Redskins Name Change Expected Soon

Washington is expected to have a new team name by the start of the season. After years of a hardline stance against moving on from the controversial “Redskins” moniker, Daniel Snyder is “committed” to changing the name by the start of the season, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports.

A new name could be coming within days, with Yahoo’s Charles Robinson indicating during an appearance on Saturday Sports Brunch with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Clarence Hill and ESPN 103.3’s D.J. Ringgenberg that a change is “imminent” (Twitter link). This was the expected course of action, but Washington will almost certainly not have a farewell season for this oft-scrutinized team identity.

This comes after FedEx and other sponsors applied pressure on the franchise to change the team name it has used for 87 years. The Redskins play at FedEx Field. The company sent a letter to the franchise July 2 threatening to remove its signage from the stadium after the 2020 season if the name wasn’t changed, Liz Clarke of the Washington Post reports. The parties agreed to a naming rights deal in 1999; that pact runs through 2027.

The Boston Braves became the Boston Redskins in 1933, the franchise’s second year. Should Washington unveil a new team name, it will mark the first NFL mascot change since the Tennessee Oilers became the Titans in 1999 in the franchise’s third season upon relocating from Houston.

Washington’s new team, as of now, is on track to keep the same color scheme, John Keim of notes. The new name will not feature Native American imagery, Adam Schefter of tweets. The latest Las Vegas odds favor “Redtails,” “Generals,” and “Presidents” to become the new name.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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128 comments on “Redskins Name Change Expected Soon

  1. acarneglia

    Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves! Redskins! Blackhawks! Chiefs! Braves!

    • CowboysoldierFTW

      Wow you learned how to copy, cut and paste!

      I thought Washington Warriors sounded good.

      • acarneglia

        Just gotta post these “racist” names for the haters to get pissed off about.

        • Did it help you feel better? Or the better question, why are you so bothered in the first place?

          • TheBlueMeanie

            Maybe look it up for yourself instead of implying they’re not racist because you personally aren’t affected.

            • Maybe you can look up the 2016 poll that showed 90% of Native Americans were either neutral or positive towards the name. This is the same as everything else, a small group of screaming entitled people wanting “change” to feel better about themselves.

              • TheBlueMeanie

                But… but… but a random poll from four years ago… a small group of screaming, indignant white people claiming nothing is “racist” to feel better about themselves. These are the same kind of people that confuse inconvenience with oppression and racism with patriotism.

                • locotrouble

                  Blue – FYI I’m Native American and I don’t care about the name and my uncle was Chief Black Hawk too – so before you say something know the facts and truth about it.

                  • TheBlueMeanie

                    So you speak for all Native Americans now? I’m part Cherokee, but who cares? That doesn’t matter. Just because you personally aren’t offended and just because a random poll from four years ago, that a select group of Native Americans participated in, doesn’t mean the name isn’t insensitive and it doesn’t mean that one poll represents every single Native American in the country. I’m a Cleveland Indians fan. Did I think Chief Wahoo was offensive? No, but I could more than understand why others thought that way. Some of us are just trying to evolve, learn, understand and be more conscientious as we go instead of combatting everything because you personally don’t like change, don’t find it offensive or it simply doesn’t affect you.

                    • locotrouble

                      You still never answered the question on how it was racist?
                      Did I ever say I was speaking on the behave of all Native Americans? Nope I said I didn’t care about the name. Other issues are hurting Americans not a NFL football team name. It’s a name – ever heard the saying sticks and bones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? It’s a team name!!! If that is the case I can find something wrong about ever Team name out there.

                      • TheBlueMeanie

                        Search engines are really helpful for this very thing. Go find out why it’s racist for yourself instead of being childish, playing dumb and acting like people are obligated to answer your stupid question.

                        • locotrouble

                          Just answer it. Or is it because you have no idea and you are going with what other people are saying?
                          You would stand in a line and not even know what it’s for…. you are a simple to read – follower!!!! That is all you can do

                          • TheBlueMeanie

                            No, it’s actually because I don’t owe a entitled cretin like you anything. Get a life.

            • Steve Nebraska

              The only one that is racist is the Redskins since it is a pejorative. The Blackhawks and Braves just describe a type of Native America. It would be no different than calling a team the Warriors or the Spartans, etc. The Chiefs would be like calling a team the Kings. The Redskins need to change, but I don’t see why the other’s do.

      • letmeclearmythroat74

        How about just “ Skins” … if I’m not mistaken everyone has skin…that’s what half the people call them anyway .. I had red skin a couple weeks ago ( sunburn ) just saying … Redskins could mean a bunch of clowns that stayed out at the pool too long

  2. Hannibal8us

    Come on Washington Redskin Potatoes. Perfect for the quality of play on the field.

