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The Jets thought about trading Jamal Adams before the deadline, but, ultimately, they held on to him. After the dust settled, Adams took to social media to clear the air.

Well, sort of:

At the end of the week last week, I sat down with the GM [Joe Douglas] and coach [Adam] Gase and told them I want to be here in New York,” Adams said, on Twitter. “I was told yesterday by my agent that the GM then went behind my back and shopped me around to teams, even after I asked him to keep me here! Crazy business. Any reports of me asking to be traded from the New York Jets are completely false.”

Even though Adams was not traded before the bell rang on Tuesday, the rumble is just getting started. Douglas attempted to clarify that this is a miscommunication, indicating the Jets listened to offers for Adams — rather than shop him around (Twitter link via SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano). Adams tweeted he did not ask the Jets for a trade.

Ultimately, the Jets’ asking price was too high for either the Cowboys or Ravens. Douglas sought a first-rounder and two seconds for the standout safety, per Ian Rapoport of (Twitter link). The Cowboys offered a first and a Day 3 pick, Jane Slater of adds (via Twitter). The Cowboys contacted the Jets on Adams, according to Charles Robinson on (on Twitter), backing up Douglas’ account.

Under Jets control through 2021, via the sure-to-be-exercised fifth-year option come May, Adams has emerged as one of the NFL’s top safeties. Considering the Cowboys would not part with more than a second-rounder for Earl Thomas last year, the team offering a first-rounder and change shows the ascending defender’s stock. But it’s clear the Jets will have to mend fences with Adams after this development, which ended up being the top news on a slow deadline day.

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12 comments on “Latest On Jets, Jamal Adams

  1. heartbrokentexassportsfan

    Kinda surprised a 1st and a 3rd didn’t get it done. Two years in a row we have whiffed on a safety…

    • it looks like a 1st and a day 3 pick which at best would be 4th with the way the cowboys playing would at best a mid round pick.

      A young top safety you control for multiple years has more value than that.

  2. braveshomer

    Gase is going to run every talented player out of town any chance he gets on his way to running the franchise into the ground smh…Gase is a joke. Don’t get why the Jets went that direction for a new head coach

    • Natergater77

      Curious…the Jets weren’t a great organization to begin with and had a questionable past under owner Woody.

      This article states it was Douglas shopping Addams. So how is it in Gase?

      I think Addams is the best safety in the game and a player for a contender, but not sure the Jets will contend during the next two years.

      • braveshomer

        Gase won the power struggle with former GM Maccagnan right after the draft…Douglas then brought in to work with Gase. Logic would assume Gase is pulling the strings just as much as Douglas

  3. carlos15

    Just because you tell the organization that you want to be here doesn’t mean they have to keep you here. It didn’t sound like they promised him he wouldn’t be traded. Teams listen to offers all the time, it’s a part of the game.

  4. Steezy

    If you have to have a formal meeting with your team to tell them you want to be on the team, you obviously rocked the boat yourself and we’re trying to get out. I totally don’t believe him that he never wanted out.

    • in a prior article here today regarding Jamal Adams:

      “I know he wants to play [for the Cowboys]. I know he wants to go home,” former NFL safety Ryan Clark told ESPN. “This is from speaking to him.”

  5. White Roddy

    So Adams wants to stay with the Jets…he is. Apparently the team didn’t try to shop him either. They can’t help it if teams called about his availability. They’re doing their due diligence in listening. What fences are there to mend? Adams got exactly what he wanted and is still whining. Seems a little overly sensitive and a non-story

  6. Max Jackson

    Nobody likes to get traded. Welcome to professional sports. GM’s can’t discuss trade business with players. They can only offer potential trade if the player requests it.

    Betrayal? No, it’s business and not only players are on the “trading” block when teams lose.

  7. Not giving up a 1st and at least a 2nd for Adams from the Cowboys is incredibly stupid. Adams is worth that, I know the jets wanted two 2s, but I’m sure that could have been lowered.

  8. Jets deserve this idiot, must have the largest helmet size in the NFL..
    said the Rams don’t shop Donaldson or Patriots don’t shop Brady. Dude, your no Donaldson and your no Brady! What an ahole!

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