Browns Aren’t Interested In Everson Griffen, Clay Matthews

The Browns are still showing interest in Jadeveon Clowney, but they’re not quite as keen on the market’s other top edge rushers. Everson Griffen and Clay Matthews do not seem to be on their radar, according to Mary Kay Cabot of The Plain Dealer.

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Griffen’s market has been slow to develop so far. Earlier this summer, he was linked to the Cardinals, but there hasn’t been any movement on that front, to our knowledge. Griffen, 32, has 74.5 sacks to his credit over ten NFL seasons. And, since Clowney came into the league in 2014, Griffen has registered 55 sacks. Still, Clowney is six years younger and the Browns likely see him as having better upside for 2020.

Matthews, 34, racked up eight sacks in 13 games (all starts) last year, despite missing some time with a broken jaw. In the interest of equal time, the sacks may not tell the whole story – Matthews had just 11 QB hits in 2019, similar to his 12 QB hits in 2018 with the Packers. In his final season with Green Bay, Matthews finished out with just 3.5 sacks.

Ultimately, it sounds like the Browns are open to replacing Olivier Vernon as their No. 2 DE, but only if they can find an edge rusher who represents a clear upgrade. And, from the sound of it, Clowney is the only available pass rusher who fits the bill.

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10 comments on “Browns Aren’t Interested In Everson Griffen, Clay Matthews

  1. Appalachian_Outlaw

    If I were a GM, I’d rather have Griffen than Clowney. I don’t care about the age. Griffen is more substance on the field.

    Depending on the price, I might even prefer Matthews?

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        On a minimum deal, or close to it though? What’s the risk? If he doesn’t fit, you play him sparingly and take advantage of his leadership; or just cut bait. If he does fit though, you’ll get more from him than you would Clowney.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      His dad played there for 16 years, give him a chance, he’s a legacy.

      • wagner13

        Teams shouldn’t use ‘member berries as an excuse for overlooking personnel fit

  2. I don’t think Matthews is a bad scheme fit for the browns. Browns run a 4-3, sure, but browns are embarrassingly short on LBs and could use some depth at the DE position. At this stage of his career, he shouldn’t demand starter money and probably be a half time player. If the browns could sign Griffen and Matthews for the same cost that it would take to sign clowney for one season, i would take that duo over Clowney… browns need to either restructure Vernon’s contract or let him go. Would prefer the restructure to around $7MM, pay Griffen around $7MM and then Matthews around $6MM. Browns can find a way to get Matthews in on passing situations from the LB position. It’s not something he hasn’t done before.

    • mitchrapp

      The Browns have enough guys who can get burnt on coverage they don’t needed an aged linebacker for that.

  3. Browns aren’t looking at just this coming season. They are a team with young core pieces and a window of a couple of years with significant cap space. They want to add a potential core piece while its still possible. Because of age, Clowney fits and the others don’t.

  4. playicy

    I would go after Matthews just because of his father playing with you and you need a leader in you linebacker core, and Griffen is way better than clowney, because he is on the field all the time for starters

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