Vikings’ Yannick Ngakoue Takes Pay Cut

Yannick Ngakoue really, really wanted out of Jacksonville. The former Jaguars defensive end has agreed to a new one-year deal with the Vikings that will pay him just $12MM, according to’s Tom Pelissero (Twitter link). Under his terms of his one-year tender, Ngakoue would have made $17.8MM. 

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Furthermore, the new deal does not include a no-tag clause. The Vikings will retain the right to cuff Ngakoue in 2021, which would delay his free agency by yet another year. Opinions are split on Ngakoue because of his pressures-to-sacks ratio and his social media spats with Jaguars brass. Regardless, it’s hard to see this acquisition as anything but a major victory for the Vikings. The Vikings got the promising 25-year-old edge rusher for a second-round pick and change, and they’re now getting him at a ~25% discount.

Ngakoue is not particularly strong against the run, but he has averaged over nine sacks per season over his first four years in the league, and he has also shown some serious play-making ability. He has forced 14 fumbles to date and he boasted a pass-rush win rate of 21% as an edge rusher last season. That topped the win rate of his new partner Danielle Hunter (15%) as well as Everson Griffen (17%), who has moved on to the Cowboys.

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26 comments on “Vikings’ Yannick Ngakoue Takes Pay Cut

    • cjmask

      Need some more at the CB position if they’ll be running 2 rookies out there, but on paper it rivals any other top defence out there

      • bravesfan88

        Ehhh, the 49ers might say otherwise…When healthy, they were the most dominant defense last season, and they truly should only get better with more secondary depth and more D-Line depth this year..

        Also, for even as great as Buckner was for the 49ers and still is, Kinlaw actually fits their wide 9 scheme better. With Kinlaw and Thomas mov9ng inside, they should also get alot more pressure from their DTs this season..

      • wagner13

        Cousins was top ten in completion percentage, yards/attempt, QBR, and touchdown percentage last season, but sure, continue the tired old narrative that be “isn’t an NFL-caliber player”

        • nentwigs

          It’s not about stats.
          The QB has got to be able to lead a team to the Promise Land of the Super Bowl.
          He’s got to be a “Winner” who can dial it up to the next level and get it done with the game on the line.
          Cousins just isn’t that guy.

          • wagner13

            Hard to perform when the offensive line consists of players like Elflein. Reiff was abysmal as a blindside blocker in the playoffs and Bradbury was very inconsistent as a rookie. I don’t thing Kirk has gotten a fair chance with all of the pressure he faces. Is he perfect? No, but most quarterbacks in the NFL aren’t any better. He’s not very mobile and Minnesota should’ve taken that into consideration when they signed him.

            @King Beas
            Until the Vikings improve at cornerback and defensive tackle, I’m not ready to call them the league’s best unit. They have no primary cover corner, with Hill, Hughes, and Gladney all in experienced. Meanwhile, the opt out of Pierce and departure of Joseph will hurt the run defense significantly. They’ve got some great individual pieces in Smith, Harris, Kendricks, and Hunter, but teams like the 49ers and Ravens have better all-around units IMO

            • JD396

              With as bad as the O-line has been the last several years, the numbers Cousins, Bradford, and Keenum have put up are incredible

              • twolvesaremynightmare

                But it’s not good enough because the oline is never gonna improve as long as Rick is running things. He just doesn’t get it or his ego is just trying to prove us all wrong. Either way it’s not gonna change so they need to get a mobile quarterback of the future. Hopefully Trey Lance

      • Wade Herbers

        Cousins did his job quite well , even with a sub par offensive line. Don’t quite understand the Cousins haters when the o-line has been bad , and been bad for YEARS!
        Hopefully they will be a LOT better this year. Ezra might suprise us!!

        • twolvesaremynightmare

          Hahaha Ezra won’t even be playing anytime soon so I wouldn’t count out that one.

  1. nentwigs

    Ngakoue better control his social media spats/rants.
    Vikes went through that with Diggs.
    He’s in Buffalo now being paid by Bills.

    • seattlesuperfan

      Yeah but y’all also got what two first round picks for him? And he originally was only a 2nd or 3rd round pick

      • twolvesaremynightmare

        Hahaha Diggs a 2nd rd pick. Why are you here? Do you even watch football? Everyone who does knows that Diggs was a late round steal.

    • JJB0811

      Are you saying that rebuilding–yet again– with the same GM & HC is a bad move? But on the bright side, the team is used to half full stadiums. So 2020 will look normal to them.

      • wagner13

        Doug Marrone is such an awful coach. Runs the same archaic and ineffective ground and pound attack while simultaneously dividing the lockerroom

  2. JJB0811

    I don’t understand how he re-worked his deal. Isn’t there a drop dead date when the player and team can negotiate on a tag? I thought it was around mid July.

    • Ak185

      I think that is strictly for a long term deal. Ngakoue just agreed to take less on his current contract, which is his tag.

  3. bradthebluefish

    Should’ve demanded a no tag clause if accepting a paycut. This could backfire.

    • twolvesaremynightmare

      The Vikings wouldn’t do that because part of the deal was them having the option of franchising him after the season if they don’t agree to an extension. That’s the only way they were willing to give up a valuable 2nd rd pick. They would never trade a 2nd for 1 year rental because they treat draft picks like gold.

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