    • DTD_ATL

      Why is this the right thing? The name and logo were literally conceived with input from a tribal council who’s leader said he was thrilled with the recognition. Maybe if you’d actually make an attempt to learn a little history, you’d actually learn a thing or 2.

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        Agreed, DTD. Unfortunately a very vocal few just scream, “cancel” every time they don’t like something any more. Then it happens because no one will stand up and say, “no, you don’t just get your way.” Nevermind the fact that polls were done showing a majority of Native Americans didn’t have an issue with the name.

      • jmac2121

        Does the naming of a football team constitute as a history class lesson for you? Wow haha
        It’s called a PR stunt and bag of money back then…

      • elscorcho the marlin
        elscorcho the marlin

        There were also small tribal councils that sold other Indian tribes land to America that wasn’t theirs. You can’t say “a tribal council” when there are a multitude of tribes. If you do your research, many tribes are either offended or conflicted by the name. Some, have no problem with it and look at it as a nickname. This issue isn’t liberal versus conservative (I don’t have any love for either, at this point with all your jingoism), it’s about people.

    • But why are you so mad? Were you so mad when the Oilers became the Titans? Bullets to Wizards? Bobcats to Hornets? It’s a sports team name. You’ll be OK.

    • That’s rich considering the amount of whining, crying, hysteria, and claims of being victimized coming from people who don’t want a football team’s name changed.

      Look at all the crybabies in this very comment section whining about ‘cancel culture’ and calling it ‘as bad as racism’ (it’s not, by like a billion miles). Pathetic, weak babies. Wahhhh, I need my team name! Wahhh, I’m worried that if I say I support Trump, I’ll be ‘canceled’!

      Get over it. It’s changing, times are changing. Get with the program or get left behind.

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        Lmao. Dumb comment.

        Cancel culture-
        Support trump? Get you fired from your job or protest outside your business and not let people in
        Support trump? Attack you for wearing maga gear
        Support trump? They’ll dox you and post your address and personal info online.

        Cancel culture is becoming as bad as racism. There’s very little difference between beating up someone cause of their skin color vs beating up someone cause of their political ideology. If you don’t think so you’re either blind, deaf, dumb, or all 3.

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        The funny part is it’s a bunch of white liberals telling minorities how they should think, feel, act, and behave.

        And when minorities speak up against the movement or don’t agree with certain things those same white liberals call them derogatory racist terms and names like uncle tom.

        Yeah! That’ll show those uppity minorities trying to think for themselves and not agree with our movement……says the white people.

        • jkoms57

          The useful idiots will suffer the same fate sealed when a communist regime takes over in the name of equality

  3. DarkSide830

    Redtails is actually a really cool name. not a major phonetic change, but also solves the issue of the racial notes in the name. also, as someone who sees redtailed hawks on a frequent basis, the homage is nice.

    • mstockw1

      Redtails sounds alot better than Warriors… but I’m not a DC fan anyways…

    • Ak185

      There’s some way to also allow for tribute to the Tuskegee airmen, so it seems logical from a P.R. perspective. Either way, it sounds better than the generic “Generals” or “Presidents”. Besides, using a rank as a team name is just weird. An entire team of Generals? Their payroll must be huge!

  4. Dodgethis

    Congrats morons, now one less team will honor the tribal Americans. You know the new name will have nothing to do with it, so you have effectively removed them from sight. Tell me again who the racists are…

    • ‘Redskins’ does not in any way honor ‘tribal Americans’. Silly argument based on a falsehood.

      • All American Johnsonville Dogs

        Removing logos of native Americans and cultural figures like aunt jemima takes minorities out of mainstream representation.

        They left the white dude for quaker oats. They are leaving the fighting irish depicting a cartoon drunken irish man fighting for notre dame…..

        But sure leave the white folk represented and take out minorities represented. FYI, quaker oats and the fighting irish logo….both insensitive.

        And minorities wonder why they aren’t “represented” enough.

        • jkoms57

          I’m gonna laugh so hard if its Washington Presidents.

          Biggest slap in the face ever once Donald Trumps face replaces the Indian logo

        • wagner13

          @All American Johnsonville Dogs

          I really hope you’re trolling. To suggest Aunt Jemima is a “cultural figure” positively representing minorities is borderline ignorant. The logo is directly based off a blackface figure from an offensive and derogatory minstrel show. Don’t believe me? Do the research for yourself

          link to

          • All American Johnsonville Dogs

            Reread my comment.

            They leave culturally insensitve white logos- quaker oats and fighting irish- but get rid of the culturally insensitice minority ones- redskins and aunt jemima?

