Dak Prescott Wanted To Take Cowboys’ Final Offer?

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott will play out the 2020 season on his franchise tender, and reports from yesterday suggested that, despite some some 11th-hour communicating, player and team did not make much progress towards an extension. This was after weeks had gone by without any contract talks at all.

But Jane Slater of the NFL Network says Dallas’ final offer was very much to Prescott’s liking (Twitter link). That offer included an average annual value of $33MM-$35MM, though that is a pretty sizable gap in the context of these negotiations, given that the Cowboys’ best-known prior offer featured an AAV just north of $33MM while Prescott’s camp was pushing for a $35MM+ AAV. However, Dallas’ latest proposal reportedly featured $110MM in guarantees, with a $50MM signing bonus and $70MM over the first two years.

According to Slater, Prescott wanted to get that deal done, but it was simply too close to the 3pm CT deadline to make it happen. And that’s notable, because as Joel Corry of CBS Sports writes, the contract would have been for five years, and the team’s preferred five-year term versus Prescott’s hope for a four-year pact has long been a sticking point between the two sides.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, though, isn’t buying it. Robinson says Prescott and the Cowboys have never been closer to an extension than they were late last summer, and that multiple sources confirmed as much. There was never a middle ground on years, average salary, or guarantees, which means that the two sides will largely be starting from square one when they reconvene next offseason.

And assuming Prescott plays well in 2020, he will almost certainly be tagged again, as it would be surprising for his camp and Dallas to come to terms prior to the franchise tag deadline in March. That tag is projected to have a value just shy of $38MM, which would be a tough pill for Dallas to swallow.

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31 comments on “Dak Prescott Wanted To Take Cowboys’ Final Offer?

  1. case7187

    It’s plan to see a lot of guys only care about them selves and money

    One of the main reasons why the pats won so much is because the goat would take less then market value so they can sign players that help

    And their so money hungry these guys make millions but yet they still charge fans for autographs you know the same fans that make it so you can make that kinda money

  2. JJB0811

    The new Cousins. Dak is playing his cards right. Deal after deal. Milk the league for all you can!

  3. of9376

    Dak is going to screw this up. He will never have more value than he does with Dallas. He may end up getting more money elsewhere but he won’t be on a good team.

    • Sportsfantatic

      Just watch he goes to San Diego or Vegas orr even Carolina lol. 1 Idea is New England could be a surprise spot

      • Ak185

        You know, I doubt this would happen because they want their own QB, but it would be really interesting to see Prescott in Carolina.

      • Belichek wouldn’t pay Prescott more than $20 million (okay $22 million). He believe in value for money. In exchange a player gets an even money shot at a Super Bowl every two years.

  4. Sportsfantatic

    Actually Prescott tag this will cost The Cowboys 31.4Mil its the avg salary of the top 3 QBs i believe.. Kirk Cousins did the same thing Washington.. Washington refused to lock him up longterm soo he said screw it ill take the tag.. Iff Prescott dont agree next yr his 2nd tag will cost over 38Mil thats where you are getting the $38mil number its his 2nd tag.. He be dumb not too take the tag.. Its a buisness move and i bet you iff a longterm deal aint worked out next yr he will be in his 2nd tag doubt he will threaten to sit out bc thats not him… The 3rd tag iff it happens is even higher thats why Washington let Cousins go just couldnt afford a 3rd tag.. In my opinion NFL teams needs to set it 1 tag only.. No 2nd tag. Iff they doo a 2nd tag than by law they should set it up that they lose their 2nd top draft pick in the Draft that will kill the 2nd tag..

    • mlbnyyfan

      With all the endorsements Dak gets being the QB in Dallas why can’t Dak take a lesser deal. If I’m Dallas send him to Jacksonville and Dallas gets Trevor Lawrence

      • bradthebluefish

        Agreed. It is a privilege to be a Cowboy. Best to understand that now before it is gone.

      • Sportsfantatic

        No guarentee Lawrence does well in the NFL… Atleast they know what to expect from Prescott.. In The NFL IFF you have a choice you take proven talent rather not proven..

        • unbiasedmedia

          They have a average QB who would be horrible on a bad team. Dallas needs to cut ties and move on

  5. Everyone acting like he had his best year and won’t replicate or do better. Has anyone seen who he has on offense this year??? I’m an eagles fan and it hurts to say he’s doing the right thing here. Normally I wouldn’t turn down money in fear of injury, but if he can’t put up prime Manning numbers with this offense then he deserves what he gets stuck with.

