Steelers’ Bud Dupree Files Grievance

Less than an hour after news emerged of Shaquil Barrett‘s grievance to be tagged as a defensive end, Bud Dupree followed suit. The Steelers’ franchise-tagged linebacker file a grievance to be tagged as a D-end, Ian Rapoport of tweets.

Dupree signed his tender earlier this offseason. He stands to make $15.8MM on the linebacker tag. This year’s defensive end tag is worth $17.8MM.

Regarding a long-term deal, Dupree and the Steelers are not close on numbers, per Rapoport. While Dupree did not submit a stunning breakout season in 2019, he did register a career-high 11.5 sacks — 5.5 more than the former first-round pick’s previous single-season best. It would make sense if the Steelers sought a rental season to see if the inconsistent pass rusher can replicate his 2019 performance.

The three 3-4 outside linebackers to be tagged this year — Barrett, Dupree and Matt Judon — have either filed grievances or saw a preemptive pay raise. The Ravens gave Judon a $1MM raise from the linebacker tag, agreeing to pay him $16.8MM on his tag this season. It doesn’t hurt for Dupree to push for a similar arrangement, even if the sixth-year defender does not win a grievance.

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6 comments on “Steelers’ Bud Dupree Files Grievance

  1. TJECK109

    Ohh Bud you are absolutely delirious. I understand what the CBA says and I get that the Steelers awarded you 15mil for this season, but bud you are already overpaid at the 15mil number.

    Next CBA should include salary arbitration for franchise tagged players.

    • wagner13

      Considering franchise tagged players would otherwise be unrestricted free agents, that would be completely unfair. That’s the same as reducing the qualifying offer and forcing an athlete to accept. The CBA would never be agreed upon if that were a required provision

    • All American Johnsonville Dogs


      Next cba should let teams gain picks for losing players and get rid of the stupid formula that gives out picks based on player production gain/loss. Get rid of the current tags.

      Picks should be awarded based on player accolades

      MVP – two first round comp picks and a 2nd.
      All pro 1st team – 1st and 3rd comp picks
      All pro 2nd team – 2nd and 4th comp picks
      Probowl nod – 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th comp picks

      Any other free agents, each team gets 5 tenders – original round, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th. A free agent signs elsewhere for over a certain amount the previous team gets a comp pick based on tender. Over/under 45 mill. If under the tender doesn’t kick in. If over the tender kicks in.

  2. Dorothy_Mantooth

    Such a simple solution to this. If a player splits considerable time between two positions (at least 30% of snaps at said position) then split the franchise tag amounts accordingly. So if Dupree spent 40% of his snaps at DE and 60% of his snaps at LB, give him 40% of the DE tag number and 60% of the LB tag number.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      That’s a pretty reasonable proposal. I did the math, and under your scenario here, Dupree would make 17 million. I’d think that’d be fair for both player and team.

      • Ak185

        Especially considering the cost of a bringing in a double digit sack player on a free agent deal. People are against Dupree getting that money-and I get it, it took him much longer than expected to get to where he is-but bringing in another player with 10+ sacks would cost as much or more generally. This year, none are still available, so the Steelers would to trade. Plus, the available players are not really fits for Dupree’s position with Pittsburgh.

        Leave it to Cyril to figure out the finances, lol

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