            Lmao yeah, that makes sense. Get rid of the minority logos but leave the white logos…..

            The fighting irish logo depicting a drunk irishman dressed as a leprechaun is just as racist as aunt jemima being based off black face.

            Naming a college mascot the fighting irish based off the stereotype irish people are violent and get into fights is just as racist as redskins.

            All you’re doing is removing minorities from logos. Good or bad you’re removing them and leaving only white people depicted in logos and team names.

            Get rid of redskins….but leave the white viking mascot, logo, and team name.

            But hey, if you only want things to be named after white people and only white people to be put on products you’re doing a bang up job.

          • Dodgethis

            Aunt Jemima is a black owned company. Tell me again how it’s racist for a black person to depict a black person. Please link to another widely discredited organization as a source.

            • Dodgethis

              This is right up there with “voter ID laws are racist because it makes it harder for minorities…”, As if only white people are capable of standing in line at the DMV… Get out of here.

      • Cherokee

        KC honors Native Americans and their culture. They give back to local tribes and have the support of those tribes.

        We dont want your feeling offended to take honor away from these NA tribes.

        • Dodgethis

          We are all native Americans, since we were born in America. But never mind that. Just like you call black people African American, despite that term literally meaning an immigrant to America from Africa, and that means any race of person from Africa.

    • Polish Hammer

      Yeah like their team WAS one relevant, now they just hope they finish last in the division.

  5. nentwigs

    Sentinels was good enough for:
    Jack Warden, Gene Hackman and Keanu Reeves…

    • dorfmac

      But they played in Baltimore. That’s the only place in the DMV where a football team actually wins games.

  6. cayman97

    $&@* the NFL and everything they do.
    Ridiculous to cave to the left extremists.
    So much for my house having a master bedroom!

    • The ‘left extremists’ that you whine and cry about are, politically speaking, only just left-of-center. Get some culture, learn some history, and learn about the world beyond the fear-mongering carnival-barking pundits you listen to.

      • Ironman_4life

        Nah they suck. My lefty neighbors are so confusing now I have no idea what they want. I can hear a 20 minute rant about blacks and mexicans ruining the country and our racist president in the same sentence.

      • Dodgethis

        Only a communist would suggest the radical left is just left of center. Go back to the Soviet Union comrade.

  7. nentwigs

    Times change.
    Regardless of the intent and background at the time the team name was originally conceived, it is the connotation associated with the team name in today’s society that is relevant. If the names: Redskins, Chiefs, Braves, Indians, were used to pay homage to and to honor Native Americans; why are there no team names that do the same for Caucasians, African-Americans, Latins, Orientals. If one REALLY wanted to be picky and politically correct about team names, there are others that it could be argued, should be kicked to the curb based on offensive connotations in today’s world.

    • illowa

      Illini, hawkeyes, seminoles and other high school and college names. As for other demograhic names, fighting irish, runnin rebels, the celtics and oregon ducks.

    • Doug Jones

      the Chiefs were named after a political leader in Kansas City named Bartle. his nickname was the Chief.

      • Their logo has an arrowhead in it. They play in Arrowhead Stadium. There are wall-to-wall Native American images associated with the team.

      • nentwigs

        And I always thought it was for Thaddeus, Maxwell Smart’s boss and CHIEF of CONTROL.

    • enricopallazzo

      Orientals? That’s not a proper term to use anymore.

      And Fighting Irish is right up there with any Native American team names. Maybe the orientals will defend the Irish people and have it changed since Irish don’t really care enough, just like white people are doing “for” Native Americans

  8. crosseyedlemon

    ♫ Hail to the Redskins
    Hail Victory
    Braves on the warpath
    Fight for old DC ♫

    I don’t see how any other name works with that song.

    • Polish Hammer

      Well they don’t win much and don’t play in DC so it’s time to ditch the song too…

        • Polish Hammer

          Hmmm 6 in a row, and 25-15 since 1999 means more than what the Boston Redskins going 15-2 between 1934 and 1942 means.

    • nentwigs

      How about the Washington DC BOHICA !!
      That is What the folks in Government REALLY do to us.

  9. bravesnation nc

    The country is soooooooooo “Extra” right now. I just retired from 21 years of military service. I am Black and Puerto Rican and know and understand my historical culture. It was completely wrong and I get it. But what some are doing is completely wrong. Defacing and tearing down a statue because your offended? Instead of choosing sides how about we go back to September 12th 2001 when this NATION was united. It didn’t matter what Color, heritage, or background you were.

  10. bravesnation nc

    The way Drew Brees was treated was and is shameful. That’s why I loved my military career. 1 standard and you got you but in line.

