Jets’ Jamal Adams Requests Trade

The Jets’ situation with Jamal Adams continues to escalate. Shortly after an Instagram reply where the All-Pro safety said it was maybe time for him to move on, he has requested a trade from the Jets, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News tweets.

The team has not granted the request yet, Mehta adds, but this certainly would represent the escalation of a situation that has developed over the past several months. Adams requested the trade Thursday, Rich Cimini of notes (on Twitter). The former No. 6 overall pick may already have a destination list. Were Adams to be traded to certain teams, Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News reports he would not request an immediate extension the way he has from the Jets (Twitter link).

Adams became eligible for a contract extension after the 2019 regular season ended. He has continued to pursue one aggressively. Because of the fifth-year option, the Jets have Adams under contract through 2021. Teams often wait on extensions for first-rounders until their fourth seasons conclude, but Adams — using the Panthers’ recent extension for fellow 2017 top-10 pick Christian McCaffrey as an example — wants to be paid this year.

The Jets took trade calls on Adams before the deadline last year — most notably from the Cowboys — but GM Joe Douglas did not unload his top talent. While the situation was believed to be addressed to cool tensions shortly after, heat has intensified in this relationship. In January, Adams says, the Jets told him that they would propose terms of a long-term extension. Last week, the standout safety says that he’s still waiting for it.

He wants a new deal by the regular season’s outset, Cimini adds. Douglas said in February he wants to keep Adams a Jet for the rest of his career, and The Athletic’s Connor Hughes tweets the team still wants to pay him. It just appears the Jets do not want to do so immediately.

Adams has become one of the league’s best safeties, being invited to the past two Pro Bowls and earning first-team All-Pro recognition after his dominant 2019 season. The LSU alum’s next contract would be in line to not only come in atop the safety market — which fellow 2017 draftee Eddie Jackson heads after his $14.6MM-per-year Bears re-up — but exceed it by a considerable margin. Of course, with the salary cap potentially set to decrease for only the second time ever — because of the COVID-19 pandemic — teams have been cautious with extensions. Adams’ Instagram comment indicated he did not want to hear the Jets were using the pandemic as an excuse not to extend him.

It is clear this situation is not close to being resolved. For now, however, Adams remains a disgruntled Jet. The team turned down a Cowboys offer of a first-round pick and a Day 3 selection. Reports of the Jets’ trade talks triggered the rift between Adams and the team.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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34 comments on “Jets’ Jamal Adams Requests Trade

  1. jeterleader

    Seahawks should take him for a few draft picks, sign clowney then trade him to the jets, and dissley

    • PapiElf

      This is a really good idea. I just have some trouble seeing Clowney just signing back with the Seahawks after four months of going back and forth.

    • echozulu88

      Why would Clowney sign just to be traded? If he didn’t know he was going to be traded I think that sets a dangerous precedent b/c players might not trust that front office anymore.

        • wagner13

          If they offer enough cash. Besides, if he signs with Seattle and immediately gets traded, wouldn’t that be the same thing as signing with th Jets?

  2. imindless

    Gonna be costly to acquire this guy. Excellent player I’m sure anyone would love to have though

    • progina

      His trade value should drop now since he requested a trade and the jets have pretty much no option but to trade him based off of the way adams is handling this situation.

      • callingoutdummies247

        The Jets have him under contract for two more years. Just because he requested a trade doesn’t mean he’ll get one. The way Adams has handled this is like a whiney head case. Whatever team takes him will have the same headache in 3-4 years because this dude will want top money again as soon as someone gets paid more than him. He’s showing his true colors as a me first player. They don’t even know what’s going to happen with next years salary cap so anyone who pays him now is going to have to deal with the consequences as soon as they new cap is announced

        • progina

          They may have him under contract but it seems like there’s a good chance he will sit it out if they don’t trade him

          • If he sits out because they don’t trade him they don’t have to pay him, which since they’re terrible wouldn’t matter too much and since no team wants to pay any player under the current circumstances with no fans likely, the jets can just wait it out to either get a good deal or he will play

      • crosseyedlemon

        Adams is basically using the same strategy as Patrick Peterson did with the Cardinals. I expect the Jets to smooth things over exactly as the Cardinals did and keep him in the fold.

  3. mrshyguy99

    this is bell all over again. crying about his money or whatever now he wants a trade because jets arent gving in to him.

  4. of9376

    Jets blew this whole thing. Should have taken a first + that the Cowboys offered.

  5. mlbnyyfan

    Wow never imagined this would happen. LoL such an obvious move so predictable. He’s going to Dallas

  6. braveshomer

    sounds about right….Adam Gase gets rid of talent any chance he gets smh

    • Afk711

      Adam Gase was against paying big money for Bell and Mosley, which has proven him correct. I don’t think he is a very good coach but don’t make ridiculous claims just because ESPN told you to think that way.

      • braveshomer

        well to be accurate it’s mostly fantasy football related ha!…by ridiculous claims do you mean players like Jarvis Landry or other players that flourish and have career years once Gase isn’t in the picture such as Tannehill, Davante Parker, Kenyan Drake, Gisecki, etc. etc. etc. ‘Get rid of’, ‘Not feature correctly’, ‘Not coach up’….whatever terminology you want to use you can’t argue Gase can’t keep or utilize talent regardless of what ESPN has told me

        • Afk711

          You said “got rid of”. I know dang well he is bleh as a coach. Only player you named he got rid of was Laundry, who was a free agent at the time. Laundry was worth a 3rd rounder and he traded him for a 4th. Not a big deal, Miami didn’t have cap room to keep him.

  7. echozulu88

    Imagine being a Bills fan this off-season. So much hope. So many tables to be broken. Exciting times.

  8. Ramon Garciaparra

    The guy is a safety. Jets already drafted his replacement anyway so not like they don’t have a backup plan. Teams should stop catering to these players not wanting to live up to the terms of their contract and the Player’s Agreement. If Jets can move him for a number 1 pick then they should get good value while they can. Otherwise if Adams wants to be paid this year he needs to show up and play out his contract.

  9. He wants 20 mm per year. If he’s that valuable, then there shouldn’t be an issue with him getting a team to give the Jets two 1st’s (Tunsil got a contract like Adams wants, and he netted Miami two 1st’s, plus). And Houston didn’t have the same option to keep him for 5 years at substantially less than that because the franchise tag is a lot more expensive for LTs.

    Jets should hold him. They are holding all the cards. I think he knows it, which is why he keeps throwing these media tantrums.

  10. Max Jackson

    The situation is over-rated. If your team can’t find a solid safety w/o a whole lot of contract drama something’s not right.

  11. hoosierhysteria

    He has a contract. If he wants to hold out pay him zero. Simple math….you can’t make up the lost earnings…the careers are too short. He should talk to Bell….whoops Bell couldn’t do the math and cost himself lots of $. Yo Melvin….same outcome. These greedy players should not be allowed to bankrupt the league. Adams is stud…have him in IDP league….but nobody is indispensable. The graveyard is full of indispensable people.

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