really didn’t like playing under Don Shula, Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, Chuck Knoll etc.
    Seems the modern player feels as if they have or should have a say in the entire makeup of the team and if they aren’t feeling the love from the coach or GM… them or I”ll demand a trade.
    This guys got 2 years left on his contract that he willingly signed, which is very generous, and now he’s trying to leverage the Jets (regardless of what you feel about the team or not) into doing what’s best for him personally at all costs to the team.
    What if he sucked through his first 3 years….did the team have the right to say your contract is null and void based on your non-performance….no… didn’t think so.
    Its truly a world turned upside down!

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