Washington Activates Reuben Foster

The Washington Football Team has activated Reuben Foster from the PUP list, per a club announcement. The linebacker is now on track to play in the team’s season opener. 

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Foster suffered a torn ACL, MCL, and LCL in his first Washington practice back in May of 2019. Foster also suffered nerve damage, further complicating an already challenging recovery. The 26-year-old only just regained feeling in his toes earlier this year, so this marks a major step forward for him.

The controversial linebacker could provide a huge boost to Washington’s front seven in 2020. He’ll also have extra motivation as he retakes the field – Ron Rivera & Co. declined his fifth-year option for 2021, putting him on course for free agency in March.

Between his suspensions and injuries, Foster has played in just 16 games since being drafted No. 31 overall in 2017. In 16 total games for the Niners, Foster has registered 101 tackles and two passes defensed.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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12 comments on “Washington Activates Reuben Foster

    • Ak185

      Without judgement on Foster’s own judgement (which seems iffy at best), I do have to say in fairness that he was cleared of all his charges with the exception of a gun charge. And the gun charge was for a weapon found in his home during a search that was not California compliant (which is hardly a character issue and more of a dumb mistake issue). Foster made some poor decisions and is likely not as mature as he should be, but I don’t think that I’d lump him in with every other player charged or suspected of domestic issues.

      Foster was fully exonerated in a criminal court, but I will give you the point that his own judgement (such as continuing to see his accuser after the case and even allowing her into his team hotel room in Tampa, because apparently they’re still an item) is highly suspect.

      With that nerve damage and multiple ligament tears, I just don’t see how he could be as effective again anyway. His play before was very good because Foster was extremely athletic and he relied a lot on his explosiveness. Gonna be hard to replicate that.

      • Jim Tom

        So was OJ after he killed his wife. Doesn’t make him a “upstanding” citizen. He is a lowlife.

        • Ak185

          Okay, but not everyone who is accused of a crime is guilty of it. Unless you know something we don’t other than reading it from a third or second hand source, you don’t really know much more than anyone else. You just believe it.

          I’m not really sticking for Foster specifically, it’s just that we make up our minds based on things we read and can not verify ourselves all the time. It’s a bad trend that makes us easier to manipulate and sometimes isn’t fair to the accused.

            • Ak185

              Well, fine, that’s your opinion (even I specifically said that I was not sticking up for Foster specifically nor was I passing judgement on his judgement as a whole). I’m just saying that I think there are distinctions between someone like Rueben Foster and someone like Greg Hardy or Tyreek Hill. Believe what you want.

  1. kylewait89

    Fills a hole they needed to.

    Adding him to the talented DL, edge guys young and Sweat and at least a high paid and likely better positioned under Rivera to succeed Collins at safety. The question really becomes are the corners good enough to compete against Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb? The Giants and Eagles don’t have better skill positions talent wise as the Washington football team does defensive backs. You could argue equal talent but their division really relies on can the QBs make them better?

    Ron Rivera is one of the best defensive minds in football. Adding more talent to his defense makes them a scarier team.

  2. nentwigs

    In news from the Washington Football Club’s Kitchen,
    Reuben Sandwich has also been activated !!

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