Regarding The PFR Comment Section

As Pro Football Rumors has grown, so too has our commenting community. I have dropped the ball on keeping up with the necessary comment moderation. We’re now putting the required resources toward maintaining respectful discussion here at PFR. It won’t be perfect, but it will be better.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Review our commenting policy, which was recently updated. One addition: unnecessary political discussion is not allowed.
  • Every comment has a “Flag” link next to it when viewed on the website. Please help us out by flagging comments that violate the policy. We will then review those comments. The Flag Comment feature has not yet been added to the app but is on the roadmap.
  • If someone is violating the commenting policy, don’t take any action other than flagging their comments. Engaging with them will not help the situation.
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14 comments on “Regarding The PFR Comment Section

  1. mugshot

    Thank you for bringing this up. There were several commentators misusing their freedom expression rights to spew their prejudices and racism regularly. At least now this sort of behaviours will be put on check.

  2. Pokeli

    This is a good step. While it’s almost impossible to escape politics nowadays, it’s just as impossible to have a civil discussion in a comment section and frankly, unnecessary.

  3. mugshot

    This function is only working in the web browsers but not in the apps. Any update for them?

    • Tim Dierkes

      It would be a good addition to the Trade Rumors app. Financially it is a little tough to spare the development resources, but I’ll still look into it.

  4. flagsrup

    Glad to support you! Just looking at the coverage you provide in the PFR and Recent Posts columns concurrent with Team Rumors and Featured Posts reflects the enormous effort put forth PFR. Now, I’ll just expect you to keep up the excellent work you provide going forward.

  5. bradthebluefish

    Will posts relating to flags and football team names have a comment section?

  6. Sponge

    Short story. Years ago I was on another sports chatroom website and saw a post about Pat Tillman. The writer was basically saying how Pat Tillman was a hero and died protecting our country and the values that we uphold. Someone else got on and posted a comment about how he was happy Pat Tillman died and that Pat got what he wanted. I was about to write something when I thought to myself, that Pat Tillman died protecting that Bastard’s freedom to post those derogatory comments. Pat Tillman died so that SOB could have the freeman to post his crap. With that being said, it’s up to each of us to think twice about what we post and who we post it too.

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