Redskins WR Kelvin Harmon Tears ACL

Redskins wide receiver Kelvin Harmon suffered a torn ACL while working out, according to Ian Rapoport of (on Twitter). Needless to say, he’ll be unavailable for the 2020 season.

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A sixth-round pick in 2019, Harmon showed serious promise as a rookie. He reeled in 30 catches for 365 yards, but he’ll have to wait until 2021 to build on that performance. His collegiate track record also indicates that there are bigger things to come. At N.C. State, Harmon finished out with back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons. In his final year on campus, he went off for 81 grabs, 1,186 yards, and seven touchdowns.

Harmon was set to feature as one of the Redskins’ top receivers, alongside Terry McLaurin and Trey Quinn. With Harmon no longer in the picture for 2020, Cam Sims, Steven Sims Jr., and fourth-round pick Antonio Gandy-Golden figure to move up the pecking order. Emanuel Hall, who was set to fight for a job while on the 90-man roster, is also out for the season. Meanwhile, the team is waiting to see what happens with Cody Latimer following his May arrest.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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12 comments on “Redskins WR Kelvin Harmon Tears ACL

    • Ironman_4life

      Nope Its Redskins. Want proof. Go to first game with fans. Will be all redskins just like it should be. If your offended , dont watch.

    • Technically correct

      “Today, we are announcing we will be retiring the [current] name and logo upon completion of this review.”

      Technically, Redskins is still correct.

    • Hail to the Redskins! Just goes to show you can never have enough talented wide receivers on the 90 man roster. They are either getting busted, breaking their ankles or dealing with helmet trouble.

      What looked like a position of strength is looking awfully thin.

      PS. When the Redskins change the name and the logo, that’s probably the end of my interest in both the Redskins and the NFL.

      • wagner13

        A position of strength? What are you talking about? Outside of McLaurin, this might be the most inexperienced and mediocre group of wideouts in the NFL.

        Btw, nobody cares about the name. Just let it go

        • Alec Kinnear

          I care about the name. And I’ve been a Redskin fan since Joe Theismann took the Redskins to the Super Bowl after the 1982 season.

          The Redskins gave some visibility to the peoples wiped out by the USA’s Indian Wars. I understand it’s uncomfortable to look history in the eye and better to try to sweep it under the carpet. How it’s better for Native Americans to be forgotten and completely invisible is a mystery both to me and to most Native Americans. Stealing their land and murdering them was offensive. Naming a prominent sports team in their honour is not offensive.

          • wagner13

            Don’t make me laugh. If the Redskins were actually honoring Native Americans, they would’ve named themselves the Tribe or Piscattaway. That way they could’ve retained their logo without implying all Indians have “red-colored skin”

            • Wyoming Bison Expansion Team

              Or, you know, honoring native americans by naming themselves after the war paint native americans used to put on their faces, red paint that gave them red skin, before war.

              Anyways if we are changing the name, my vote is Hogs.

  1. IUFB Fan

    Really surprised Latimer is still on the team. As an IU guy, he’s one of my favorite players. But if this was regular job he would have been fired already. I’m interested to know what the thought process has been with keeping him on the roster. It’s not like his past production is a major selling point to keep him.

  2. ARKScout

    Gandy-Golden is the guy Washington fans. A major steal in a historically loaded WR class, most seasons he woukd have easily gone in the early to mid 2nd round. Yes he dominated inferior comp. at Liberty but he is an incredible physical specimen with outstanding ball skills. A bigger better version of Harmon, the only question mark will be his ability to grasp an NFL system in year one but if he can he’s the perfect compliment to McLaurin and Quinn. Cam Sims has some promise but he’s a little one dimensional and Steve Sims is mainly a return guy and gadget weapon. This isn’t a real strong group but it’s a young group with some promise, though i think a veteran presence might have been helpful for Haskins. But this is a young group that grow up together with their young QB and develop some real chemistry in what should be another rebuilding year. Gandy Golden is also an outstanding run blocker which should prove valuable on a team that should be a run first offense. Adrian Peterson when used correctly is still one of the best pure ball carriers in the game. He’s always been a freak of nature so it shouldn’t be any surprise that in his mid 30s he’s still a great running back.

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