Cowboys, Dak Prescott Haven’t Had Talks In Weeks

Deadlines tend to spur action, but today’s deadline probably won’t move the needle for Dak Prescott and the Cowboys. The two sides are not expected to hammer out an extension by 4pm ET/3pm CT, Adam Schefter of tweets.

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In fact, the Cowboys haven’t talked with their franchise-tag quarterback in weeks, according to Ed Werder of (on Twitter). Their last chat took place on June 22 – since then, it’s been dead quiet. Barring a major change, Prescott will become just the third quarterback in NFL history to actually play out the season on his franchise tender, joining Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins (twice).

Prescott will earn $31.4MM this year, and the Cowboys won’t be able to resume talks with him until after the season. If Prescott manages to turn in a full season that mirrors his exceptional first-half of 2019, he’ll be in line for an absolute fortune. Next year’s tag would cost the Cowboys $37.7MM, a number that’s basically unworkable for a team that’s already top-heavy in salary. Beyond that, there’s also the possibility of a major NFL-wide cap reduction, though that would impact players in equal measure.

Prescott, 27, has been aiming to top Russell Wilson‘s $35MM-per-year deal. There’s been some chatter about Patrick Mahomes‘ $45MM/year deal working to Prescott’s advantage, but that probably won’t serve as a comp for his camp. Prescott has been seeking a deal on the shorter side and Mahomes’ deal goes for ten years.

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9 comments on “Cowboys, Dak Prescott Haven’t Had Talks In Weeks

  1. rondon

    Prescott has talent, but he has not shown the leadership skills of true franchise guys like,Wilson, Brady or even Cousins and especially, Mahomes. Until he actually sustains a high level of performance for an entire season and then at least a post season or two, the Cowboys would be crazy to pay him ‘Wilson” money.

    • realsox

      rondon: your comment confuses me. First you say he hasn’t shown “leadership skills of true franchise guys.” But then you assert that he must sustain “a high level of performance for an entire season and then at least a post season or two” before he gets “‘Wilson’ money.” Well, which is it? Or does performance equal leadership skills?

  2. bradthebluefish

    Good leader, good QB, worthy of an extension, but nothing crazy. I still think they should tell Prescott to take a hike and run with Andy Dalton along with whatever players they can get from savings $30 million from removing the franchise tag.

  3. MBarry

    If they can’t cut a deal I can see Rodgers playing in Dallas in the future.

    • ron swanson

      Rodgers was apparently sick of McCarthy the last few years in Green Bay. Don’t see that happening.

  4. Piratepete7

    In 2019, the Cowboys had an above average defense, a still excellent o-line, a top 5 running back, and an above average passing game. They also had the benefit of playing in the worst division of football, playing 4 games against 2 of the worst teams in the sport.

    If Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, or even Jameis Winston had been their quarterback in such a situation, how many games would you have expected them to win? 8? 9? 10+?

    I’m not saying these guys are better than Dak, but why pay him so much money if he’s not going to elevate the team above mediocrity when cheap who could do the same or better are relatively available?

  5. mlbnyyfan

    Does anyone really feel sorry for Dak only making 31.4 Million. Go win a Super Bowl and trust me you will get paid. You Don’t deserve big money until you do something in the playoffs. If you don’t win then stop wasting the fans of the Cowboys time. Move on to someone else.

    • Miklo916

      That’s crazy how you say do something I mean wentz got paid what has he accomplished that ring he has he didn’t win foles did that

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