Chiefs’ Chris Jones Threatening Holdout?

On Tuesday night,’s Mike Garafolo estimated that Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones wouldn’t bite on an extension worth anything less than $20MM per year. Moments later, his gut feeling was confirmed by Jones himself.

Or I won’t play,” Jones tweeted. “[Le’Veon Bell] told me about this.”

Jones, of course, is referencing Bell’s messy final year with the Steelers. In 2018, the Steelers placed a second straight tag on Bell worth $14.5MM. Bell, meanwhile, wanted a long-term deal to reflect his combined value as an elite running back and a WR2 caliber receiver. When he didn’t get what he wanted, he held out for the entire season.

The following year, Bell got a five-year, $52.5MM deal from the Jets with $35MM guaranteed. It was a decent-sized deal for sure, but still shy of Bell’s original asking price and short of the throne for the league’s highest-paid RB mantle. Also, Bell lost out on a full year of salary.

If Jones stays away from the Chiefs and holds out during the regular season, he’d be losing more than $1MM per game. Still, the 25-year-old seems dead set on getting the deal he wants. Last year, Jones graded out as Pro Football Focus’ No. 7 ranked interior defensive lineman in the league and notched nine sacks. In 2018, when he saw more time on the edge, he registered 15.5 sacks. Jones understands his free market value and he says he won’t settle for less, or risk catastrophic injury in the interim.

Currently, the defensive tackle market is led by Aaron Donald ($22.5MM/year) and DeForest Buckner ($21MM/year). Meanwhile, Bears superstar Khalil Mack ($23MM AAV) leads all defensive players in average annual value.

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14 comments on “Chiefs’ Chris Jones Threatening Holdout?

  1. Then let him sit a year. I hate when a player thinks he can force a team to give him whatever money he wants. If they did that in the real world of working, their asses would be on the curb with no job!! GROW UP AND BE HAPPY THAT YOU ARE A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE AND DOING A JOB THAT YOU LOVE TO DO!!!!!

    • xpackyank

      Lmao a little different when you’re one of the best on the planet at doing something vs an average American schmuck

    • cant_teach_speed

      What is the defect with football fans? Why do so many people have issues with the guys who are going to destroy their bodies over a few years for our entertainment getting their market value? I get we aren’t millionaires for what we do for work, but think of this- I’m probably underpaid and you are too. Can you imagine unemployed people coming in and screaming at you ‘At least you have a job!’ when you asked for a raise? Fuck billionaires.

        • cant_teach_speed

          I’m saying why do people who are neither side with billionaires? I don’t tune in on Sundays to watch them, I tune in to watch the players. The players have short careers in most cases, why are so many people worried about their negotiations.

          • xpackyank

            ^^^great points Can’t Teach. I’m always amazed too when people go after players for trying to get $ but somehow the billionaires get free passes. We have plenty of old rich white men in America to own a team,only a handful who are the very best at their respective positions to actually play. You said it best, we’re all there to watch the players not the owners.

            • Paul1989

              Actually we have plenty of rich people of all colors in this country, at least for a little while longer.

  2. How can any team offer an expensive long term contract right now? The salary cap will probably go down for next year if there are no fans or much less fans in the stands; he should take the one year deal at $16.1 mil and search for a long term deal next year.

  3. jjabrony

    If you click in the link to Chris Jones, you’ll see he’s clearly not worth the 20 million per yr he’s asking for. He barely broke 41 yards per punt! I’d give him 15 million at best.

  4. wagner13

    I can see both sides of the argument here.

    If you’re Jones, you’ve put together back to back dominant seasons at one of the league’s most impactful positions. He proved his worth as both a stout run-defender and fearful pass-rusher, now expecting to be rightfully rewarded. He just witnessed a comparable player in Buckner receive his payday and is likely jealous.

    On the other hand, Kansas City needs to be mindful of their future financial commitments. They still need to extend Mahomes and the crippling fiscal environment isn’t helping matters. Bottom line, regardless of how well Jones plays, Mahomes is the top priority and determines the future of the organization. The Chiefs likely want to retain Jones but want a clear picture before making such a risky investment

    • HubcapDiamondStarHalo

      It will be a very impressive feat if they can trade him to all three teams.

  5. kylewait89

    From a football standpoint, of course you try to keep him. The issue is they have to pay Mahomes and if it’s either/or, Jones isn’t winning that battle.

    From a business side, let him make whatever decision he’ll make. Whether he sits or plays, the Chiefs maximized what they’ll ever get out of him. They won a SB and got 33 sacks from him. They likely never see a SB if they sign him to a huge contract. It’s also unlikely they get the production that warrants paying him.

    If I’m him, I do whatever is best for me. I just wouldn’t blame the Chiefs is they waved him out the door.

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