  6. gmmayock

    Turning down $100 million in guarantees…beyond stupid. For what he wanted 34per and they offered 33 per. That’s 5 million that won’t even be seen that rolls in to the 5th year non guarantee.

  7. zephyrcowboyfan

    Agreeing with Brad and gmmayock. There are a few scenarios that cause serious problems for Dak:
    1. Career-ending injury costs him $100million+
    2. Season-ending injury casts doubt on 2021. 3. Another 8-8 season (Can’t blame Jason.)
    4. Lose in 1st round playoffs (Can’t blame Jason)
    Any one of these very real possibilities make the failure to sign a deal VERY expensive to Dak.
    And if he really wanted to accept, is it time to find an agent who can get it done on very short notice? This is Jerry’s way (and wish it were not so).

    • agentx

      All good points, though Cowboys fans could blame Jason if he helps the Giants somehow beat Dallas out of a postseason berth.

  8. bradthebluefish

    If he wanted a deal, he would’ve had the deal. Dak is just saying to this curry favor with the fans.

  9. RyanO

    Yeah this whole situation is odd. They offer 33 but he wants 35 like you can’t make up 10 mil in endorsements over 5 years as Dallas QB?
    Something else must be up. If I’m DAL I offer similar deal next year if he says no trade em I don’t think he’s a top 5 QB or worth 38 mil with that supporting cast.

    • dlevin11

      What other QBs get national commercials like Dak. He should have signed the latest contract offer.

  10. Sportsfantatic

    The real question is does he fit Mike McCarthys offense?? Thats the key it was prob a smart deal with The Cowboys bc Whatt Iff he under performs under a new offense?? Than What iff he puts together MVP type numbers?? Well never know.. I can tell youu this McCarthy is a QBs coach meaning his offense relys on atleast 75% pass offense iff not more.. But he also never had a RB on any of his teams like Elliot soo well see..

    • unbiasedmedia

      Elliot wasn’t a factor last year and with no offseason work outs he about to be another overhyped running back signed to a bad contract

      • cka2nd

        He has a combined 1,777 yards and 14 TD’s from scrimmage, only three fumbles out of 355 touches, and the team won all six games in which he gained at least 111 yards on the ground (by an average of 22.5 points per game!), and “Elliot wasn’t a factor last year?”

    • RyanO

      They are running basically the same offense as last year literally a key point of hiring McCarthy was him keeping kellen Moore as OC

      • Ak185

        There will be changes over time, however. You don’t hire an offensive specialist to run a different system. Jerry wanted someone with a pedigree and experience to fix what Garrett let slip, but the other side of that is that the experienced guy has his own way of doing things that he has confidence in. Eventually the team will change, and if Moore is there in two years, I doubt that his offense looks the same.

        The other advantage with someone like McCarthy is, theoretically at least, hiring him gives you the freedom to cut bait and rebuild with a new QB and offensive system if you want to. You trust McCarthy to install a new offense and find/develop a new QB because he is experienced, at least moreso than a first time or young and unproven coach. This has less to do with McCarthy himself and more to do with having a coach with over a decade’s worth of experience and a mostly successful resume. McCarthy is sticking with last year’s defense and offense for now to not shock the system immediately, but over time he will certainly transition to his traditional areas of comfort. Any time something goes wrong, he’s going to revert to something he knows worked instead of using someone else’s solution.

        Adding to all of this is the fact that Andy Dalton is around on a cheap deal. I think Prescott is worth a deal, but it would be comparatively easier for the Cowboys to move on than most other teams in this situation.

        • earmbrister

          Ak, I agree that Prescott is worth a new deal. However, I don’t follow that it’s comparatively easier for the Cowboys to move on from him. Dalton, who is not near the QB that Prescott is, only is signed for the one year at a backup’s salary.

          • Ak185

            That’s true, but the reason that it is comparatively (emphasis on “comparatively”) easier is that that the Cowboys have a backup that they can trust to be adequate. In addition, they have a coach that SHOULD be be adequate, given his pedigree and pay. So, in comparison to most teams that lose their franchise starter, they at least can try to contend. It’s never good to lose a homegrown star, particularly at QB, but worst comes to be, they’re at least set up to be okay and not awful. Everyone knows, though, that at the end of the day, you need to keep your drafted players in order to be successful. Dak qualifies, and offers more upside than Dalton, but Dalton is certainly capable of leading a team if need be.

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