49ers’ Raheem Mostert Requests Trade

Raheem Mostert has requested a trade from the 49ers, with agent Brett Tessler indicating months of discussions about adjusting his contract from a special teams rate have not progressed (Twitter link).

The 49ers extended Mostert in March 2019; his three-year, $8.7MM deal runs through 2021. With Tevin Coleman going down with a sprained ankle in Week 1 last year, Mostert stepped into a key run-game role. And by season’s end, he was operating in tandem with Coleman as an essential part of San Francisco’s attack.

Mostert’s contract aspirations are based around bumping his pay to the level of Coleman, per Tessler (via NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport, on Twitter). The 49ers signed Coleman to a two-year, $8.5MM deal in March 2019. Should the 49ers deny Mostert’s request, he and Coleman would be in line to share backfield work again. Only Jerick McKinnon, who remains with the team despite two missed seasons, and Jeff Wilson could make this a larger committee.

A report surfaced last week indicating the 49ers were mulling another Mostert deal. It does not appear those talks went too far. While Mostert seeking a raise adds up given the veteran’s ascent from special teams backup to productive running back, the two years remaining on the contract give the 49ers leverage. Mostert is due to make $2.6MM in 2020 base salary. His $2.9MM-AAV number ranks 25th among running backs.

Mostert, 28, bounced around the league for a while before landing with the 49ers in 2016. The ex-Purdue UDFA is the team’s longest-tenured running back, but up until 2018, he had logged just one NFL carry for six yards. Mostert averaged 7.7 yards per carry (on 34 totes) in 2018 and broke out in 2019, leading the 49ers with 772 rushing yards and pacing all running backs with 5.6 per carry. He then set a conference championship game record with four rushing touchdowns.

The 49ers traded Matt Breida to the Dolphins on Day 3 of the draft but still have Mostert, Coleman, Wilson and McKinnon under contract. The latter restructured his deal this March.

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27 comments on “49ers’ Raheem Mostert Requests Trade

  1. bigeasye

    He shouldn’t have signed the contract extension if he didn’t want to play there

    • paddyo875

      That’s quite the simple analysis that lacks any real value. It seems that SF organization is struggling to resign the premiere TE in the NFL, reworking Mostert’s contract, and staying under the cap.

      • mitchrapp

        He is 28 and has had one decent season. He’s under contract for two more seasons. If he decides to fake injury or hold out the club doesn’t have a lot invested and nobody wants a 30 year old RB with one decent season a few years ago. It is pretty simple guy.

    • echozulu88

      He signed it before his value rose. As a starting RB your time to cash in is limited. Might as well try to put pressure and hope they meet you in the middle.

    • I give no fox

      What if you were all of a sudden given massive amounts of responsibilities that your job didn’t have when you were hired? Would you not ask for a raise? He was a backup special teamer, that’s like taking a job bagging groceries and then all of a sudden you are managing the deli…

      • jkoms57

        Hes actually getting paid pretty nicely for a RB let alone ST.

        I thought it was going to say like 700k but dudes making 3 milly a year.

        Not sure what he really expects besides to be cut and end up with less

      • claude raymond

        I give no, with one exception, I agree with you. He was a star special teamer, not a back up, and that’s why his original extension was done and why it was a lot.

        But like you say, his job changed.

        Let’s keep one thing in mind everyone else, he’s REQUESTED a trade, he hasn’t DEMANDED one…sorry for the caps

  2. theking24

    As an RB, him wanting a new deal makes sense.

    I love Mostert but he won’t have the same success elsewhere as a RB.

    • echozulu88

      Reminds of RBs in Kyle Shanahan’s dad’s system. I felt like it was always a plug and play RB and you get 1000 yds.

      • the preeminent nfl outsider

        Yeah Mike had one of the best eyes for RB talent and fit best in his system. Every year in fantasy you could steal a stud RB, third on Denver’s depth chart with a late rd pick in your fantasy draft, once that dude’s number was called he would produce.

      • jkoms57

        I agree in total.

        RBs got it rough. They take a beating for the team.

        But are highly replaceable and success is in large part due to o-line and system.

        DeMarco Murray leaves to become a nobody, Zeke steps right in.

        Lev Bell leaves to become a Jet, 5th round pick James Conner steps right in.

        I could list about 100 more examples.

        In fact it will be interesting to see how CMac does in his new scheme this year

  3. The3ofDiamonds

    Makes sense on both sides to me…

    As a RB your window to make your money is very small. He went out and had a great year last year and is the best RB on the team. Doesn’t seem like he is saying he needs to be one of the highest paid RB in the league just wants a reasonable bump.

    On the other side … he just signed a deal not to long ago. He earned/they gave him a shot to be a RB and not just a special teamer. Who knows if he is on another team if he even gets that shot. There’s also little doubt in my mind he greatly benefits from the system and who knows how successful he would even be on another team. He also really has only shown one year of sustained success. The 49ers may be like hey, your under contract, go show it again and then you’ll get paid.

    There is a difference between someone under contract for multiple years and someone who can freely quit their job because they can make money somewhere else. When you enter into a deal both sides feel it’s reasonably fair, or the best they can get at the time, and there are risks on both sides.

  4. seattlesuperfan

    Oh baby this made my day cause I honestly think he’s a top back in the league based off production. Him and eckler are going to have a hell of a year but now where he goes if anywhere idk

    • wagner13

      I’m more skeptical. We’ve seen ordinary runningbacks have great success with the Shanahan blocking schemes before. Just ask Olandis Gary, Mike Anderson, Tatum Bell, Alfred Morris, and Devonta Freeman how their careers turned out following their respective departures

  5. Jcool90

    Signed that contract. They gotta see whatcha can do this yr, might suck lol. Never know.

  6. Dodgethis

    He only had one decent year. He just happened to be on a great team. Maybe he should try doing it again next year before making demands, especially since he’s been around the league forever and hasn’t found success anywhere else.

  7. Kevskins

    McKinnon is suppose to be healthy and he has that big contract so they may just trade him and go with what they got. I don’t think It’d honestly hurt them and they’ll get a draft pick for him as well maybe a 4th because of his contract even if he were to sign a minor extension with whatever team. I would say the Dolphins should make a move

  8. Mostert’s season was very inflated due to a good offensive line and run first offense. With McKinnon finally healthy he’s extra depth that isn’t worth the contract increase for reduced touches.

    Plus with a tight cap it makes sense to move him for a pick or two with 2 years control left.

    The Niners can then use the cash to add to the Kittle fund. Word is the Niners and Kittle are going to get a deal done around the 15M mark which would make him the highest paid TE by about 6M with Mostert out of the picture they’re right there cap wise.

    Mostert has just made himself the next Breida or Hyde….

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