  11. badco44

    Trouble is, this won’t stop, and everyone knows it’s all about going extreme, to see what they the left can get away with

  12. forwhomjoshbelltolls

    I just want to clear up some confusion here…

    So, when people are offended by the name Redskins and threaten to boycott, that is cancel culture and it’s bad?

    But, when people are offended by players kneeling and threaten to boycott, that is NOT cancel cancel and it’s just fine and dandy?

    So, they are completely different even though they are exactly the same, right?

    • dorfmac

      Right-wing logic. These are the same people that believe Q is real and Wayfair is trafficking children. It’s more fun to be an idiot, so that’s their plan.

      • Dodgethis

        The fact you try to equate kneeling with outrage over a name just shows you don’t know what cancel culture is, and have absolutely no idea what logic is. Keep drinking the koolaid, I’m sure 2+2=5 comrade!

    • Ak185

      I really don’t like these political “debates” on this site, but this is a semantics thing so I’ll contribute. The difference is the first example involves removing or changing something for everyone else. The second involves an individual boycotting for him/herself. You guys can argue all you like about which is better, but that’s the actual difference empirically. If the first is cancel culture, the second is boycott culture. “In damnio memoraie” versus “I will ignore you”. I won’t reply to replies from anyone on this, as I am not interested in getting any more involved in this “debate”, I’ll leave y’all to talk that over.

    • TheBlueMeanie

      Seriously belltolls, those people are completely oblivious. This board is a perfect example. Evolution, gravity, science, math and even plain old English means nothing to the people that still support trump. He could say the sky is green and they’d agree no questions asked. There is no way to communicate with them. They are weeds. Just let them die.

  13. bravesnation nc

    I am extremely happy that people’s 2nd amendment rights are still present. From service members such as myself, we don’t need a thank you. Americans you’re welcome

    • Dodgethis

      There is no second amendment. It clearly says bear arms, not keep arms locked in your house and not point them at people who attack you.

      • slapnuts

        I’ve read many a dumb comment on this site. Many. But this, by far, is the dumbest. Well done

        • Polish Hammer

          It was the dumbest until they outdid it with their next comment, see below…

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Right, because we need a well regulated militia to ensure the security of a free state. That is the entire point of the second amendment, it has nothing to do with ordinary people owning assault weapons whose only real purpose is mowing down innocent civilians at your local Walmart. No thank you.

  14. b00giem@n

    I wonder when the Vikings will be forced to change their name because it depicts male strength and feminist are offended and a white culture?

    • b00giem@n

      Or the patriots and Yankees for resemblance of any American pride, the eagles for the same reason or because their endangered, angels or saints because of the Christian association…
      This is getting out of hand and yes I replied to my own comment.

  15. bravesnation nc

    Racism, against anyone no matter the skin color or background is just wrong. This is the problem we have in OUR nation. We know where WE “I’m Black and Puerto Rican btw” have been it was wrong! But WE as as a nation and as a people no matter the color of skin need to do better. I’m proud to be a American! I’ve been to third world countries and seen the oppression on their people. Black Lives Matter they certainly do as I am a BLACK MAN, however, to vilify stewards of peace like DREW BREES is shameful. BLACK PEOPLE we need to do better. Dr Martin Luther King in his struggle with equality of all races set the example. The things that are happening now are shameful. We need to be ABOVE the petty BS and exact REAL change! Smh!!!!!!

    • b00giem@n

      And I’m as white as one can be my parents were born in Norway. What I see is that our government is far more racist and far more frequently makes things about race than the citizen does; let’s not even discuss the media. We’re all different but the same and last I heard the Native American population actually adored that the redskins and Indians for that matter paid tribute to their culture. So, is it racist to have a team called the redskins or is it in fact racist to erase that culture?
      Stand together my friends regardless of your culture.

  16. eyeofthebeholder13

    Its the Washington Redskins and always will be!! BOYCOTT this franchise if they change names!!!!

    • locotrouble

      Washington can’t use Red Tail: The Red-tailed Hawk is said to be a protector spirit of the Cherokees and is therefore considered sacred. Tail feathers were and are used ceremonially.
      Honestly I am sure I can find something about each New name they want to change it too!
      I agree BOYCOTTING already.

  17. TheBlueMeanie

    The best part of all of this manufactured outrage over the name change is the fact that 99% of the people who are against the name change, for whatever ignorant reason they’ve given, aren’t even Washington fans. And yet some of you tough guys say you’ll boycott the NFL if they change the name of a team you care nothing about… First off, no you won’t. Secondly, you sound like whiny, petulant children afraid of change. Some of you really need to grow up and evolve as people.

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