NFLPA Pushing To Cancel Preseason? 

NFL owners are looking to shorten the preseason from four games to two. Meanwhile, some of the NFLPA’s leaders are wondering whether there should be any exhibition games played at all, Mike Garafolo of hears (Twitter link).

Those opposed to preseason games argue that it’s an unnecessary risk. The games, after all, don’t count towards the standings. The league, meanwhile, believes that they can mitigate some of that risk and give extra lead time to teams by cutting the preseason in half.

Per the terms of the CBA, this isn’t a matter that’s up for negotiation. The NFL has the right to schedule up to four preseason games per year, making them the sole party in charge of the exhibition slate’s length. Still, because this is a matter of public safety, the NFLPA figures to have some pull. The two sides will chat on Thursday and Friday. After that, we should have a clearer picture of what’s to come.

For now, the league is planning to start training camps on July 28th. The NFL is hoping to bring rookies in for COVID-19 testing on July 19, Mike Florio of PFT hears, with conditioning starting on July 21. After that, the league is proposing conditioning and testing for veterans in the days that follow.

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7 comments on “NFLPA Pushing To Cancel Preseason? 

  1. Marner#16

    It’s certainly not to early. With all the cases coming out, hence football rosters are huge. Throw in coaching staff etc and you have more chances of a major outbreak.

    Really are you that dumb? Let me guess you don’t wear a mask and live in the states, keep drinking the kool aid!

  2. Vladimir_Trump

    To dangerous to have fans at the games.

    But safe for the players and coaches?

    Makes perfect sense, not!

  3. Sportsfantatic

    Does it really matter?? They play 2 preseason games teams will run a minium staff and players wont play any of there top guys just 2nd 3rd string iff that.. Wont even let the starters show up to the game to watch.. Kind of pointless.. I mean a warmup game would help but theoretically they can do there own team scrimages on there own.. Eventually they will have to start the season regardless maybe the NFL makes the team run a mininum staff meaning only 2 team trainers present and limit the coaches on sidelines

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