Patriots’ Patrick Chung Opts Out

Patriots safety Patrick Chung will opt out of the 2020 season, according to’s Mike Reiss (on Twitter). That makes Chung the sixth Patriots player to opt out, a list that also includes middle linebacker Dont’a Hightower and right tackle Marcus Cannon.

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The Patriots selected Chung in the second round of the 2009 draft, and he has spent all but one year of his career with New England. In that time, he’s started in 112 regular season games and collected three Super Bowl rings. Unlike Hightower, he’s never been selected for a Pro Bowl, but he’s an important member of the Patriots’ D nonetheless.

In May, the Patriots re-upped Chung on an extension that would allow him to earn up to $12.8MM over the next four seasons. Now, he’s effectively under club control for five years. Chung’s contract will toll for 2020 and resume in 2021.

Last year, Chung appeared in 13 games and recorded 51 tackles, three passes defended, and one tackle for loss.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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11 comments on “Patriots’ Patrick Chung Opts Out

    • Technically correct

      That is a fun narrative, but I’m not sure it is something the players care about or factor in at all. Organization probably has thought about it, especially with the microscope they’ll be under now that Tom is gone, but it seems pretty far fetched that they’d have any sway over these opt out decisions.

      • CowboysoldierFTW

        Agreed TC. The players are making their choices based on their specific needs and beliefs.

    • just my opinion

      They could do a suck for number one draft pick with or without these players . That being said,
      They lost some key contributors with the opt outs but considering all things any team could tank with an all pro at every position . Clearly personal decisions of players here for those patriots and every other team as well
      Tough losses for them however good luck

  1. wagner13

    This opt-out isn’t as impactful as people make it out to be. Chung is a product of New England’s system. Besides, the team still has ample depth with McCourty, Phillips, and rookie Kyle Dugger

    • Boston2AZ

      If you read these boards regularly, you’ll learn that EVERY Patriots player is just a product of New England’s system. It’s a mystery how a team with just limited players has won 6 SBs, isn’t it?

      • wagner13

        That’s not necessarily true. McCourty is a very talented player in his own right, along with Gilmore and Hightower. A lot of the players on New England’s defense thrive because of the way Belichick uses them and I don’t think you can dispute that. Chung in particular graded out horrifically in his one season on the Eagles according to PFF. He’s also 33 and was going to lose snaps regardless. Just because I mildly criticized one player on the Patriots doesn’t make a “hater” or whatever

  2. Ramon Garciaparra

    Patriots have recent high round draft picks to replace these veterans. Veterans have always been a key component to Patriots success but sometimes at the expense of developing young players. This will force the issue and in the process this edition of Patriots will be faster, more athletic. And unfortunately more mistake prone. Coach will be grumpy. They also get cap relief for these opt outs. Would not be a surprise to see them sign Clowney to a one year deal.

  3. Pats will still win the AFC East, without #12, Buffalo and Miami will be on Prozac by New Year’s Day.

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